Kofi Kinaata songs: Top trending in 2020 (videos)

Kofi Kinaata songs: Top trending in 2020 (videos)

Martin King Arthur popularly known as Kofi Kinaata is a Ghanaian musician and songwriter from Takoradi. He is noted for his fante rap and freestyle and is therefore known as FRG which means Fante Rap God. He is associated with the rap family called High grade. He has come up with quite a number of songs. Below are some of Kofi Kinaata songs.

Kofi Kinaata songs list
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Kofi Kinaata songs list

Below is a comprehensive list of some of Kofi Kinaata’s most loved songs;

1. Kofi Kinaata - play

This was a song released in the dying days of the year of 2017 after everybody just thought that he had achieved more than he should have. It took Africa as a whole by storm. This hit commissions a <Bonyo> Christmas and festive season which led to the title being named as <Play>.

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The song, play, is a fusion of afro beats and dance hall to fashion out a scorcher that’s a sure contender for the airwaves, clubs and even social gatherings in the various seasons. He managed to team up with an extraordinary producer by the name Dr. Ray, who produced this smash hit. This meant that the joint was extended into a banger that was definitely becoming a main stay of play lists and musical devices of fans across and beyond the country. This song is a contemporary song that one would not want to delete after downloading and listening to, so, make a point of getting hooked to your music apps and download it today. It is one of Kofi Kinaata current songs.

2. Kofi Kinaata - sweetpie

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Kofi really got us with this song sweetpie! It is a love song that makes you feel nostalgic even after you’ve had a heart break. The cover of the song is a pie that sure looks as sweet as he has labeled the song. He raps the song in the Fante language and is stunning in every bit, even if you don’t understand the language, one just flows unknowingly to the beats and the flow.

In fact, if you are planning to have a date soon, just make sure you have this song even on your mobile. This is the type of song that will most definitely convince your date that she is a natural bone shaker and may even make you end up walking down the aisle. The producer of this song is Kin Dee who magnificently released a wonder hit with his compatriot Kofi. Here, Kofi portrays that he truly has a passion for singing as he really really takes control of his flow and vocals. Hurry up before you lose a date and thank me later!

3. Kofi Kinaata confession

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This song was a banger that was released in December of 2016, which most people related it to <Jesus take the wheel>. It was used by the minority party in Ghana in 2017 so as to tease the majority in parliament (NPP) to describe the state of the nation after the president and speaker of parliament had their address, that God should come and take the national wheel. The intention behind releasing this song was that God should come and intervene in peoples different avenues that are probably not going well for them. This song received considerable play time and moved to the top ten songs in 2016.

Kofi managed to win the awards for the Song Writer of the Year and Best New Artists of the Year at the 2016 edition of the Ghana Music Awards. The song was also used by the Black Stars during their celebrations for scoring goals during the AFCON 2017 tournament.

4. Kofi Kinaata - move

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This tune was released in 2017 and it was also featuring Keeny Ice who originates from the Volta region. The video was directed by Yaw Skyface to give the song a good visual impression and also enable music lovers to have an identity of the artistes. It was shot in Ghana and released on 7th of February for public consumption. This song has a touch of authenticity with the beats being purely African and having a sense of rhythm that is irresistible.

The quality of the video is also outstanding and everybody should make a point of watching the high definition video. This song had people buzzing around for months within Ghana and even other African countries. It even made it in some of the UK hit lists.

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5. Kofi Kinaata - last show

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This song was released shortly after Confession in 2017 which was a success. He decides to make a collaboration with a beat maker from Takoradi by the name Willis Beatz on this particular song. This song, last show, is very rich in beats and is a club banger in Ghana and other African countries. The song was produced by Yaw Skyface and has a Ghanaian setting where Kofi walks in the streets as he interacts with the locals in the neighborhood. This song shows how much of an extrovert Kofi can be and also shows how life in the streets can be.

The dancers in the video make it more tantalizing as they know how to dance to the tune and they are in sync with each other. This song is definitely one to listen to especially when you want to host a party to hype up everyone and bring in some rhythm to the crowd that partakes of it. it is one of Kofi Kinaata hit song.

6. Kofi Kinaata - Susuka

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This song has a mix of hip hop and afro beats and is produced by Kin Dee. It is said to be a beautiful high life tune which was released in late 2015. The director of this video is Xbills Ebenezer,(Xpress Philms) and supported by the High Grade family and is a courtesy of Samini music. Susuka shows the life of a part of Ghana and how they live and make their hustles, how life can be difficult and brings a blend of diversity within a society. There is a sense of originality in the beats and it pronounces a signature of authenticity to show that it is the king of rap from Fante.

In the video, a young man is seen trying to convince a lady not to walk out on him, a man in prison who seems to be frustrated, people having a disagreement during a football game that they are involved in, just to mention but a few. The dancers in the video are deserving of their spots and they sure fire make you want to keep on watching the video till the end. It is recapped with a statement in the end that says, <When you have no problems, you are dead>. It shows us that we need to appreciate our problems and work on them to make ourselves better and to be thankful for life.

7. Kofi Kinaata - single and free

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This song is produced by Willis Beatz; it was released in 2017 towards the end of the year. In this song, he advises people not to cling on to individuals that no longer keep it real with them. The vixens in the video are inviting and stunningly beautiful. Kofi is seen to be attracted to a young lady who has ravishing beauty and he has a banquet of food in frint of him. He however does not pursue her. There is a lady with sweet vocals in the song that makes you want to hear more of the song. The flow of the lyrics in single and free is perfect and it has a pure African touch that cannot be disputed. The video is directed by Snares. You should definitely get your hands on this one.

8. Kofi Kinaata - crusade

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This tune was released in 2017 along with the music video. It is associated with Duncwills entertainment and directed by Yaw Skyface. In this song, Kofi managed to collaborate with Donzy. They are dressed as pastors who go out preaching the word in a rather funny setting and the video is a rib cracker which gives it a plus in terms of viewership. It certainly has a funny tale to tell and is lovable by almost anyone and everyone. The video was produced by Seshi on the beat; I would definitely suggest that you check out this song. It will sure make your day if you are feeling down.

9. Kofi Kinaata - oh azaay

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The finest Fante rapper decided to kill us with this tune, which was produced by Dr. Ray. This video was also produced by Prince Dovlo and was released in 2014, the High Grade family was associated with this video and is a courtesy of Samini music. The video begins with Kofi addressing some prisoners some of who seem like they are displeased with his arrival and presence in the cell.

He tries to preach about good values to them and he is quite adamant about it. The video has vixens who can whine their waists crazy and the beats are definitely African since they are pin point and do qualify as a club banger. The flow within his voice is exquisite and he always has a way of making sure it is he who is singing since his voice is a signature of showing who he is.

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