List of MTN short codes for data bundles, calls, and mobile money in Ghana 2024

List of MTN short codes for data bundles, calls, and mobile money in Ghana 2024

MTN Ghana's short codes enable customers to serve themselves. You can use them to top-up airtime and data, check your balance, and access other services on the network. This article shares MTN data bundle codes and essential short codes for calls and mobile money services.

MTN Ghana short codes
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Like most countries with MTN, the company's Ghanaian branch is committed to serving its customers. Ghana has several telecommunication companies. MTN is dominating the market.

MTN data bundle codes

As a notable service provider, MTN Ghana owes its success to its tremendous effort to meet customers' continued demands. You can access most of the services using MTN short codes. Below are MTN Ghana codes for data and related services:

MTN short codesDescription
*138# - 1Buy data
*138# - 1 - 1Buy fixed data
*138# - 1 - 1 - 1Buy flexi data
*138# - 2 - 1 - 1Buy midnight data
*138# - 99 - 4 - 1Buy social media data
*138# - 99 - 5Buy video data
*138# - 99 - 6Buy IDD data
*567# - 1Buy Mashup (voice + video) pulse data
*135#Buy MTN zone bundles
*138*phone number#Check internet bundles/SMS bundles balance
*156# - 3Check data usage summary
*567# - 99 - 6Check Mashup (voice + video) pulse data balance
*585#Request internet settings
*585#Check 4G device compatibility

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MTN Ghana short codes

Short codes for MTN have simplified phone operations. Users do not have to cram every step to access an MTN service. You only dial the code and follow the prompts. Below are all MTN codes and their applications:

MTN short codesDescription
*550# (for new subscribers)Activate a six-month free calls offer
*131*PIN#Recharge airtime
Send REGISTER and your 4-digit PIN to 1329Register for MTN Me2U to share airtime
*198#Share credit with others
*506#Borrow credit
*144*phone number*voucher number#Recharge airtime for someone
*124#Check your credit balance
154 plus recipient's no. [without space]Access MTN Pay-For-Me services
*5055#Access MTN Jara services (calls and SMS)
*550# (option 6)Activate Nkomode (Free-After-One) call plan
**67*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert calls when busy
**61*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert calls when there is no answer
**62*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert calls when unreachable
**21*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert all calls
##21#Deactivate diversion of calls
024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399Access Please call me service (Send a message with 024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399)
*175#Manage subscriptions (unsubscribe/cancel)
*305#Unsubscribe/cancel all subscriptions
*482#Check bonus points
*585#Request internet settings
*156# - 1Check your mobile number
*156# - 2Check MTN internet settings
*156# - 3Get data usage summary
*138#Buy MTN fixed, flexi, midnight, Kokrokoo, social media, video, or IDD data (or check balance)
*135#Buy MTN zone bundles (or check balance)
*567#Buy MTN Mashup (voice + video) pulse data (or check balance)
*170#Access MTN mobile money services
*511#Generate token for MTN mobile money ATM withdrawal
1515Report Mobile Money fraud (Send the person’s name and fraud SMS to 1515)

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MTN short codesDescription
*595#Exempt/include number to mobile money interest payments
Send PORT to 600Port MTN number to other networks
*1390#Reserve your number for two years
*400#Know if your number is registered
*585#Check 4G device compatibility
1355Activate Caller Tunez
Send STOP to 1355Unsubscribe from Caller Tunez
109Receive voicemail
108Send voicemail
30037Get MTN Farm Direct SMS (farming tips)
*300*20#Receive cool jokes
Send Movies to 1412Get Silverbird movie schedule
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419Report Simbox fraud
1303Access MTN Radio services
*455#Receive weather forecasts at 8 GP/ SMS
100MTN customer care hotline

How can you get free credit on MTN?

A new subscriber (or when one buys a new MTN line) can dial *550# to get six months of free unlimited calls. Also, you can dial *550# with your old line, then select options 7 (rewards), 2 (redeem MTN rewards for credit), and 1 (airtime). After that, choose an airtime-reward points package and select option 1 (confirm). You will see a confirmation message when the process is successful.

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What is the MTN call promotions code?

Below are MTN short codes for call promotions in Ghana:

  • Pick & Pay Later - *527#.
  • Just 4 You loyalty promo - *141#.
  • MTN Callertunez promotion - Text START to 1355 or dial *1355#NOW.
  • Sunday special promo - Text START to 5050 to sign up

You enjoy longer calling duration from MTN promotional offers. Some promotions have free call offers that last up to six months.

MTN data bundle codes
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How do you activate 4G on MTN Ghana?

To activate MTN 4G settings on your Android mobile phone:

  • Go to your phone's settings app.
  • Click on network and internet.
  • Proceed to the mobile network.
  • Choose your preferred network as 4G or LTE.

If you have an iPhone:

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on mobile data.
  • Choose mobile data options.
  • Click on voice and data.
  • Select LTE to activate the 4G connection.

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What are the MTN data bundles?

