Nicknames for husband: 200 cute ideas

Nicknames for husband: 200 cute ideas

Love is a beautiful feeling that comes along with a wide range of treats, including nicknames. If you are in love, then you already have a clue about this personal affair. Well, it is not late to find a pet name for your man if this is the first time you are coming across this matter. There are several nicknames for husband that you might find appealing.

cute nicknames for husband
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Often, most men do not find it comfortable when the women they love refer them by the official names. Most feel loved when they are called sweet names as well as being treated as pets. As a woman or grown-up girl, you should understand this unless it is the first time you are falling in love with a guy.

What are cute nicknames for couples?

By now, you have already heard your female friends calling their husbands cute nicknames like Berry Boo, Cuckoo, Lil Mouse, Honey, Freckles, among many others. However, do you really need to call your man the same names? Probably, you might need to be a little bit unique. Stick around as we explore some of the latest manly nicknames for husband.

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Collection of the best nicknames for husband

The nicknames vary from place to place. Even so, some common and they can be used in any part of the world. The list comprises a comprehensive list of the nicknames classified in different categories.

Cute nicknames for husband

To start with, you might need to see this list of cute nicknames lesser-known by most women. You can also save them using these names on your phone.

  1. Babe
  2. Baby
  3. Honey
  4. Honey Bunny
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Nugget
  7. Boo
  8. Penguin
  9. Snuggle
  10. Goat
  11. Sugar
  12. Snookums
  13. Fluffles
  14. Frou Frou
  15. Honey Bunch
  16. Jelly Bean
  17. Lambkin
  18. Pookie
  19. Snug Monster
  20. Dreamboat
  21. Sunshine
  22. Romeo
  23. Moonbeam
  24. Hubbly
  25. Poppet

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Funny nicknames for husband

funny nicknames for husband
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If your partner is a fun person, then it is only fair that you pick a funny nickname for him. Below are examples of such pet names that you might fall in love with.

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  1. Bimbles
  2. Butters
  3. Bingo
  4. Hoover
  5. Godot
  6. Serge
  7. The old ball and chain
  8. Animal
  9. Elmo
  10. Rascal
  11. Sparks
  12. Zeus
  13. Toastmaster
  14. Bug bear
  15. Hot chocolate
  16. Sugar belly
  17. Knockout
  18. G- Man
  19. Honey comb
  20. Snicker Doodle
  21. Beer Nut
  22. Big Hunk
  23. Snoopy
  24. Buckeye
  25. Prince charming

These among many, are the kind of nicknames for husband in phone books of most ladies out there. Imagine how happy your man will be once they see you have saved such names. No doubt, they will smile all the way to work.

Nicknames for husband in French

nicknames for husband in french
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French husbands nicknames? Yes, French names come in handy if you want to try out a new thing. These are the top ideas you might want to consider.

  1. Mon amour – Stands for my love
  2. Mon lapin – Cute rabbit
  3. Mon Poussin – My lovely chick
  4. Mon trésor – My treasure
  5. Mon chéri – Darling
  6. Mon gros – The fat one
  7. Minou – Kitty
  8. Mon ours – My bear
  9. Mon conard – My cute duck
  10. Mon Coeur – My heart
  11. Choupinou – Sweet cabbage
  12. Mon abre – My strong tree
  13. Mon roc – Used to call a strong man
  14. Doudou – teddy bear
  15. Trésor – Stands for treasure
  16. Beau brun – Sweet name for a man with dark hair
  17. Bonbec – Candy
  18. Mou roudoudou en sucre – no specific meaning, however, it sounds good
  19. Mon Apollon – Handsome
  20. Mon prince – My prince

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Muslim nicknames for husband

If you are a Muslim, you might find the following cute nicknames for guys compelling. Similarly, it does not harm to try out something. It is a free world.

