How to prepare groundnut soup in Ghana

How to prepare groundnut soup in Ghana

Groundnut soup is one of the favorite delicacies among Ghanaians. It is not only tasty but also healthy. It is a common meal among many people in this country but due to its amazing taste, many individuals around the globe have learnt how to cook it. Continue reading this article to find out how you can prepare groundnut soup.

How to prepare groundnut soup in Ghana

What is groundnut soup?

Groundnut soup or peanut soup is a thick soup usually prepared by cooking peanuts with several ingredients. It is a staple food among African nations especially in West Africa. Often, people prefer eating it with carbohydrates such as fufu in Ghana and pounded yam in Nigeria. For improved tastes, uziza seeds and bitter leaf can be added into the soup. Here is how groundnut soup Ghana is prepared.

Groundnut soup recipe/ Peanut soup recipe


1 cup of groundnut paste

3 medium-sized onions

3 large tomatoes (must be very ripe)

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500g of meat chopped into small pieces (can be chicken, fish or beef)

2L of water (approximately 8 glasses)



Pepper paste

1 stock cube

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Steps to prepare peanut soup with chicken

Put the chopped chicken and seasonings in a pot and mix thoroughly. Leave them to steam and from time to time, turn the food to ensure that all the contents are steamed properly. The time required to steam the food depends on the amount of heat used. It is recommended to use medium heat for around 10 minutes.

Next, pour the groundnut paste in another pot and mix it with water. The mixture should be thick thus a considerable amount of water should be used. Heat the mixture while stirring until some oil starts forming.

After the groundnut paste is ready, add water and mix thoroughly until it is light. Then add it to the steamed meat.

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Simmer the content. While simmering, add the onions and tomatoes without cutting them. You have to wash them well.

Once the content has simmered for a while, remove the onions and the tomatoes. Peel off the tomatoes, grind them and put them back to the mixture. It is often wise to use peeled tomatoes. You have to boil them first so that they can peel off easily. Grind the onions as well. Add the stock cube stirringly. Add salt.

How to prepare groundnut soup in Ghana

You can serve the groundnut soup with potatoes, rice, yam or fufu.

Groundnut soup recipe Ghana can vary at times. Some people like adding bitter leaf to enhance the taste. The best part of peanut soup Ghana is that it can be prepared very easily and the ingredients are accessible.

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