What Is a Female Hyena Called?

What Is a Female Hyena Called?

A female human being is called a woman, and so I know you wonder what a female hyena is called or rather what is the name of a female hyena. Some would literary say it is called a female hyena, easy but not right. The name of a female hyena, a female dog and a female wolf all are the same. Although, they are of different classes of mammalian, the two have similar characteristics. So what is a female hyena called? Let us get down to it which is an interesting fact and one most people don’t know about. A female hyena is called a bitch, yes you heard it right, a bitch.

What Is a Female Hyena Called?

You may have heard so many creepy and mythical stories about the hyena; how they are afraid, being scavengers, and probably other myth has cross your mind as you read this text. Some of these statements carry some truths but others are outright lies as science proves them wrong. Here are some interesting facts about the female hyena.

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  • They belong to the animal kingdom animalia, class of mammalian, order of carnivora, family of hyeanidae and species of crocuta crocuta, hyaena brunnea, hyaene hyaena or proteles cristata.
  • Female hyenas are carnivorous and so they eat meat. However, most of them target dead bodies since such bodies present easy meals. Most of these hyenas do actually hunt for food and it is, therefore, wrong to say hyenas are outright scavengers.
What Is a Female Hyena Called?
  • They are divided into four genotype namely the spotted hyena, brown hyena, striped hyena and the aardwolf. In this order so is their body size, the spotted hyena is the largest while the aardwolf is the smallest.
  • They live in clans with the female hyena called bitch literary being the dominant and aggressive one and the male hyena is ranked least. In fact most are chased away after matting and therefore struggle to join other clans.
  • Interestingly, hyena mate outside of their own clan and this happens after several days of courting. Once they conceive, they have a gestation period of three month and give birth to several cubs.
  • They live in diverse environments based on adaptation. They can be found in the grassland, woodlands, forest, bushes, savannas, deserts and mountainous terrain.
  • Female hyenas due to their aggressive nature, they will be found hunting for food. As a result they are threatened by human beings for attacking livestock as their search for prey.
  • Their distinctive laughter is a call for excitement when prey is successfully attacked and killed. They also make other sounds or use body language while communicate to their clan.

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