KNUST SRC Elections: Classic representation of events

KNUST SRC Elections: Classic representation of events

An old man in my village once told me that there is never any smoke without fire and a bad tree does not yield good apples.

As part of a constitutional mandate and command, yearly, elections are organized for students in KNUST to choose their student leaders they deem fit to drive and steer the affairs of the SRC for them, in fulfillment of Chapter 3, (specifically, Article 12, for this purpose) of the SRC constitution as amended 2011.

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This year’s election had its own pattern and definition of euphoria. At a point, students anticipated that the elections might not even come off this semester. Those anticipations failed and elections were dated to take place on 25th April, 2018. The election started around 10-11:30 am and ended around 7:30pm. Election results were also declared at 8:20pm. For the reflection of the results to the expectations of students, I’m not a judge of it (I’m not Suuk to give adjudications). The well-meaning students of KNUST are their own judges. But, I would like to, today, take my readers through a perusal of a few concerned realizations of mine on the general SRC elections. Take a moment out of your schedule to read my virtually long epistle.

This year’s election recorded a greater level of decorum and serene dispensation, in the course. I took the pain to go to all polling stations and could not record any acts of extremism or abnormalities. The weight of the electoral enthusiasm was lesser than that of a cotton wool, I must say. Getting people to vote was more difficult than getting a sex maniac to be turned on. Some “sweepers” got disappointed and dumped their ‘blooms’ for sweeping, except those who were comfortably moving to and fro in the buses and shuttles for conveying electorates. Most of these buses, I could affirm, moved same people to and fro continuously. Some were also almost all the time filled with campaign team members. Some of the buses were nice though. I remember sitting in one comfortable bus organized by Team DAB and one of Bernard Akyereko the Gentle Jack. They did well in the buses organization, at least some students took the chance to move from their halls to polling stations about 20 times, just to fill buses and shuttles and enjoy the comfort of them.

I must confess, this election had a very low turnout per observation. I can’t say much, I should’ve delegated reps at every polling station to have a headcount. That could prove my assertion more factual.

There’s one thing I also observed. What’s so significant about this ABC guy? Almost all “sweepers” were complaining that his name was hindering the smooth running of their canvassing for votes. People excused the elections by saying, NO ABC, NO VOTE!!! I remember the experience at Africa hall on Tuesday evening, the eve of election, when the domites cheered ABC (who is out of the race) over Team DAB and Team SAH. Kofi Arkoh and Pato nearly “shook” Prempeh...

The issue of endorsement; I’m tempted to conclude that, it would get to a time when aspirants from Unity Hall would find importance in the endorsement by their parents than that of Conti. Conti endorsed Derek Amoakwao Boadu (DAB) and his results was nothing good to take home. I was at the venue of endorsement. The entire continental fraternity was cheering Daniel Owiredu and ABC (who was out of the race, unfortunately) over the supposedly endorsed candidate, Derek Amoakwao Boadu. A situation worse than that of BYG. And TESCON too. I don’t even know the kind of tunnel or deep pit they endorsed Daniel Owiredu in. It never surfaced to even the core elders of the TESCON family. What happened to the numerous endorsements for DAB et al? I’m forced to believe in the irrelevant headline of SRC endorsements, as captured by Miss Gifty Aku Hlordjie (Female best writer in the 2018 NUGS Excellence Awards) in her writing.

I was a victim of something questionable. I guess some people also fell victims too. After voting, I had a notification of “You have already voted for the SRC election” instead of “Thank you for voting”. I know the ‘technically machinated opaque so-called explanation’ would always be served when questioned. While people were receiving thanks for voting, my ‘ancestors’ received the thanks on my behalf. I beg, my ancestors are illiterates, they’re not technologically inclined. I had this problem reported at the Non-Residential elections and it was not fixed. Electoral Commissioners and UITS, we know that, we can lead the horse to the river but we cannot force it to drink. When you are forcibly pushed into the river, then you would tell us whether you would drink the water or otherwise. My late grandmother taught me that, a wrongheaded fool who refuses counsel would come to grief.

I want to ‘emphatically’ State that, my father, the Dean of students, has no ‘interest’ in student politics and elections. You hear? Lol... I saw the Dean seizing flyers and posters at polling stations during the elections. Some students concluded he was so much interested in our election and I told them he’s just helping the Electoral Commission to fulfill Article 15(1)(L) of the SRC constitution. He’s an enforcer of constitutionalism, I guess. I heard the Dean say this statement at the CCB in the course of the election, “A financial Secretary aspirant wanted to send a petition to the JC just after the court hearing, days after the vetting. A financial Secretary! Not even a president... They don’t know that it’s the head that makes the state. I told them, Treasurer would not even see a letter head, bet me. It’s now that they’re running for the positions that they’re saying they’re doing politics”. Who could help me understand this? Also, as at 5:00pm, the dean of students said the turnout was hitting 10,000 and we were there saying the turnout was low. Don’t conclude that he has interest, please. He was just a reporter and a ‘concerned’ father, okay. Wonders shall never end in KNUST!

