SDK Dele: 5 interesting facts about the Ghanaian comedian

SDK Dele: 5 interesting facts about the Ghanaian comedian

The comedy niche is growing immensely in Africa as more people appreciate the craft. Fans have started to find solace in the interesting, creative and sometimes satirical pieces of comedy's biggest names. Amongst Ghana's greatest, a comic that deserves a laurel is SDK Dele. The comedian rose to fame in 2017 when some of his skits went viral. Over time, he has managed to package his material quite well, perfect for Ghana's appetite for comic pieces. Without a doubt, the comedian is a brand, renowned in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Would you like to know more about him?

SDK Dele
Ghanaian comedian SDK Dele. Photo: SDK Dele
Source: Instagram

What comical concept do your find hilarious? Do you have a preferred niche? It is hard to figure that out. How about watching a multiskilled comic that is certain to give you the moment of your life with touches of humour and creative pieces? That is what comedian SDK is all about. He has managed to capture a diverse audience by delivering a wide array of content that makes sense to many.

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SDK Dele biography

Where does SDK Dele hail from and how old is he? SDK Dele’s real name is Sadik Sulley, and he was born in 1994. This means that he is currently 26 years old. He is a very creative person, and you will notice that he brings this aspect in his comic pieces.

There’s not much information about his life as a young boy other than he grew up in a family that loves comedy. This is evident in his current productions where he greatly captures the good and bad sides of growing up with Ghanaian parents.

SDK has an amazing parent-and-child combo that has won the hearts of many because of its originality. His dad used to be a puppet master and mother has been entertaining the family for years with her dry sense of humour.

Interesting facts about SDK Dele

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If you are looking for great love, something out of the ordinary, better look for SDK funny videos download to get the best content ever. The Ghanaian comedian has been producing interesting and funny material for some years now and even managed to convince his parents to get on board.

SDK's unconventional style and originality have won him many fans over time. This has sparked great interest in his life other than what fans are exposed to in his skits. Since he mostly acts with his family, maybe the audience has been shown what goes on in the background. However, there is always more to the story.

1. He does comedy with his real family

SDK Dele
Ghanaian comedian SDK Dele (centre). Photo: SDK Dele
Source: Instagram

Comedian SDK Ghana chose to bring his real family to his comedy productions as he saw it as a great idea. According to the comic, it is a concept that is hardly implemented by other comics, and it was bound to bring a new style.

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Additionally, his parents love acting, and the chance of being part of his skits was a great opportunity to engage in what they love. This set up is unique and rare in Ghana and certainly has managed to stand out over time.

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2. SDK Dele comes up with all ideas for his skits

It is not strange for popular comedians to have their jokes composed by other people. Some even go a step further and have everything done for them other than the presentation part. However, SDK Dele has a different approach, which is not uncommon for creative minds looking to have a personal touch to their productions.

SDK Dele writes his skit’s concepts and follows through until the end. His skits have numerous interesting moments that he captures quite well to create a good laugh. These are skits like When You Get Home Late, Bad Mind, and Moment of Silence. SDK Dele has to do a lot of takes while acting to get it right.

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3. His parents are hilarious

Many people would consider it a great challenge acting with their parents in a production that is supposed to be funny. However, for comedian SDK Dele, his mother and father are naturals. They are as funny as he is and love doing comedy together.

While growing up, her mother used to entertain the entire family with great humour for years. His father is a great comedian as well. It is quite clear where the popular Ghanaian comedian gets his creative skills in comedy.

SDK comedy tackles many topics in his skits, including sex, drugs, and much more. Of course, in most instances, it is hard for children and their parents to engage freely on such matters, which makes his skits more interesting. He makes fun of anything that people face in everyday life with his parents, and they love being part of it.

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4. SDK has many fans outside Ghana

You probably know him as SDK Ghana but did you know that he is renowned in other nations that you might think do not understand and connect with his creative pieces? SDK Dele has fans who watch his skits from Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia, Russia, Italy and many more.

Therefore, his comics pieces attract a bigger audience that is looking for a good laugh regardless of the setting.

5. He has acted in different films

SDK Dele
Ghanaian comedian SDK Dele. Photo: SDK Dele
Source: Instagram

Comedian SDK hard work and great effort to grow his career have allowed him to create a great reputation. And his work has started being recognized by big minds in the entertainment industry like producer Prince Dovlo. He allowed him to act in the movie Blue Film, that was released in 2017.

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The producer contacted SDK Dele and they started working together in the film. This was the first movie he acted in and the second one was Coming to America. Blue Film was the turning point of his career that garnered him great recognition and a massive following.

SDK Dele is a great comic. He is influenced by all types of music, mostly Ghanaian that allows him to explore different aspects of life perfect for his comedy ideas. Indeed, SDK's style is unique as he is one of the first comedians to create skits with his parents. This, among many other factors, are what makes him unique and popular in Ghana and the entire world. on September 24, featured a fascinating piece about Helen Lasichanh, Pharrell William’s wife. Aside from the fact that she is married to a popular artist, Helen is making a massive impact in the fashion industry because of her great taste in fashion.

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