KNUST fees 2023: Masters, distance learning, freshmen, postgraduate

KNUST fees 2023: Masters, distance learning, freshmen, postgraduate

There are many reasons to pursue further studies as a graduate. You could be after career prospects or even have the desire to develop a new skill for personal satisfaction. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is one of the most popular institutions you can think of in such times. Besides offering quality education, the KNUST fee structure is also reasonably priced for both full-time and part-time learning.

KNUST masters programme fees
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KNUST was established in 1951. It offers 21,285 undergraduate courses and 2,306 postgraduate courses across all its campuses and affiliate schools. Here are the KNUST masters programmes 2023 fees for first-year and continuing students.

KNUST fees for freshmen

As a new local student to the institution, check out all the KNUST postgraduate fees and programmes offered.

1. Master of Science, Arts, Fine Arts, MBA, and Public Health

Below is a table of KNUST postgraduate courses and fees.

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Programme Total fees in GHC
Asante History, Comparative Literature, Religious studies, Social Work, Sociology5,423.55
Chieftaincy and Traditional leadership, Geography and rural development5,213.55
MSc Geography and Sustainable Development5,213.55
MSc Computer Sc.5,481.55
MSc Food Science and Technology, Maths, Actuarial, Climate Sc., Statistics, Physics6,551.55
Cyber-security and digital forensic5,691.55
MSc Information Technology, Land Governance and Policy6,032.55
MA. Architecture5,482.55
MSc. Architecture5,804.95
MA. African Culture, Art education, Integrated Arts & Industry, Publishing, Mcomm. Design5,691.55
MFA Ceramics, Jewellery and Metalsmithing, Painting And Sculpture, Textile Design5,691.55
MSc Agribusiness Management, Agric. Econs & Farm mgt., Agric. Extension, Vegetable crop production5,691.55
Natural Resource and Environmental Governance, Packaging Technology and management5,481.55
Geo-information Science5,791.55
Audiology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology 6,762.55
MSc Disability, Rehabilitation and Development, Health Education and Promotion, Health services planning and Mgt., Occupational Health & Safety, Population & Reproductive Health, Health System Research Mgt.14,407.55
MSc Clinical Nursing11,515.55
MSc Global Mental Health Policy, Services and development 6,311.55
MSc Engineering6,611.55
MSc Renewable Energy Technologies12,732.55
MSc. Economics 10,290.55
LLM. LAW13,978
MSc Accounting and Finance, Accounting, Corporate Governance, Finance and investment, Logistics and supply chain, Management and Human resource, Marketing, Procurement 14,767.55
MSc Air Transportation and Aviation management14,727.55
Master of Public Administration5,423.55
Business - MBA (Full Time)7,865.55
Business - MBA (Top-Up & Obuasi)8,965.55
Business - MBA Strategic management and management consulting (Top-Up)8,965.55
Business - MSc (All Areas of Specialisation/Logistics)14,767.55

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Below is a table for KNUST postgraduate courses and fees

ProgrammeTotal fees in GHC
MSc Creative Art Therapy9,062.50
MSc Transportation Planning15,257.55
Construction Mgt./Procurement Mgt./Project MGT/Project MGT(BT)19,000.00
MSc. Educational Innovations and Leadership Science9,160.55
Master of Education9,160.55

KNUST MBA fees for the weekend courses offered include:

  • Health System Research Mgt. - GHC. 18,107.55
  • Business - MBA - GHC.9,035.55
  • Programmes in Department of Planning - GHC. 15,735.55

2. Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Below is a table for KNUST MPhil programmes fees.

