Most beautiful Hong Kong female names and surnames

Most beautiful Hong Kong female names and surnames

China is one of the most populous and largest countries in the world. Hong Kong is a metropolitan area and unique administrative region of the People's Republic of China. People living here are primarily Chinese though some of them are of diverse cultures. The Chinese have exciting cultures and traditions, which includes the naming systems. Most Hong Kong female names and surnames are pinyin.

Hong Kong female names
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Like many Asians, the Chinese also pass on family names from one generation to another. Some of the most common monikers in Hong Kong are either those of iconic Chinese figures in history or ancient Chinese dynasties. Some modern names are adaptations of English, American and other western monikers.

Hong Kong female names and surnames

The famous names in Hong Kong carry deep meanings that pay homage to their ancestors, the environment they are in, leaders and nature. The following are the top names that you should consider:

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Hong Kong names and surnames

Asians in Hong Kong are known to have short names, some which have a single syllable. It would be adorable for your little one to carry any of the following sweet Chinese surnames:

  • Hu - Whiskers, or wild
  • Bai - White
  • Lin - A forest, or tall trees
  • Fan - An example or a bee
  • Cai - Firewood
  • Su - From ancient Chinese Kingdom
  • Liu - To destroy, or to kill
  • Huang - Yellow
  • Sun - A descendant or a grandchild.
  • Fang - Something that is four-sided or a square
  • Long - A dragon
  • Tan - An ancient Chinese state
  • Cao - to grasp something
  • Feng - Origin from the city of Feng
  • Lu - Cottage or a hut
  • Tian - Talk, or field
  • Jia - An ancient Chinese state
  • Chen - To exhibit
  • Luo - Bird-trapping net
  • Fu - Teacher or a guide
  • Jiang - Wild rice or ginger
  • Ma - A horse
  • Cheng - Journey, something complete
  • Gao - Something or someone high or tall
  • Mao - An ancient Chinese area
  • Jin - Gold
  • Cui - Towering
  • Meng - First or one who is eminent
  • Gong - To Give
  • Pan - A river that flows into the River Han.
  • Ke - Handle of an axe
  • Wei - Soft leather.
  • Deng - From the Deng kingdom
  • Peng - Descendants of the legend Peng Zu
  • Guo - Wall surrounding a city
  • Kong - The family name of a famous Chinese philosopher and politician, Confucius
  • Qiu - Hills
  • Ding - Strong and powerful man
  • Wu - Ancient Chinese state
  • Ruan - A traditional Chinese musical instrument.
  • Shen - To sink
  • He - An astrologer
  • Lei - Thunder
  • Shi - Stone, to recognize, to reproduce, to establish
  • Qin - Individuals from the first dynasty in China
  • Li/Lee - Reason or logic
  • Wan - Ten thousand
  • Hou - Marquis
  • Duan - A part or section of something
  • Liang - A bridge or a beam

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Hong Kong female names and meaning

Hong Kong female names
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Diversity in any society is beautiful. Hong Kong women are some of the loveliest on the continent, and so are their names. The feminine monikers bring warmth, good vibes and good spirits to their bearers.

  • An - Peace lover
  • Ja - Attractive and fiery
  • Tai - Great or extreme
  • Wenquian - Refined matter
  • Yuet - Moon
  • Ah - Lam - Peace
  • Han - An ancient state of Han
  • Ren - To appoint
  • Lai - To trust or rely on someone or something
  • Shao - Pottery
  • Bo - Precious
  • Eui - Righteousness
  • Hong - Pink
  • Ki - Arisen
  • Ang - Angel of God
  • Xiu - Beauty, grace, and elegance
  • Chongan - Peace
  • Jiang/Jeong - Yangtze river
  • Longwei - Dragon greatness
  • Meili - Beautiful
  • Yan - Tight, strict
  • Qiang - strong
  • Xie - To thank or apologize to someone
  • Quon - Bright
  • Tye - Valley field

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Hong Kong female names and surnames

Hong Kong female names
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Hong Kong girls names can either be feminine or names of their fathers. The monikers that can be used by both males and females ooze jovialness and positivity. Both modern and ancient titles are fit for any parent that appreciates the Chines culture.

  • Rai - Trust, lightning, thunder
  • Zhen - Greatly astonished
  • Xiong - Bear
  • Renshu - Benevolent forbearance
  • Thang - Victory
  • Chan - Forever bright
  • Ah Cy - Lovely
  • Leia - Thunderous
  • Yao - Elegant One
  • Ling - Delicate and dainty
  • Cam - Sweet Citrus
  • Kang - Healthy person, well-being
  • Mo - Do not
  • Dai - To support
  • Gu - To care for
  • Xiang - Fragrant
  • Zian - Self peace
  • Chenglei - Great
  • Mia - Palace, shrine, temple
  • Chin - Precious, gold, metal, or bright
  • Rin - Dignified
  • Xia - Summer
  • Hong - Rainbow
  • Song - An ancient dynasty in China
  • Du - Avert or prevent
  • Lian - Lotus Flower
  • Ming-Na - Bright, light, or clear

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To have Hong Kong female names, especially when you are not Asian shows that you are in touch with different cultures. The short and sweet names are easy to pronounce and master. Many Chinese people love their names and are always proud to share their meanings with curious strangers. has a detailed list of over 100 Greek girl names. Greek girls are unique and lovely. They are the perfect choice if you are looking for a name for your newborn baby girl.

Greek culture is rich in names that are representative of features, art, and beliefs. Go ahead and pick one of these beautiful names for your child.

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