GES posting checking guide 2019/2020

GES posting checking guide 2019/2020

The Ghana education service is responsible for posting teachers to respective public schools. once you complete tertiary education as a teacher you should register with the service for postings. The teachers under the service are paid by the government. The posting took place by the 1st of December.

GES posting checking guide 2017-2018

Ghana education service postings.

The teachers are trained and then posted to various district schools. These teachers are supposed to be at their postings once their name appears on the list in order to confirm the position. In order to keep up to speed with the Ghana education service postings, visit the website at www.gespostings and check GES postings. Net for more elaborate details.

GES posting application.

It is very important to fill the Ghana education service forms. This is applicable for all the level 300 students who have studied education in the certified colleges of education in Ghana. All the newly trained teachers are supposed to apply for the GES posting. To apply for the posting, log in to the Ghana education service website and fill the forms online. There are also manual forms that are still applicable. This process is important for all students for early posting. The postings are posted on the website. The students should visit the website to check the status of the postings.

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GES postings 20.

The previous postings were done in October 2019. These postings were done twice because some students had issues with the examinations. For you to get posted, you have to complete the studies and satisfy the Ghana education service. For any corrections you can visit the school for confirmation. The postings shall always be available by October.

GES posting arrears

Early last month, the ministry of finance in conjunction with the Ghana education service released a 14 million for salaries, allowances and transfer grants for all the certified teachers. The vice president Mahamudu Bawumia was pleased to announce this information at the 5th Quadrennial and 52nd national delegates conference that involves the Ghana national association of teachers. He further went on to say that the government is committed to make sure that the teachers have a better working environment. The GES posting of teachers will therefore be more efficient. The money is an indicator of increased salaries for the teachers, and this will in the long run improve the quality of education in Ghana.

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GES posting checking guide 2017-2018

GES posting forms.

The GES posting forms are available at the Ghana education service website. The forms should be filled online and submitted. Every applicant should have a proper identification as a Ghanaian citizen and must fulfill all the requirements outlined by the service. The GES posting shortlist is normally posted on the website. It is important to therefore keep on checking the website in order to see if you are shortlisted.

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