Funny good morning messages for friends

Funny good morning messages for friends

A few good morning pictures messages for friends will get those you love doing what they need to do to succeed. You may never know what that simple message you sent early in the morning will do to lift the spirits of your friend. You may just inspire them to start their day and week well. Sometime people just need the right trigger for them to be optimally successful. The start is important. Make sure you start right. Check out the following messages.

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Good morning messages for friends in English

Taking your time in the morning to wish your friend a great morning and start them off in a great way could be what you are called to do as part of your contribution in their life. Your message does not have to be long and neither does it have to be complicated. In fact you can make it humorous if you want it to stick. Your friends may need it anyway, you just might never know it. Check out the following good morning messages.

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  • Friends are meant to brighten your day so here I am doing my part. Get that bum out of bed and let’s get some money buddy. Good morning.
  • It is confirmed. The greatest myth has been busted. We now know that you do not have to rise from bed to have a fantastic day. Just roll out of it and think of your buddies like me and you will definitely have a great day. Good morning pal.
  • Good morning my friend. Nothing beats friendship for here is where genuine laughter and smiles are carried. Romantic relationships come packed with expectations and numerous responsibilities. Professional’s relationships require that you count your gains and loses. Rise and shine for you are sorted.
  • Guarantees are some of the things that are hard to give. While we cannot give a straight answer concerning the success of your day, one thing I can say for sure is that you will be in fabulous company of your friends. Good morning pal.
  • If our friendship is to be compared to anything then it would come close second to the warmth of the rising sun. Time to rise friend. Good morning.
  • I cannot package my wishes in a box and send your way but you can always check your inbox and find this soulful message delivered in time. Good morning.
  • I am your friend because I will execute my annoying role perfectly for I know the potential that you have. Together with the alarm clock we shall make sure you are up to pursue your dreams. You are inspired enough. Good morning.
  • Daily forecast for all my friends. Let nothing stop you from being fabulous and focused. Go and achieve all you ever want. Good morning.
  • Use this as your daily dose of caffeine. Save the extra buck you would have used for coffee for this is what friends like me are around for anyway.
  • Good morning wishes from me are the medicine you need to perfect your day and encourage a peaceful night later in the day. For this I am glad to play my role perfectly. Have yourself a good one today.
  • So here is the secret of perfecting your morning, be grateful. I will start it off. Thank you for being a great friend. Have a blessed day.

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Funny good morning messages for friends

  • Some people say that the world is coming to an end, hard to believe. This is really what is hard to imagine. Spending a day without you my annoying and crazy friends. Good morning.
  • You have been given names for being who you are. Lazy bum is your dad’s favorite nickname for you while sleepyhead is your mum’s way of saying wake up. Regardless of what they call you a good friend you will always be. Wake up lazy monkey. Good morning.
  • When your girlfriend leaves you know we will always be there to cheer you up. We may not hug you or kiss you but you understand the brotherhood bond will always be strong. Nothing is impossible when we stand together. Lets get this fixed buddy. Good morning.
  • I know you have a tight scheduled and you probably hate gong to the office already. Anyway have a great day and do call me in the evening to thank me for my magic words if it really goes well. Fab day dear.
  • You know you can always count on our friendship. Unlike the rays of sun that come and go, our friendship is unbreakable. Together we stand, in darkness and in light we shall sail through. Good morning besty.
  • They say friendship is the fuel for life. As the morning comes I thought of you and realized just how lucky I am. Good morning my friend.
  • Someone to make you laugh, someone to annoy you and someone to bail you out of any kind of trouble, no questions asked. That’s the true definition of who a true friend is. I am so glad I found that in you. Good morning big man.
  • The choice is yours girl. Decide to stay indoors and worry yourself to death or choose to enjoy a good time creating memories with friends that make you happy. I know you are wise. Wake up lady the entourage awaits. Good morning.
  • Please girl observe a minute of silence for the deceased. Last night I committed murder. I was merciless as I attacked those mosquitoes that tried to suckle my blood. Good morning girlfriend.
  • For my good luck wishes just remember to pay back the 10% cut. You never know, without the wishes you might not have done as well. Haha

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Good morning quotes for a special friend

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  • Fate had it planned that our meeting would not happen by chance. Ours was intentional and pre-planned meeting initiated by the creator himself. Though I have known you since childhood when you moved to our neighborhood, it feels new and fresh every morning as you push me to become a better me. Good morning Andy. BFFs forever.
  • If I were to choose my friends again you will definitely top the list any day, any time. You have been more than a sister to me. The friend only few dream of getting yet I have been so lucky to have you. Good morning my friend. I wish you favor and every good thing as you step out today.
  • You have taught me the essence of positive vibes. Through you I have come to appreciate the fact that there are good people out there. You came at such a time when I had lost all hope in people and rescued the woman that I was. Thanks for bringing out the good in me and teaching me how to trust and love again. I love you Natasha. Good morning girl.
  • When I think about how we clicked on the bus I get teary. There is no better friend I would rather have. You are both a brother and dad that I have longed for many years. That single act of kindness on the bus brought us together and I knew instantly that in you I had found a friend for keeps. Good morning big bro.

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Best good morning messages

  • Secrets to welcoming a new day. Wear the following weapons, gratitude in your spirit, a smile on your lips and love in your heart. Add forgiveness and your day is ready to reveal its perfection. The universe has positive energy all round. Focus on that and tap into its greatness. Good morning my friend.
  • Want to carry the whole world on your shoulders? Breathe slowly, exhale heavily and enjoy the moment. Remember this right here is all you are sure of. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Good morning.
  • The day I discovered the secret of gratitude I promised to share it with those I love through leading by example. I start by appreciating you for being a great friend and promising to do my best to keep our friendship intact. Good morning. Have a thankful day buddy.
  • The task of determining how your day turns out entirely rests on you. You get to choose what works for you and what does not. Paint on today’s piece of canvas how you want your day to go. The power is in your hands.
  • Days come with their own hurdles. Yesterday is gone, face today a new. Take a deep breath and relax. Raise your chin, adjust your collar and go face the world today. Good morning. I believe in you.

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Good morning wishes for friends- funny good morning quotes for friends

Great friends can be a pain in the bum but we all need them. It is in their silliness that we find something to look forward to every day. Check out the following good morning quotes that friends could write to each other.

  • You made me wake up early today. You know am that kind of caring friend who sticks with you. I woke up before 6am to wish you well for I know you need it. Who are we kidding? Crap, I just had to pee. Good morning buddy, go kill it.
  • On this beautiful day I wish you joy and happiness and all great favors the universe can push your way. As you enjoy the day’s goodness prepare for the favor you said you owe me for I am definitely calling it in. Today is the day. Good morning sweetness.
  • Good morning my friend. You know how much I love you for you are the best of the best. In you I can count on and will always get all the help I need. That’s why you are the perfect of us all. Now enough praise, please pass by my house, I have a favor I need you to do for me. Chao.
  • As the day sets out its first rays I have something great to say. It is so important that your full attention is needed. Unfortunately I have already forgotten what it is. Now just pretend that it was something important and clap for me. What are friends for. Have you a good day dear. At least it started off right.
  • We all love you because of your lovable soul dear. Today I wish you the best of the sun’s rays to let in all the rays and light you need. As you throw your blinds open I know you will control those you let into your life but make sure the window is good enough to throughout those who make life unbearable. Of course not me. Love you little sister girl. Good morning.

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