MTN Ghana has numerous data deals, including fixed, flexi, midnight, morning, Kokrokoo, social media, video, IDD, and the Mashup (voice + video) pulse data bundles. The 2.5GB special day bundles at GHC 10 are only available on myMTN App and are only valid for the special day.

MTN short codes for calls
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How much is 20GB of data on MTN?

The price of 20GB of data on MTN Ghana depends on the type of package you purchase.

What are MTN Ghana data bundle codes?

Dial MTN Ghana data bundle code *138# to purchase fixed, flexi, midnight, morning, Kokrokoo, social media, video, or IDD data, *135# to buy MTN zone bundles (daily data bundles), and *567# to buy MTN Mashup (voice + video) pulse data.

What are MTN’s short codes for data bundles?

MTN Ghana data code *138# is for buying fixed, flexi, midnight, morning, Kokrokoo, social media, video, or IDD bundles, *567# is for purchasing MTN Mashup (voice + video) pulse data, and *135# is for buying MTN zone bundles.

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Below is a table summary for these MTN Ghana data bundle codes:

MTN data codesDescription
*138#To buy MTN fixed, flexi, midnight, Kokrokoo, social media, video, or IDD data
*138*phone number#To view internet bundles/SMS bundles
*567#To buy MTN Mashup (voice + video) pulse data or check balance
*135#To buy MTN zone bundles (daily data bundles)

What is the short code for MTN data zone?

Dial *135# and choose option 1 to activate the MTN zone bundles (daily data bundles).

What is the MTN mashup code?

Dial *567# to buy MTN Mashup (voice + video) pulse data or check balance. MTN Mashup bundles allow users to reduce their data and call expenditure.

What is the MTN UP2U data bundle code?

The MTN UP2U data bundle code is not accessible to the general public. Only registered MTN Ghana agents can access these bundles and distribute them to MTN subscribers.

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What is the MTN unlimited calls code Ghana?

Call 315 or dial *315# to subscribe to the MTN Nkomode call plan, which offers unlimited talk time between MTN calls and from MTN to other networks.

MTN short codes for mobile money
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How do you check my data bundle on MTN?

Dial MTN Ghana data bundle code *138# and add your phone number to check your internet bundle balance, e.g., *138*number#. Alternatively, dial *567# and choose option 99, then 6 to check your MTN Mashup (voice + video) pulse data balance.

How do you buy MTN hourly data?

Dial MTN hourly data bundle code *138# and select options 99 - 6 - 1 to buy IDD bundles that last for 70 minutes. With these bundles, you can make calls to Canada, China, India, and USA within seven days after the date of purchase.

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What are all MTN codes for mobile money in Ghana?

Dial *170# and follow the prompts to send and receive money instantly via MTN mobile money. When withdrawing MTN mobile money at an ATM, dial *511# to get a token to authorize the transaction.

Below are all MTN Ghana mobile money short codes:

MTN MOMO short codesDescription
*170#MTN Ghana mobile money
*170# - 1Transfer money
*170# - 2MoMopay & Paybill
*170# - 3Buy data/airtime
*170# - 4Send money
*170# - 5Financial services
*170# - 6My Wallet
*170# - 1 - 5 - 1Transfer money from MTN to Airtel
*170# - 1 - 5 - 2Transfer money from MTN to Vodafone
*511#Generate token for MTN MoMo ATM withdrawal

What is the MTN pay-for-me code?

Dial 154 is followed by the recipient's phone number, with no space, e.g., 154[0244000000], to access MTN Pay-For-Me services. You will not pay for the call. Instead, the one who you call will be liable for the charges.

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How do you check my balance on MTN Ghana?

Dial *138# to check your data balance, *124# to check your credit balance, and *170# to check your mobile money account balance on MTN Ghana.

What are the six hidden MTN codes in Ghana?

The six important MTN short codes that some people in Ghana don't know are:

  • *141# - Get 1GB for only GHC5
  • *135# - Get cheap MTN zone bundles valid for only 24 hours.
  • *550# - Get six months of free calls to one MTN number only
  • *585# - Know if your phone is 4G enabled
  • *144*recipient's number*voucher code# - Buy credit for another number
  • *595# - Exempt or add your number to MTN Ghana mobile money interest payments to your current deposit. MTN pays the interest every three months.

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MTN short codes for calls
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What is the MTN made-for-me code in Ghana?

MTN made-for-me is available in South Africa, not in Ghana.

How do you convert MTN SMS units to airtime in Ghana?

You cannot convert MTN SMS units to data or airtime in Ghana.

MTN data bundle codes and short codes for calls and mobile money services are a laudable innovation from this giant telecoms service provider. They simplify phone operations and enable customers to access services with minimal assistance.

DISCLAIMER: This article is not sponsored by any third party. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility! explained how to transfer MTN credit in Ghana. MTN subscribers are allowed to share airtime within and outside the country.

People can share credit during emergencies and as gifts. It helps people stay in touch without buying airtime vouchers.


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