Four reasons why KNUST's Kelvin Sah is a superstar in Ghana now

Four reasons why KNUST's Kelvin Sah is a superstar in Ghana now

The Student Representative Council (SRC) president at the Kwame Nkrumah Science and Technology (KNUST) is currently a national superstar, especially among young people. Kelvin Sah has been served well by the happenings in his school.

Sah is currently the most talked about person or thing in the Ghana trends on Twitter. For any media-related observer, this is a sign of popularity.

Being the top trending person Twitter is not just a sign of popularity but also an indicator of those who find you agreeable.

With regards to Sah, we can infer that he is currently popular among younger, internet-age Ghanaians. And that is fine because they are the future.

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1. Kelvin Sah is very articulate

Often than not, student-politicians can be accused of lacking the eloquence and understanding of issues so much that their concerns are easily brushed aside.

But in an interview on GHOne TV's "State of the Nation", Kelvin Sah demonstarted why there is so much good noise about him.

The skill and confidence with which he pointed to and explained his concerns would woo any fair-minded person.

2. Standing up to power

Power is attractive and unsurprisingly, powerful people do not need to beg for many other things they tend to get.

But among young people, there is always affection for people who stand to the older generation. This phenomenon is what Kelvi Sah seems to be enjoying now with the fracas at KNUST.

3. His looks have been mentioned

Many admirers of Kelvin have spoken on the fact that he is easier to like because he is good-looking. A good number of admirers in this section are young women.

The idea of a leader whose looks are found attractive is an old trick in politics.

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4. Kelvin Sah is charismatic

In the midst of trouble, Sah has proven that he can situate himself as a leader in whom the students can see the answer to their concerns. By every understanding, that is what charisma means.

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