Best Short Valentine Quotes for Everyone

Best Short Valentine Quotes for Everyone

Quotes are preferred because they convey the true love feeling you have for your loved ones in a more heartwarming and lovely way. You can use quotes to express your feelings to your family members, friends, and your partner. Surprise your love once this coming season with a sweet valentine quote to show how much you appreciate them.

Best Short Valentine Quotes for Everyone

Are you stuck and wondering where to find sweet valentine quotes for friends? Well, Follow this article and it will lead you to find the best Valentine quotes.

Valentine Quotes for Her

  • The hugs were invented to express the love inside us without altering a word.
  • If God wants us to live a 100 years I better live 99 years because I can't live without you.
  • The best people and things in this world can only be felt deep down our hearts.
  • The only one smile I got, I express to people I love.
  • It's better I walk with you my friend in the dark rather than walking alone in the light.
  • I love you all but flowers and chocolate can’t hurt you.
Best Short Valentine Quotes for Everyone

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Valentine Quotes for Her

  • We may lack everything together but together we have all we need.
  • You kissed my soul not my heart or lips.
  • Love is our forever destiny.
  • A true mark of life is friendship.
  • A best friend brings the best out of you.
  • Our strong relationship is written on the beautiful sky and always drawn on our destiny.
  • Crying less and laughing harder is what I do since I met you.
  • Our family is only filled with grace and love.
  • Love in the home blooms all the beauty.
  • You may give love with no loving but you cannot love with no giving.
  • A home is that place you get shelter, a family is what you have to love, but having both is a great blessing.
  • Love is not involved in the revolving of the globe, but it keeps the ride worthwhile.
  • Lingerie is so notable, why is love said to be blind?
Best Short Valentine Quotes for Everyone

Valentine Quotes for Friends

  • I did not love you when you became my friend, I love you, and that’s the reason you my friend.
  • Smiles can be given to anyone but tears are shed for people we are in love with.
  • Love is always in my heart because of you.
  • I loved you much yesterday, I think I love you still and will always do.
  • True friendship needs to be prized.

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