Jackson College of Education fees

Jackson College of Education fees

Jackson College of Education is one of the accredited centers in Ghana which offers training to teachers and non-teachers. The open distance mode of training enables you to work and study simultaneously, justifying the idiom, ‘education at your doorstep.' Jackson College of Education is open to anyone who has an ambition of being a teacher. It has learning centers in all the ten regions of Ghana enabling easy access to their auspicious programs. The programs are offered at affordable fees, and by the end of each program, the student realizes the value of their investment. This article takes a more in-depth look at Jackson College of Education fees including the Jackson College application fee. Additionally, you will also get to know Jackson Community College cost of attendance.

jackson community college cost of attendance
jackson college of education student portal
jackson college of education results

Preparing for a college entry is as crucial as passing your entry exam. You need to know all the costs associated with joining a new college. This will help you plan ahead. Check out what Jackson College requires of you.

About Jackson College of Education

Jackson College of Education is a teaching department of the Jackson Education Complex. The Education College is one of the privately owned teacher training colleges in Ghana which offers a 3 years diploma in basic education through a distance learning mode.

Jackson Education Complex was established by educationists, Mrs. Theodosia W. Jackson and Professor Ebenezer A. Jackson in 2009. The college is accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana, and it is an affiliate of the University of Education, Winneba. Jackson Education Complex is located in Kumasi, 4 Jackson Street, Ayeduase New Site. Among the reasons why Jackson College of Education was established include;

  1. Aids in providing quality teacher training thus improve the level of teaching and learning at the Basic school level.
  2. Salvage the dreams of many Ghanaians who could not gain entry into the regular College of Education and also offer sound educational background for those graduates from senior high school with the ambition of pursuing the teaching profession.
  3. Complement the efforts of the government through increasing the access to teacher training facilities in the country.

Jackson Education Complex was established under the following Mission and Vision Statements

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Mission Statement

Assist their students to acquire hope for a brighter future.

Vision Statement

Become an excellent education institution committed to the development of a functional human resource for the nation with the help of the Almighty God.

The culture and character at Jackson Education Complex if defined using 5 Core Values.

Core Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Life-long Learning
  4. Respect and
  5. Stewardship

Understanding that majority of the Ghanaian populace have the interest to study in an ambient environment that is education supportive such as Jackson College of Education, this article seeks to make you informed about the fees that will be incurred for you to pursue learning within the walls of this high-class facility.

Jackson College of Education admission fees

jackson college of education admission fees
jackson college of education posting
jackson college tuition cost

Jackson College of Education provides an admission process that is user-friendly for anyone who is willing to seek admission from them. When it comes to Jackson College of Education posting, Jackson College of Education application fee and application forms can be accessed quickly without much effort regardless of your positioning.

How to apply for admission in Jackson College of Education

First, the applicant needs to purchase an E-voucher which costs GH₵ 140. The E-Voucher has the following Serial Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) which are essential when you want to access the online application Portal.

E-Voucher can be purchased through the following channels.

1. A bank

It can be bought at any branch of the following banks in Ghana.

  • Agriculture Development Bank (ADB)
  • Eco bank
  • Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)
  • Republic Bank Limited and
  • Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans

2. Online

An E-Voucher can be purchased online through MTN or Airtel Mobile Money.

The following steps are required before you purchase an E-Voucher using Mobile Money

  • Inform the admission officer that you want to buy an E-Voucher through a call on 020 126 0290
  • When you are given a go ahead, you will be required to send in multiples of GH₵ 140 to these numbers depending on the number of E-Vouchers you would like to purchase. MTN 024 179 9843 or Airtel 026 689 9495
  • Call back the admission office to confirm the receipt of money.
  • Once the money has been received, provide the admission officer with your name and telephone number on which you wish to receive the Personal Identification Number and the serial Number through short message service (SMS).

The next step after acquiring an E-Voucher is to make an online application.

  1. You will be required to log into Jackson College of education admission portal; using the serial number and the personal identification number on the E-Voucher.
  2. Complete the online application form carefully and submit
  3. Complete the online application survey.
  4. The online application Confirmation letter is printed.