ProgrammeTotal fees in GHC
Chieftaincy, Economics, English, French, Geography, History, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, social work5,423.55
All science-related courses5,691.55
Chemical pathology, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology, Haematology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Micro Biology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology6,762.55
African Art and Culture, Art Education, Communication Design, Integrated Art,Painting And Sculpture5,691.55
Agribusiness, Agric. Extension, Agricultural Economics, Aquaculture, Vegetable crop production, Wildlife and Range management5,691.55
Crop Protection, Entomology, Floriculture, Fresh Water Fisheries, Fruit Crops, Meat Science, Olericulture, Plant breeding, Plant pathology, Pomology, Post Harvest physiology, Postharvest technology, ReproductivePhysiology, Seed and science Technology, Soil fertility, Soil Management & Conservation5,481.55
Actuarial Science, Analytical Chemistry, Animal and Plant, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biodata Analytics and computational Genomics5,691.55
Mechanical Engineering(Top-up)7,334.55
Educational Planning and Administration, Language Education, Science Education, ICT Education, Mathematics Education, Educational Innovations and Leadership Science4,562.50
Aquaculture and environment5,481.55
Natural Resource and Environmental Governance7,791.55
Wildlife and Range management6,001.55
Human Physiology, Immunology, Molecular Medicine, Physiology6,971.55
Human Anatomy & Forensic Science9,561.55
All Engineering6,311.55
Geographic Information Systems9,415.55
Intellectual Property(MIP)14,028.50
Health Service Planning & Mgt., Health Education & Promotion, Population & Reproductive Health, Community Health, Field Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics, Health systems research and mgt14,407.55
Disability, Rehabilitation and Development6,590.55
Construction Mgt., Procurement Mgt., Project MGT.15,380.55
Building Technology11,330.55
Creative Art7,074.50
Fashion Design Technology, Textile Design Technology8,062.55
Urban Management Studies10,511.75
Mortuary Science and Management10,562.45
Human Anatomy and Cell Biology/ Human Anatomy(Morpho Diagnostic Option)8,062.50
Business - (All Areas of Specialisation/Logistics)9,193.55

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Weekend programmes in the Department of Planning in this category include;

  • Development Studies, Development Policy & Planning, Development Planning & MGT) Planning - GHC. 15,735.55

KNUST postgraduate fees for continuing students

KNUST masters programmes 2022 fees
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You will shell out the following fees according to the course you are undertaking if you are a continuing student in KNUST:

1. Master of Science, Arts, Fine Arts, and MBA

Below is a table for KNUST masters programme fees for continuing students.

ProgrammeTotal fees in GHC
Chieftancy & Traditional Leadership, Sociology, Economics, English, French, Religious Studies4,276.95
Information Technology/ Computer Science4,544.95
Dev. Planning & Mgt4,334.95
Dev. Policy and Planning5,693.95
M. Architecture4,334.95
Jewellery & Metalsmithing, Painting, Textile Design, Art, Land Economy, Planning, BT4,334.95
All engineering-related courses5,164.95
Master in Public Administration4,093.95
Global Mental Health Policy, Services and Development10,368.95
Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology5,615.95
Business - MBA (Part-time)8,282.95
Business - MBA (Full Time)7,022.70

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Weekend programmes offered under this category include:

  • Dev. Planning & Mgt(weekend)/ Dev. Policy and Planning - GHC. 10,415.15
  • Business - GHC. 8,282.95

2. Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Below is a table for KNUST MPhil programmes fees.

ProgrammeTotal fees in GHC
Chieftancy & Traditional Leadership, Economics, English, French, Geography & Rural Dev't Historical Studies, Political Science, Religious Studies4,066.95
Actuarial, Animal and Plant Pathology, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science Entomology(TAB), Geophysics, Information Technology, Mathematical Statistics Meteorology and Climate Science, Organic and Natural Product, Pure Mathematics4,544.95
Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Science, Food Science and Technology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Microbiology, Parasitology, Reproductive Biology5,615.95
Agricultural and Wildlife related courses4,544.95
Agricultural and Animal Nutrition courses4,066.95
Art Education, Communication Design, Development Studies, Integrated Art, Planning,Architecture, Land Economy4,544.95
Construction Mgt, Procurement Mgt., Project MGT(BT)7,233.95
Building Technology12,283.95
Development Policy & Planning, Planning and Development Studies14,467.63
All engineering-related courses4,544.95
Geographic Information Systems8,268.95
Environmental Resources Mgt5,165.95
Geographic Information Systems9,318.95
Educational Planning and Administration, Language Education, Science Education, ICT, Education, Mathematics Education 4,465.90
Health Service Planning & Mgt, Health Education & Promotion, Population & Reproductive Health, Health Systems Research & Mgt4,383.95
Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Chemical Pathology, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Pharmacy, Haematology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy5,615.95
Disability, Rehabilitation & Development4,693.95
Immunology, Molecular Medicine, Human Physiology5,615.95
Human Anatomy and Cell Biology, Human Anatomy(Morpho Diagnostic Option)8,062.50
Human Anatomy & Forensic Science9,562.50
Mortuary Science and Management5,562.55
Business Administration, Management and Human Resource Strategy7,495.95

