Full printable wedding checklist for couples in Ghana

Full printable wedding checklist for couples in Ghana

Weddings are very important functions not just in Ghana but all over the world. This is because various people get the chance to tie the knot with people that they love and value. It is also a forum where people get to interact and invest in something good, maybe a business or a relationship. However, behind these breath taking weddings, there are quite a number of things that have to be followed through keenly for them to be a success. The most important of all is the wedding checklist; without this, it is almost impossible to come up with a fairly nice wedding. A checklist is basically a list that entails the requirements for a respective occasion. In this case, it is a list that entails requirements for all Ghanaian weddings.

Full printable wedding checklist for couples in Ghana
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Ghanaian traditional wedding

In the traditional marriage in Ghana, there is a first process known as “Knocking on the door”. This is where the parents and elder relatives of the men approach the lady’s family on his behalf so as to ask for permission from them; this is so that they allow him to court her. This is viewed as a sign of respect for both the bride and her family; it also creates a bond between the two families. The bride’s family can either accept or decline to give permission. There is something called the Ghanaian engagement list which is nothing more than a presentation of what you’re supposed to offer during a traditional wedding.

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Wedding planning checklist

Wedding checklist
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This is a checklist for wedding that outlines what should be prepared before the wedding. It is made by the bride and groom and gives a detailed procedure on how things will be done on the verified date. This mostly entails the venue of where the reception will be, the church responsible for hosting the wedding, the day when the attires will be ready and when the rings should be ready. This is never possible though without an estimated budget. A wedding budget is important since the couple will get to know how much they will spend.

1. Pre-wedding 6 months before the wedding

Ghanaian traditional wedding
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In the case that a couple has a short on their expected budget, they may have to form a pre wedding committee that will help raise money for the wedding. The committee is also responsible for coming up with other ideas that they can fund or the couple can well afford. Mostly, it consists of an audience that is more or less within the age group of the couple and some close friends and family. However, before anything else, they should announce their engagement and pick a date which their wedding should take place. A pre wedding photography checklist should also be included.

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The couple to be married should also make a concise decision as to who will be catering for the specifics that will be included in the ceremony. In preparation for the wedding say as from ten to twelve months, one should do several researches on the best florists around since flowers set a romantic tone. They should also get a hold of the photographer, videographer and planner of their wedding ceremony. The whole idea of the photography and videography is to bring forth memories even past the eventful day.

They should as well establish a fitness routine after purchasing their wedding attire so that they maintain their physique until the special day. Then, as the couple approaches six to eight months, there are other preparations that come forth.

2. Wedding planner checklist -6 months before wedding

Wedding checklist in Ghana
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A wedding planner takes all the pressure from the service providers. A planner can be hired or a couple can decide to do their own planning. A checklist for wedding must be available. First, they should begin with doing their intense research on wedding invitation designs. This will enable them to know the best person to design for them a lucrative card for inviting their preferred guests. They should also focus on their research pertaining favors and thank you cards. When it comes to favors, they should look for somebody that can make their wedding a success by getting discounts for them or even free deals. As for the thank you cards, they are to show gratitude for the people who turn up for the ceremonious event. Ghana weddings are very colorful and wedding checklist everything you need for a perfect wedding

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They should also begin doing their research on hair styles that are put on wedding days and various styles that they can put on their makeup. This is basically to improve their physical appearance using the beauty products. At this juncture, almost six months to the wedding day, they should have had a constructive discussion and come to an agreement with the individual officiating their wedding. They should also discuss with him the plans that they should lay forth on that particular day. They should also make reservations on properties that can be rented. Planning a wedding is not easy but can be done.

3. Wedding reception-5 months prior

Wedding checklist in ghana
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These are certain things like chairs, linen, lighting and decor. These are the most important since they will be used by the guests and if not, will definitely add some sense of taste to the wedding. A wedding checklist in Ghana must always have these things.

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They should also begin planning their honeymoon with respect to what they can afford and the convenience that they will have desired. Within all these flurry of activities, they should be available to choose the cake style and schedule the dates that they want to taste it. This is usually important since they should sample it before the other people do; this will enable them to make changes maybe in the design or the taste of the cake. This is also an appropriate time to choose the groomsmen and bridesmaids attire. This is included in the wedding preparation checklist.