Jackson College of Education Programs

Jackson College of Education offers the following programs

  1. General Programs
  2. Early Childhood Education and
  3. French Education

With studies offered in any of the above programs, students have access to loans from

  • Student’s loan trust Fund
  • National Service enrollment

The two will help you raise money for your education in addition to supporting you daily engagements.

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Jackson College of Education entry requirements

jackson college cost per credit hour
jackson college cost per credit hour
jackson college of education entry requirement

Jackson College of Education enables you to pursue a diploma in Basic education. However, for you to seek the courses offered, one ought's to acquire set standards of requirements. The following are the Jackson College of Education Entry requirements for the academic year 2018/19.

1. Regular Applicants

  • WASSCE Holders (West Africa Senior School Certificate Education). Applicant must have Credits (A1-C6) in 5 subjects. 3 core subjects which much comprise Mathematics and English, and 2 elective subjects relevant to the program of choice.
  • SSSCE Holders (Senior Secondary School Certificate Education). An Applicant must have (A-D) in 5 subjects. 3 core including Mathematics and English Language, and 2 elective subjects relevant to the program of choice.
  • TVET Holders (Technical and Vocational Education and Training). An Applicant must have credits in 5 subjects. 3 core subject is comprising mathematics and English language and 3 elective subjects relevant to the program of choice.

2. Mature Applicants

Who are mature applicants? You might ask. Mature applicants are applicants who are more than 25 years of age and would wish to advance themselves. For such applicants, they will only be admitted after a pass in an entrance examination. The affiliate University conducts the entrance examination.

Required documentation is;

  • Birth certificate (Proof of age)
  • Other legal documents

Tuition and fees

Jackson College of Education like other Colleges of Education in Ghana raises money through tuition and fees. You need to know how to cover the Jackson College tuition cost once you enroll. The money enables the smooth running of the different college programs in a conducive environment.

Jackson College of Education tuition cost

Jackson College cost per credit hour is communicated to the students through the college's website and their admission forms. However, for convenience, Jackson College of Education offers two tuition payment plans. The information provided here is for the continuing students. The fee for second years is 2200 Ghana Cedis. The amount covers the following:

  • Tuition
  • Modules
  • Examinations
  • Development
  • Administration.

Let us look at the payment plans used at Jackson College of Education.

  • Payment Plan A (Discounted Package)

In this case you pay a discounted GH₵ 2100 by a given fixed date. You earn a discount of GHC 100.

  • Payment Plan B

Pay in installments. First installment you will be required to pay GH₵ 1500 by the first quarter of the semester and the second installment you will be required to finalize the remaining GH₵ 700 by the last quarter of the semester. It is also important to note that before students can register online, they must have paid GH₵ 1500.

The discounted package also applies to only the second year students of the academic years 2017/18.

Jackson College of Education student portal

Jackson College of Education student portal facilitates is the institution's distance learning communication platform. For you to log in, you will be required to have a student number and a password. The point, however, is that if you are logging in for the first time, the telephone number you used during your online admission is your password. The student portal enables the student access his or her Jackson College of Education results plus other study resources required to facilitate your quest for study. You will also get communication about Jackson Community College cost of attendance at the portal if you need it. Let us briefly look at the Jackson Community College cost of attendance as summarized in the table below.

Being that Jackson Community College was initially established as Jackson Junior College in 1928, it is a public college located in Jackson County, Michigan. Therefore, charges will reflect the county. In District Michigan and State Michigan, the residential sticker prices are $ 18688 and $ 20992. This is the budget required for an applicant to attend a full-time college at Jackson Community College. The break down is a follows.

jackson college of education admission fees
jackson college of education posting
jackson college tuition cost
jackson community college cost of attendance

Jackson College Cost per credit hour

These are the estimated costs to take a class at Jackson Community College. Let us look at the table below.

jackson college of education student portal
jackson college of education results
tuition and fees
jackson college cost per credit hour

Contact Information for the institution

The following contacts are present in case of any inquiries for example admission or any other.

Telephone Number: +233 54010 4949, and +233 26816 2362

Email Address: info@jackson.edu.gh

The details on Jackson College of Education fees will be useful when preparing to join the school. You will know right from the application what is expected of you.

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