Here are six heartbreaking dirges that would be played at Ebony’s funeral ceremony

Here are six heartbreaking dirges that would be played at Ebony’s funeral ceremony

Ghanaians would never forget these two dates, February 8, 2018, and March 24, 2018, in their lives as far as music and celebrities are concerned.

February 8, was the day the nation lost a shining star in the person of Ebony Reigns, in a gory accident which also claimed the lives of her bodyguard, Lance Corporal Vondee Francis Atsu, and personal assistant, Franky Kuri.

Ebony will be laid to rest at the Osu Cemetery after her funeral ceremony that comes off at the forecourt of the State House.


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As per the Ghanaian tradition, dirges would be played at the sad ceremony, and here, brings you some of these sad songs which would deepen the woes of Ghanaians.

1. Adjoa Pinaman: This song was sang by the popular Akan highlife singer, Adomako Nyamekye. In this song, Nyamekye sings of how all deaths are painful, but to him, the death of Adjoa Pinaman is the saddes and most painful of all. Similarly, Ebony’s parents and Ghanaians as a whole can relate to this sad song. Ebony was just 20 years when she died, and this is really really sad. No parents would want to lose a child at that young age.

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2. Owuo sei fie: Literally meaning death destroys the house, ‘Owuo Sei Fie’ was sang by another highlife legend, Nana Tufuor. He sings of how when someone dies, all members of the house are affected. And it is true in the case of Ebony Reigns. Her house has been affected, the Ghana Music Industry has been affected, the whole of Ghana has been affected!

3: Wo day3 aky3: This sad dirge was sand by legendary Ampofo Adjei. He sang with the hope that it was possible for the death to rise up again days after death. And this is the wish of all people who lose their loved ones. Ebony you have been “sleeping” for long and your parents, Ghanaians, and friends wish that you rise up.

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4. Kosekose: Kosekose literally meaning “sorry” was sang by “Serious” man, Amakye Dede. Indeed, this song would make the heart of Ebony’s friends, family and Ghanaians cry and get short of tears.

5. Adaka Teaa: Adaka Teaaa was also sang by Daddy Lumba. He sings of how sad it is to look on as one’s dead loved ones end up in a casket to be buried.

6: Maame Hw3: And this is Ebony’s own song! ‘Maame Hw3’ is the most popular song of Ebony Reigns. ‘Maame Hw3’ is not a dirge, but definitely going to get many people remember Ebony for her hard work when she was alive.

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