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KNUST graduate school fees for international freshmen

KNUST postgraduate fees
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New students from other countries can also join the institution and undertake various courses. Below are all the courses offered for international freshers and the required amount one needs to pay.

1. KNUST masters’ programme fees for MSC and MA

Below is a table for all the MSC and MA programmes available and the total fee charged.

ProgrammeTotal fees in US Dollars ($)
Social Sciences6,910.01
Agric./Natural Resources6,060.01
College of Science (All programmes)6,145.01
All Postgraduate Programmes under College of Art and BuiltEnvironment5,692.51
Intellectual Property(MIP)6,967.51
Engineering (all Programmes)7,335.01
MPH. Health Education & Promotion, Health Service Planning and Mgt, Health Systems Research & Mgt, Occupational & Developmental Health & Safety, Population & Reproductive Health 9,367.51
Disability, Rehabilitation and Development, Health Education & Promotion, Health Service Planning and Mgt Occupational & Developmental Health & Safety, Population & Reproductive Health 9,367.51
Clinical Pharmacy, Pharm. Analysis & Quality control, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Social pharmacy5,777.51
MPHARM. Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy5,777.51
Master of Public Administration5,267.51
Business Administration(all Specialization), LL.M7,007.51

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2. Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Below is a table for KNUST MPhil programmes fees.

ProgrammeTotal fees in US Dollars ($)
Social Sciences6,910.01
Agric., Natural Resources6,060.01
College of Science (All programmes)6,145.01
Intellectual Property(MIP)6,967.51
All Postgraduate Programmes under the College of Art and Built Environment5,692.5
Engineering(All programmes)7,335.01
Community Health, Field Epidemiology & Applied Biostatistics, Health Systems Research & Mgt9,367.51
Natural Product Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Disability, Rehabilitation & Devt, Immunology, Natural Product Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology 5,777.51
Business Administration(All areas of Specialization), LAW7,375.01

Other charges

Other charges that are not included in the programme fees include:

ChargesTotal fees in USD for MPHIL, MSC and MBA
University Charges 1,077.50
University Approved Service Charges316.52
Other approved charges (for student activities)1,605.01
KSBGSA Dues (All Postgraduate Students at KSB)40.00

KNUST fees for continuing international students

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International scholars who are continuing will pay the following amounts for the following programmes.

1. Master of Science/MA

Below is a table for the programmes offered for Masters of Science and Arts.

ProgrammeTotal fees in US Dollars ($)
EMB Human Resources Mgt, Languages, Chieftancy and Traditional Leadership, Comparative Literature, Economics, Geography and Rural Development, Religious Studies, Sociology, Social works, English, French 5,852.28
College of Science5,852.28
All Postgraduate Programmes under College of Art and BuiltEnvironment5,852.28
MPH Health Education & Promotion, Health Services & planning Mgt, Health Systems Research and Mgt, Occupational & Environmental Health Safety, Population And Reproductive Health5,852.28
Medical and Health Sciences 5,852.28
Mpharm Natural Product Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy5,852.28
Masters of Business Admin(All Stream and specialization), Masters of Public Administration, All MSc Programmes5,892.28

2. Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Below is a table for all the programme offers for the Master of Philosophy and the required fees.

