130+ beautiful Hong Kong female names and surnames for you and your child

130+ beautiful Hong Kong female names and surnames for you and your child

Hong Kong is a metropolitan area and unique administrative region of the People's Republic of China. People living here are primarily Chinese though some of them are of diverse cultures. The Chinese have exciting cultures and traditions, which include unique naming systems. Most Hong Kong female names and surnames are pinyin.

beautiful Hong Kong female names
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Like many Asians, the Chinese also pass on family names from one generation to another. Some of the most common monikers in Hong Kong are either those of iconic Chinese figures in history or ancient Chinese dynasties. Some modern names are adaptations of English, American and other western monikers.

130+ beautiful Hong Kong female names

In most places, names often carry cultural and familial significance. Choosing a name that honours family traditions can help maintain a connection to your heritage and strengthen family bonds. The following are the top names that you should consider:

Hong Kong names and surnames

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Asians in Hong Kong are known to have short names, some of which have a single syllable. It would be adorable for your little one to carry sweet Chinese surnames.

  • Bai: White
  • Cai: Firewood
  • Cao: to grasp something
  • Chen: To exhibit
  • Cheng: Journey, something complete
  • Cui: Towering
  • Deng: From the Deng kingdom
  • Ding: Strong and powerful man
  • Fan: An example of a bee
  • Fang: Something that is four-sided or a square
  • Feng: Origin from the city of Feng
  • Fu: Teacher or a guide
  • Gao: Something or someone high or tall
  • Gong: To Give
  • Guo: Wall surrounding a city
  • Hu: Whiskers, or wild
  • Huang: Yellow
  • Jia: An ancient Chinese state
  • Jiang: Wild rice or ginger
  • Jin: Gold
  • Ke: Handle of an axe
  • Kong: The family name of a famous Chinese philosopher and politician, Confucius
  • Lin: A forest or tall trees
  • Liu: To destroy or to kill
  • Long: A dragon
  • Lu: Cottage or a hut
  • Luo: Bird-trapping net
  • Ma: A horse
  • Mao: An ancient Chinese area
  • Meng: First or one who is eminent
  • Pan: A river that flows into the River Han
  • Peng: Descendants of the legend Peng Zu
  • Qiu: Hills
  • Su: From the ancient Chinese Kingdom
  • Sun: A descendant or a grandchild
  • Tan: An ancient Chinese state
  • Tian: Talk or field
  • Wei: Soft leather

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Rich female names in Hong Kong

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Asians in Hong Kong are known to have short names. Photo: pexels.com, @angelaroma
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Chinese name-giving customs must be meaningful and symbolic while also reflecting the personality traits you’d like your daughter to exhibit. These are a few lovely, striking, and typical female names in Hong Kong.

  • Bao: Treasure
  • Chen: Morning
  • Chun: Spring season
  • Duan: A part or section of something
  • He: An astrologer
  • Hou: Marquis
  • Hui: Intelligence, cleverness, or wise
  • Jia: Family or kin
  • Jun: Truthful or obedient
  • Kai/Kaili: Beautiful or victorious
  • Lei: Thunder
  • Li Hua: Pear blossom
  • Li Mei: Pretty rose
  • Li Rong: Great lotus
  • Li Wei: Beautiful rose
  • Li/Lee: Reason or logic
  • Liang: A bridge or a beam
  • Ling: Delicate, dainty, soul or chime
  • Liqiu: Lovely autumn
  • Mayleen: Lovely
  • Mei: Beautiful
  • Ning: Peaceful One
  • Nuan: Friendly and wholehearted
  • Qin: Individuals from the first dynasty in China
  • Qing: Blue, green or young
  • Rong: Beautiful, elegant
  • Ruan: A traditional Chinese musical instrument
  • Shen: To sink
  • Shi: Stone, to recognize, to reproduce, to establish
  • Shu: Warm-hearted or the kind one
  • Wan: Gentle, gracious, beautiful
  • Wan: Ten thousand
  • Wu: Ancient Chinese state
  • Xin Qian: Happy and beautiful
  • Xue: Snow
  • Yan: Pretty swallow
  • Zhen: Innocent, virtuous, or precious

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Hong Kong female names on Instagram

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Hong Kong female names are easy to pronounce and remember. Photo: pexels.com, @jacquemaydominique
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Diversity in any society is beautiful. Hong Kong women are some of the loveliest in the continent, and so are their names. The feminine monikers bring warmth, good vibes, and good spirits to their bearers. Here are old Hong Kong female names.