I would like to also draw attention to these problems which have been killing the soul of election in KNUST, yet we are not fully addressing them; Electricity going down repeatedly without an already fixed emergency alternative, Unstable laptops power etc. I was surprised when generators arrived at some polling stations late after the light went off. Was it really for ‘standby or emergency alternative’ as the SRC communicated or served upon request or part of the alleged grotesquerie? I don’t really know which it was.

Upon the rain, unstable laptops power lapses, electricity fluctuations, apathy and the real low turnout observed at various polling stations, total verified voters were around 12354, total voted was 12320 and women were 4100. Honestly, let’s be honest in honesty here. I leave this to my continuing students who have observed elections in KNUST to assess. You can make the juxtaposition of this year’s results with last year’s intense election’s results. As for this, I need a rocket science, a god, spiritualist, and maybe OBINIM STICKER to get me convinced that total turnout as reported through the electoral Commission is a true reflection of what went on on the grounds. Perhaps, I needed a spiritual-technological-microscopic lenses to see those who really voted. I have no iota of doubt for those who won. On any day, there were higher expectations of them winning. With or without the ‘cabals’? - credit to Richard Mawuli Amegatse (RMA- Author of the Cabals). Those who won this year’s election proved on different grounds that they could equally serve in those capacities. I would never question their electoral success. My doubt is with the recorded turnout. I believe that, the legal ‘gymnasium’ would ask me to prove beyond reasonable doubt. I can’t do that, I can only prove to the level of reasonable doubt and not beyond it so let me end it here.

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Do we all see the NEW KNUST where elections are becoming unpopular?

Do we still have to doubt the system? The people are saying the system is in its highest shambling verge. If it is not broke, don’t fix it, but, if it is, then get it fixed soonest! Is the state of the E-Voting and the circumstances of doubt circumventing it a causative for an alternative voting system? I know that, recommending a choice between the manual or E-voting is like choosing between the devil and the deep sea. I believe when they’re combined, it would go a long way to salvage the problem of electoral apathy and results disrespect. I suggest we go by electronically voting and printing out hard copy receipts. That’s very prudent. I’m sure ‘they’ would resort to financial incur justification and turn this request too down. I bet this to be the best alternative. Don’t you think so?

Some people are even of the believe that, KNUST is the modern day Senior High School. How do you see it?

But hey, why would Africa Hall sack (have a clash with) Katanga jubilant procession Team after the declaration and welcome the Conti-ABC procession Team? A question for the gods only... Katanga clashes with Africa hall? An illusion or reality? Africa hall ladies throwing water and urine at Katangees and Fellows too using their “man-power”. Quite unfortunate...

I would cease this opportunity to send warm words of congratulations to our SRC executives elect for the 2018/2019 academic year. The President elect (Kelvin Sah), General Secretary elect (Kuukua Turkson), financial Secretary elect (Gabriel Mensah), and the women’s Commissioner elect (Comfort Ampadu). You have fought a fight well fought. I wish you the best of luck in your administration. Advisably, you should try your possible best to be accountable and responsible to your people and serve them the best. Be honest to the good people of KNUST. Honestly, honesty is the honest policy. Your willingness alone is a motivation of good service. My late grandfather taught me that, when there is a will, there is a way. Walk your talks and let posterity talk your walks! You also have to understand that, one who farms near the main village pathway should never refuse “greetings”. The greetings of criticisms and others would come, try your possible best to learn from them and respond to the grievances of the good people of KNUST, accordingly. Know that, there are equally or more competent and congenial people than you in KNUST, but you have had the chance to be there amidst all the tussling, higgledy-piggledy and the like. To those who lost, you’ve done your best within your domains, better luck next time.

My Name is Richard Amoh. I believe that, when the status quo is sick, the paradigm should be positively shifted with strong advocacy and pragmatism. Senior Wabenzy, thanks for the “Ghc8,000.00” you gave me at the polling station. I’m most gratefully grateful. Adu Baah Charles (ABC), I wish you strength and comfort, you’re indeed a model and an epitome of a great man! DAVID ELIKEM, life is the best of assets, keep yours for us.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the end of semester exams.

Kindly send your comments, suggestions, corrections, advice etc to

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