4. Time keeping -4th month prior

Full printable wedding checklist for couples in Ghana
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This should be followed up in due course so that there is no form of late adjustments on the wedding day that could lead to delays. The attire for should be uniform but slightly distinct from the groom and bride. It is also a good time to book a musician or two for the ceremony. This is because for you to have a lively ceremony, you have to entertain the crowd that has come to witness the occasion. They should have as well organized and booked transportation to and from the venues that will be hosting both the wedding ceremony and the reception. If possible, they can foot their guests transport bill for the sake of convenience. A wedding checklist 6 months before is more favorable for a busy couple

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The couple should as well purchase wedding bands. The bands are more or less known as the wedding rings. The rings are important since they will crown the moment when the couple take their vows. The bride and groom to be should have researched at least three or two hotels that can be reserved for their out of town guests. This is to cater for the accommodation of the people that come from out of town so that they can prepare themselves well on the wedding day. Also the couple should have finalized the guest list on this day so that they can tabulate their expenses and come up with a reasonable budget that can help them save. A 6 month wedding checklist requires more time.

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6. 3rd month before wedding

Detailed wedding checklist
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Alongside these other duties, a florist should be booked. The duo should also register at retailers who can do supplies in retail form which makes things cheaper. When it comes to a range of four to six months, there are graduated activities such as scheduled dress fitting which sees the bride trying out her attire. They should also book for their honeymoon flights and hotels which they will spend their time in after the wedding. This should be capped up with booking a room for the wedding night, ordering the wedding cake, ordering favors and thank you cards and planning welcome baskets for the out of town guests. This will make the guests feel welcome and hyped in preparation for the Ghanaian wedding.

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A list of the songs to be played and not to be played should have been prepared for the DJ or band that will come through on that day. Going on to three months, they should plan the ceremony and also reception seating arrangements. They should as well experiment with their hair and also the veil styles to see how they can improve their appearances. A detailed wedding checklist is necessary.

7. 2nd month before wedding

Wedding planning guide
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The couple should finalize on the reader, readings for the wedding ceremony in church. They should even look into the order of the menu cards and make an order for the dinner invitations in readiness for rehearsal. In two months, the couple should be ready to start sending the invitations via mail, develop a system that will organize RSVPs and begin writing their vows.

The bride and groom to be should also review the details of the ceremony with the officiant and lay out content for the wedding programs. They should start organizing for the application for a marriage license. They should finalize the timeline for the wedding day, seating arrangements and play-lists with chosen musicians, fittings and outfits for the wedding party and the parents. A wedding budget checklist should include this.

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8. Wedding checklist one month to go

At about this time the duo should have finished creating the schedule for the big day and sent it to the respective vendors and to officiant, create a detailed honeymoon itinerary for family left at home and decided on "the things that are old, new, borrowed and blue” in that category. One month to the wedding, they should have packed for the wedding, done a final fitting for the attire, confirm the honeymoon reservations, picked up the wedding rings, written nice thank you notes to give people as gifts are received and called vendors to confirm dates, times and locations.

9. Last minute details

Wedding checklist last minute
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Roughly two weeks to the wedding, a thorough follow up with the guests who have not yet responded, give the last count of guests to the caterer, update all registries, begin bringing in wedding shoes, make elaborate arrangements for the caring of the pets and plants left at home while on honeymoon, get the final hairstyles, get the play-lists to the DJ, delegate on the wedding day quotes, delegate somebody to return the tuxes, and rentals and take care of the wedding dress and send directions to the transportation driver. Make a printable wedding checklist to avoid forgetting some things.

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10. Wedding checklist last minute details

A week to the wedding, the couple should have laid out wedding clothes, given readers scripts, if it’s necessary, prepared final payments to vendors, given the photographer and the videographer their images and the video requests and gotten nice spa treatments for the couple and the bridal party. A day to the wedding, they should have ensured that the welcome baskets have been delivered, gotten manicure and pedicure, attended their wedding rehearsal, enjoyed the rehearsal dinner and gone to bed early in preparation for the big day. Do a quick wedding checklist ticking what is done and working on what is not done.

Ghana weddings
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On the wedding day, they should have a good breakfast, mail the wedding announcements, allow yourself enough time for readiness, give the wedding rings and the officiant fee to the best couple and enjoy their day. When the wedding ends, they should then return the tuxes and rentals and give the wedding dress to the preservationist or a cleaner. After the honeymoon, they should send nice thank you cards immediately and get ready for the married life.

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Wedding planning is therefore very important for anything to work out. A wedding planning guide is done way before the wedding to avoid last minute rush. You definitely need this printable wedding timeline checklist.

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