What to say to your crush: 50 tried-and-true variants

What to say to your crush: 50 tried-and-true variants

Have you ever wondered what to say to your crush when you finally get to meet them? We all get mixed emotions when the person we like is in front of us. It is like a dream come true. It is not surprising if you end up acting all weird and edgy because of their presence. Suddenly, it is real and not just about the imaginations and fantasies in your head.

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You need, therefore to be prepared for such a moment. The last thing you want is to be embarrassed when you fail to utter a single word, or go blank because he or she is standing right before you. Saying the right thing to your crush will win you some bonus point and even draw you closer to being a true friend.

Winning by learning what to say to your crush

While you may fumble with the exact words, try to gain your composure. To do this, try acting friendly and charming. Smile if you can as long as you do not make it awkward. Think about what you are going to say. Fortunately, these messages will work as SMS, Whatsapp, and even quick Facebook comments. If you are confident enough, you can draft a love letter.

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Consider the following examples:

  • I adore you so much. I shiver just thinking about you and how cute you are.
  • You have been my fantasy for quite a while now. What is your thought of us making it be in real time?
  • The medicine that will soothe my shattered heart is your love and the kisses.
  • I want you whole to myself, not just half love portion with you.
  • Your voice is the sweetest music to my ears, your messages are like a volume of book to me and your sweet kisses outdo the sweetest wine have tasted in my life
  • All night long I dream of you but at dawn, my desire for you sets in all day.
  • Never forget me for I do not desire to reach a point where I will have to remember you
  • I cannot figure out my whole life without you besides me.
  • There are two things I don’t know in my life: what to do with you and what to do without you.
  • One of my greatest want is me to be on your mind, and a thought of me makes you grin.

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Questions to ask your crush

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Even before you send the lovely messages, you want to be sure that he or she really likes you. One of the best way to find out is to ask. After all, most conversation begin from this point. Below are some of the questions you may ask:

  • What is your secret that will surprise your parents when they learn about?
  • What is the little thing that makes you crazy?
  • Who knows you inside and outside?
  • What will be the first thing you do after winning a bet?
  • What TV show did you like as a child?
  • What will you do first if you were of my sex?
  • Which music genre do you like?
  • What movie type do you like watching?
  • What is your favorite food?

The secret with these questions is to find a common ground before asking them. You do not want your crush feeling like they have been ambushed and are under some form of investigation.

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Things to talk about with her

It is true that majority of guys and girls are nervous and excited when they approach their crush. However, maintaining a calm demeanor is advisable. Breathe in and out then relax if you are to have a natural conversation with her.

Have a list of things to talk about. You should have prepared this in advance. Focus on subjects such as hobbies and avoid being too forward or personal. Remember that girls are sensitive and any wrong move could destroy your chances of being friends and even more in future.

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How to start a conversation with a girl

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Sometimes beginning a conversation with a girl you have no knowledge about is tough. Luckily, it is not any impossible fete. One trick that works is being flirtatious in your conversation.This can be done by:

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  • First saying hello and then introduce yourself and ask her name as well. Inquire about how she is doing. This will show her that you are genuinely interested in her.
  • Compliment her politely and naturally. You can tell her about her beautiful smile and her contagious laughter. A great talking point could also be her dress code, taking note of how the colour suits her perfectly. The goal is to make her comfortable around you. Being too forward ans sensual destroys any chance of building the right rapport.
  • Use pickup lines carefully and only when you are sure of her reaction. A good example would be:

“My friends tease me that I am incapable of engaging a conversation with the most adorable girl here. Do you want to buy drinks with their money?”

  • Pay attention to the non-verbal cues like her body language and facial expression. Always maintain eye contact and smile should always. To create intimacy, you can go ahead and touch her arm lightly when story telling.
  • You can talk about an event that is upcoming like music and from here, you will get to know what you two have in come.

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Sweet words for her

Ladies love to be pampered and adored. Saying the right sweet words could get you in her good books. She will feel special and loved, which is what you are going for. Here is a list of a few adorable words you could say to her:

  • I am ready to make you happy for the rest of your life but there is one thing that I will need you to do: fall in love with me.
  • Every time I listen to a love song, I am reminded of one person: YOU
  • I dream of seeing your smile beside me every morning I wake up for remaining part of my life.
  • I want to do a million things in my life but I want to do them with you.
  • Loving someone is one thing, being loved by another person is the best thing but being loved by you is the most valuable gift that I will ever get.
  • It has become norm to think about you, fantasizing about you is my devotion, and loving you is an inescapable repercussion.
  • I may not have words to express my love to you, but you can see it in my eyes.
  • I want you as you are my source of joy and smile.

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How to flirt over text with her

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Text communication is one ways to keep the relationship alive. After all, flirting is acceptable since it breaks awkward silences. First, approach for her contact, then engage her through humorous texts while being sweet. Compliment her on her appearance and say sweet words to her as long as you space them out. Some of the best flirty texts for her you could model on include:

  • Guess the emoji I placed beside your name in my phone log
  • I wanted to be patient to text you later, but the truth is I want to know you
  • Having a glimpse of you was the best thing that happened to me today.
  • It feels like it has been years since we hung out together, I will do it all over again
  • I am unable to sleep, will you come and sing me a lullaby? Your voice is melodious

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How to be cute for her

Remember how you look matters a lot. Invest in your grooming and be fresh whenever you are meeting her. A simple hair cut,clean clothes and a great perfume or cologne can make a huge difference.

Love sometimes is complicated and awkward if handled wrongly. Even as you wonder what to say to your crush, bear in mind that the two of you can end up being friends and even get married. Play your cards right and the rest will be history.


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