Villagio, Ecobank Towers and the rest of Ghana's tallest buildings

Villagio, Ecobank Towers and the rest of Ghana's tallest buildings

It is interesting to note that there is no specific height by which we can describe a building as a skyscraper. Often, we just assume that if that building finds itself in an area where it dwarfs other buildings, it is a skyscraper.

Skyscrapers are very common in the United States of America and Asia. The tallest building in the world currently is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with 163 floors (828 m).

In Africa, the tallest tower (minaret) is the Great Mosque of Algiers (270m) while the tallest buildings in Africa include the Carlton Centre in South Africa (233m).

Comparatively, Ghana does not have a very high skyline. compiles the list on the seven tallest buildings in Ghana.


1. Villagio Apartments

The Villagio Vistas Alto is currently the tallest residential facility in Ghana at 27) floors. It’s siblings the Azure (second tallest at 18 floors)and Villagio Vista Aqua (12 floors).

The building, located around the Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout, is owned by the Trasacco Estates Development Company.

2. World Trade Centre Accra

This is a 17-storey building located at Accra Central across the street from the Accra Financial Centre and right next to the British Council.

The building is currently being occupied by the World Trade Centre and several other offices. It provides temporary spaces for offices and also includes a courtyard in its adjacent building.

3. Heritage Towers

The Heritage Towers is a 16-storey commercial office space located at the Ambassadorial Enclave in Ridge. It houses commercial and financial institutions like the United Bank for Africa’s head office.

It used to house the headquarters of telephony giants MTN in Ghana.

4. Ridge Towers

The 15 storey was built in 2005 and it is located in the Central Business District of Accra. It houses financial institutions and other businesses

Indeed, the Ridge is not very far from the Heritage Towers.

5. Cedi House

This 14-storey building is quite the relic and for the longest time, dominated the city’s skyline as one of its only high-rise buildings. It is also located in the Central Business District of Accra.

It has been described as a "tired building". Cedi House houses the Ghana Stock Exchange and formerly the headquarters of the ADB Bank.

6. Ecobank HQ

Ecobank’s new ultra-modern headquarters on the Liberation road packs 13 floors and sits on an expansive 18,000m2 area.

According to the developers, ARC Architects, the design strives for cutting-edge green principles and energy efficient performance.

7. Atlantic Towers

The Atlantic Towers located at Airport City is a 15-storey complex, earning it a comfortable spot on this list of tallest buildings in Ghana.

Tallest buildings
Atlantic Towers in Accra. Photo credit: Meqasa
Source: UGC

Atlantic Towers is a Grade A corporate office development that offers prime lettable office and commercial space for all kinds of businesses.

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