St. Peters Senior High School ranking, location and contacts

St. Peters Senior High School ranking, location and contacts

The St. Peters Senior Secondary School is a Roman Catholic boy’s senior high school that is located in East Ghana. The school was established back in 1957 by missionaries. The school is located at the Nkwatia Kwahu in the Kwahu ridge. It is a public senior high school with a very strong motto of 'dignitati hominum' which means the dignity of mankind. Since its establishment in 1957, this school has upheld its traditions to educate students in the spiritual ways, with currently over 1200 students. It is headed by the board of governors. It has form one to three and the main colors are yellow and green. The reason why the school is as it is because a lot of work was put to ensuring that the students have adequate facilities.

st. peters senior high school
st. peters senior high school contact
st. peters senior secondary school

The land where the school stands was given by the people of Nkwatia after a delegation by the Divine Word Missionaries. After an agreement by the elders, Fr Clement Hotze became the first headmaster on January 1957. Classes began with only 36 students and the school slowly grew in terms of population. In 1965, the school recorded very great results with 100% pass. Since then the school has recorded high results from all its students.

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St. Peters Senior Secondary School facilities

Here are some of the facilities that the boys in the school enjoy.


The school has equipped laboratories that every student has access to. This includes computer and science laboratories. All students are expected to use the laboratory equipment under supervision from the teachers.

Dormitories and classrooms

The school also has dormitories and classroom blocks. The students are expected to respect each other's property in the blocks and also follow all the school rules pertaining the infrastructure. The school has five dormitories, all of which are spacious to ensure that all students are comfortable.


The school does not only uphold academics but also approves of extracurricular activities. It is equipped with a basketball pitch, football pitch, hockey pitch, and tennis and volleyball courts. Since time immemorial, the school has always been the best in basketball in the Kwahu zone.

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St. Peters Boys SHS achievements

St. Peters has had a record of producing brilliant students. Over the years, students have been able to get 100% passes in their WASSCE. The students are awarded certificates for the excellent performances which serve as motivation to the other students and also themselves. That aside, recently in July, they beat Wesley girls Thomas Aquinas in the NSMQ victory. Wesley is currently the top school in ranking and this was quite a big achievement for St. Peters.

st. peter's boys shs
st. peters senior high school uniform
st. peters secondary school ranking

In sports, the school is not left behind. The school has been able to compete with other schools on various games like hockey, basketball and handball. The curriculum requires every student to participate in different clubs and sports to ensure that they are all active in class and outside class. The school has very qualified trainees who guide the students through training. The most important part is that when a student leaves this school, they leave prepared for the outside world. Whenever there is a game, St Peters is not left behind.

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The school is registered under the ministry of education and it offers similar subjects like other schools. However, it stands out in major ways. As stated earlier, the school has produced high performances from its students. This is because they are well equipped and also very hardworking. The school operates under a strict schedule and all students are supposed to be settled for all the classes. The students are examined both internally and externally to ensure that they are well equipped for the final exams. Once your child is enrolled to this school, you are assured that they are in good hands. The school also takes any indiscipline very seriously and students are liable for punishments in such cases.

St. Peters Secondary School ranking

According to the 2018 ranking, St. Peters was number five behind Wesley girls, PRESEC, St Augustine, and Opuku Ware. The ranking is based on the quality of education, performance and also facilities that the school has. St Peters is on its way to the top considering how all rounded the students are.

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st. peters senior high school uniform
st. peters secondary school ranking
st. peters senior high school address
The school's celebration marking its 60th anniversary.
Source: UGC

St. Peters Senior High School contact

To contact this school, you can either call on 024 431 3734 or email at

The students have very good rapports with the teachers. They are allowed to consult teachers whenever they have questions. The teachers are also very well trained to bring out the best in every student. Join St Peters today and enjoy the quality facilities, good academics and also a very serene learning environment.

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