  1. Aroob – Only for a loving man
  2. Areebah – Witty and smart
  3. Arfa – the greatness
  4. Baasim – Smiling one
  5. Baahir – Brilliant
  6. Barraq – Shining
  7. Barr – Pious
  8. Baber – Courageous like a lion
  9. Behzad – Caring man
  10. Ehsaas – Feel
  11. El-Amin – The faithful one
  12. Ghalib – The victor
  13. Ghazalan – Spinner
  14. Ghayoor – Honorable and self-respecting
  15. Ghufran – The forgiving one
  16. Gohar – The precious one
  17. Parvez – Successful king
  18. Kaamil – Perfect one
  19. Kaiser – King
  20. Kasim – Lovely

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Telugu nicknames for husband

telugu nicknames for husband
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Below are some of the Telegu sweet names girls can call their boyfriends or husbands. Have a look:

  1. Akil – Intelligent
  2. Aksa – My sky
  3. Amol – King
  4. Anbu – The soft and loving one
  5. Anik – My soldier
  6. Atif – The generous
  7. Babu ¬– The gentle one
  8. Bhim – Strong
  9. Bitu – Sweet one
  10. Banny – Kind
  11. Bimal – The sacred one
  12. Birju – For a man that know to sing
  13. Bukka – loving and sincere man
  14. Dass – Loving
  15. Dhan – The rich one
  16. Doni – Prince/king
  17. Falgu – Loving
  18. Fate – The victor
  19. Ro – Man with red hair/ good man
  20. Rahs – Soft and secretive

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Random sweet nicknames for husband

cute nicknames
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Still not found the right nickname for prince charming? What do you think of the ones in the list below?

  1. Moonpie
  2. Rockstar
  3. Other Half
  4. My True Love
  5. Amigo
  6. Mr. Perfect
  7. Momo
  8. God’s Gift
  9. God’s Gift
  10. Baby Love
  11. Biryani Monster
  12. Champ
  13. Tough Guy
  14. Favorite Man
  15. Mister Cutie
  16. Mr. (the first letter of his name)
  17. HunBun
  18. Babylicious
  19. Mr. Turtle
  20. Sir Crankster
  21. Partyosaurous
  22. Iceman
  23. Couch Potato
  24. Sparky Star
  25. My buttercup

Arabic nicknames for husband

Is your man from the Middle East? Well, no need to stress yourself with the common nicknames for boyfriend while you can call him a name he can easily relate with. These are the most romantic ones with their meanings:

  1. Abd al Matin – The strong one
  2. Abdul – Loving and Go-fearing
  3. Abir – Strong
  4. Aib – Polite one
  5. Amin – My honest man
  6. Dawud – Loving
  7. Diya al din – Trustworthy
  8. Farran – Baker
  9. Fatin – Clever in love
  10. Faris – Horseman
  11. Kamal – Perfection
  12. Karim – Generous
  13. Kadem – My companion
  14. Khan – My sweet prince
  15. Qaseem – The distributor
  16. Saghir – The short one
  17. Sadid – Only friend
  18. Sharif – Honorable
  19. Sulaiman – Peaceful man
  20. Usama – The lion
  21. Wasim – Handsome
  22. Yasir – Rich
  23. Hammad – Praising
  24. Hashim – My crush
  25. Husssein – The good man

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Unique nicknames for husband

pet names for men
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If you are the type of woman who likes unique stuff, then these ones might come in handy.

  1. Bahudur
  2. Tarzan
  3. Hercules
  4. Sweet Cheecks
  5. Chikoo
  6. Goofy
  7. Stud Muffin
  8. Mi Amor
  9. Papi
  10. Dracula
  11. Tiger
  12. The Beast
  13. Bacchus
  14. Zeus
  15. Sasquatch
  16. Amante
  17. McLovin’
  18. Guapo
  19. Hubs
  20. Drill Sergent

Pet names for men of all ages

It is not difficult to make your man feel like a pet. Try the nicknames below, and you will not regret it at all. Interestingly, they can boost your relationship.

  1. Munchkin
  2. Alpha
  3. Sweetums
  4. Casanova
  5. Blue eyes
  6. Winky
  7. Cuddle boy
  8. Avatar
  9. Bambi
  10. Bear
  11. Bitsy
  12. Bubloo
  13. Genie
  14. Huggy Bear
  15. Liljay
  16. Papi Chulo
  17. Bellissimo
  18. Hannibal
  19. Angel Face
  20. Doll Baby

Which nicknames for husband did you find interesting? Well, hopefully now you can use one from the list to spice up your love with your other half. In other words, there is no room for you to be a boring girlfriend or wife.

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