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ProgrammeTotal fees in US Dollars ($)
Languages, Chieftancy and Traditional Leadership, English, Comparative Literature, Economics, Geography and Rural Development, Religious Studies, Sociology, Social works, French, Historical Studies, Political Science5,852.28
College of Science5,852.28
All Postgraduate Programmes under the College of Art and Built Environment5,852.28
Intellectual Property2,677.28
Geographic Information System, Agricultural Machinery Eng.6,277.28
Medical and Health Sciences5,851.28
Master of Business Admin5,892.28

KNUST IDL postgraduate fees

KNUST distance learning fees
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Only a few courses are offered in the postgraduate distance learning school. They include the following:

  • MSc. Health Informatics
  • MSc. Information Technology
  • MSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • MSc. Food Quality Management
  • MSc. Biotechnology
  • MSc. Forensic Science
  • Commonwealth Master of Business Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting
  • MBA International Business
  • MSc Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • MSc. Industrial Finance and Investment
  • MSc Business Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management
  • MPhil/MSc. Educational Innovations and
  • Leadership Science
  • Master of Education
  • MSc. Project Management
  • MSc. Development Management
  • Master of Public Administration
  • MSc Security and Justice Administration
  • MSc Energy and Sustainable Management
  • MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MSc Strategic Management and Leadership
  • MSc Corporate Governance and Strategic Leadership
  • MSc Insurance and Business Continuity
  • MSc. Development Finance
  • MSc. Management and Human Resource Strategy
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc. Economics (ACCRA CENTRE ONLY)
  • MPhil. Post-Harvest Technology (Horticulture)
  • MPhil/ MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc. Geography and Sustainable Development
  • MSc. Accounting and Finance
  • MSc. Actuarial Science
  • MSc. Applied Statistics
  • MSc. Environmental Science
  • MSc Agribusiness Management
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
  • MSc Environmental Resource Management
  • MSc Communication System and Network Engineering
  • Professional Master of Engineering with
  • Management (MEng) Programme

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KNUST distance learning fees for all the postgraduate programmes include:

  • GHC 250.00 for Ghanaian applicants
  • $150.00 for foreign applicants

KNUST fees payment details

You can deposit the required amounts using any of the following information:

Local students

Pay your fees in the KNUST main fees collection account in any of the following:

  • GCB Bank
  • Republic Bank
  • UBA Bank
  • CAL Bank
  • Consolidated Bank
  • Barclays Bank
  • GT Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Ghana Post

International students

International students can pay fees in the following accounts in Ghana.

Ghana Commercial Bank LTD

  • Account name: KNUST forex account
  • Account number: 6031620000208
  • Swift code: GHCBGHAC


  • Account number: 0211014402813701
  • Account name: KNUST foreign students USD collection account
  • Swift code: ECOCGHAC


  • Account name: KNUST main collection a/c
  • Account number: 02008315903213
  • Swift code: STBGHAC

Ghana International Commercial Bank

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  • Account number for USD: 4158-01-000119 8: 102
  • Account number for GBP: 4056-01-0001198: 101

KUST contacts

For any inquiries or uncertainties, you can contact Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) through the following:

  • Email:
  • Telephone number: +233 3220 60021 / +233 5000 99299
  • Website:

Important details to note:

  • All freshmen are required to obtain a chest X-ray at KNUST Hospital.
  • The Physical Development Levy** pays for the installation of solar street lights and the upkeep of campus walkways.
  • Sandwich Master of Education (M.Ed.) programmes are offered in two sessions. The cost of each session is GHC 4,580.27

How much is the school fees for KNUST?

The fees vary depending on the course one is undertaking.

Does KNUST pay per semester?

Yes, it does. The tuition fee is payable at the beginning of each semester.

KNUST fees structure is relatively cheap compared to the quality of education you will enjoy as a part-time, full time or distance learning student. This allows you to easily advance your industry credibility and expertise in the current evolving workforce.

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