University of Ghana Legon Masters Programmes

University of Ghana Legon Masters Programmes

The University of Ghana in Legon is the largest learning institution in the country. It provides a wide range of courses for undergraduates and post graduates. These courses are organized into colleges which include the college of humanities, college of education, college of basic and applied sciences and the college of health sciences.

University of Ghana Legon Masters Programmes

University of Ghana Legon graduate admissions

Within the colleges there are schools such as those of arts, social sciences, business and law among others. Graduates admissions are organized every year. There are different requirements that the applicants must meet in order to be admitted. Check masters programs in university of Ghana Legon below.

University of Ghana Legon masters programmes

Masters of Arts in English

For an applicant to be chosen for this program they must have completed a combined or single major. Additionally, they must have scored a minimum of 30 credits.

MBA Management Information Systems

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To qualify for a Masters of Business Administration in Information Systems, the applicant must have worked for at least 2 years in the IT industry.

Masters of Philosophy in Social Work

The first step towards being eligible for this University of Ghana Legon master’s program is for the applicant to explain the objectives they are interested in meeting. This can be done by drafting a one page essay that is clear and straight to the point. Applicants are also required to fill and submit other documents online.

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Masters of Philosophy in Home Science

This master’s degree in university of Ghana Legon is mainly concerned with the use of food and nutrition towards the society. Applicants seeking this program must have a solid foundation on sciences.

Masters of Philosophy in Education

One must have a master’s in Education to enroll for this course.

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University of Ghana Legon Masters Programmes

Masters of Philosophy in Chemical Pathology

Applicants must prove that they are capable of funding their projects before admission.

Masters of Science in Audiology

For eligibility, applicants must have completed a degree in Special Education, Biological Sciences, Psychology and Physics. Additionally, they must have majored in either Nursing or Communication Disorder.

Masters of Philosophy in Anatomy

Application forms should be completed once the applicants have held an in depth discussion with the department.

Masters of Philosophy in Information Studies

Applicant must have acquired a Masters of Arts which is not older than 5 years. They are required to have scored a B+ and above.

Masters of Philosophy in Pharmacology

One must have a Bachelor of Science Degree in any science. They must also have acquired at least a second class lower division.

University of Ghana Legon Masters Programmes

Masters of Philosophy in Agricultural Engineering

A proposal in form of a thesis will see one qualify for this program.

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Masters of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Applicants must either have a BSc in biological sciences with second class upper division or first class division or a BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences with a minimum of 3.25 FGPA.

Masters of Science in Materials Science Engineering

This program is concerned with producing materials for energy and health care delivery.

Listed above are the master’s programmes at university of Ghana Legon that are being offered currently by the institution.

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