  • Ah: Peace
  • An: Peace lover
  • Ang: Angel of God
  • Bo: Precious
  • Chongan: Peace
  • Eui: Righteousness
  • Han: An ancient state of Han
  • Ja: Attractive and fiery
  • Jiang/Jeong: Yangtze River
  • Ki: Arisen
  • Lai: To trust or rely on someone or something
  • Lì húa: Lovely pear blossom
  • Li mei: Beautiful plum blossom
  • Li Ming: Amazing and bright
  • Li Na: Incredible and graceful
  • Li Qin: Beautiful stringed
  • Liena: A woman as beautiful as a lotus flower
  • Lifen: Beautiful fragrance
  • Lihua: Pretty and flourishing
  • Lijuan: Attractive and graceful
  • Liling: Lovely jade
  • LiMei: Good-looking plum flower
  • Lin: Beautiful jade
  • Linqin: Pretty zither
  • Longwei: Dragon greatness
  • Meili: Beautiful
  • Qiang: Strong
  • Quon: Bright
  • Ren: To appoint
  • Shao: Pottery
  • Tai: Great or extreme
  • Tye: Valley field
  • Wenquian: Refined matter
  • Xie: To thank or apologize to someone
  • Xiu: Beauty, grace, and elegance
  • Yan: Tight, strict
  • Yuet: Moon

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Hong Kong female names on Facebook

A baby lies on pink towel
Hong Kong female names reflect its rich cultural and historical influences. Photo: pexels.com, @pixabay
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Hong Kong girls' names can either be feminine or the names of their fathers. The monikers that can be used by both males and females ooze jovialness and positivity.

Both modern and ancient titles are fit for any parent who appreciates Chinese culture. The following are some popular Hong Kong female names on Facebook.

  • Ah Cy: Lovely
  • Cam: Sweet Citrus
  • Chan: Forever bright
  • Chenglei: Great
  • Chin: Precious, gold, metal, or bright
  • Dai: To support
  • Du: Avert or prevent
  • Gu: To care for
  • Hong: Rainbow/pink
  • Kang: Healthy person, well-being
  • Leia: Thunderous
  • Lian: Lotus Flower
  • Ling: Delicate and dainty
  • Méh-è: Beautiful posture
  • Méh-fùnh: Pretty or beautiful phoenix
  • Mei Lien: Pretty lotus
  • Mei Xiang: Beautiful fragrance
  • Mei Xing: Pretty star
  • Mei Zhen: Beautiful pearl
  • Meifen plum: Fragrance
  • Meifeng: Pretty wind
  • Meihui: Pretty wisdom
  • Meiyin: Beautiful or beauty
  • Mia: Palace, shrine, temple
  • Mingmei: A bright and very beautiful girl
  • Ming-Na: Bright, light, or clear
  • Mo: Do not
  • Rai: Trust, lightning, thunder
  • Renshu: Benevolent forbearance
  • Rin: Dignified
  • Song: An ancient dynasty in China
  • Thang: Victory
  • Xia: Summer
  • Xiang: Fragrant
  • Xiong: Bear
  • Yao: Elegant One
  • Zhen: Greatly astonished
  • Zian: Self peace

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What is the most common name in Hong Kong?

Wing' is one of the popular titles. This famous name in Hong Kong carries deep meaning that pays homage to their ancestors.

Is Hong a female name?

Hong is a gender-neutral name that can be given to both male and female kids. The name can mean rainbow or pink.

Do Hong Kongers speak English?

English is one of the official languages of Hong Kong. The majority of the population in Hong Kong is bilingual. Many people speak both Cantonese (Chinese language) and English.

To have Hong Kong female names, especially when you are not Asian, shows that you are in touch with different cultures. The short and sweet names are easy to pronounce and master. Many Chinese people love their names and are always proud to share their meanings with curious strangers.

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