5 reasons why some Ghanaians may forget the Mezgold saga before December 2019

5 reasons why some Ghanaians may forget the Mezgold saga before December 2019

Without doubt, the saga of Menzgold Ghana Limited has taken the better portion of Ghana’s media space in recent times.

It all started when the Bank of Ghana began to caution Ghanaians about the dangers involved in doing business with the firm, followed by the shutdown of the company in September 2018.

With clients breathing down the necks of Menzgold officials and demanding information on the location of the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Nana Appiah Mensah, it may be safe to conclude the issues the company is dealing with may not fade away soon.

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However, for some reasons, the Menzgold saga may fade away before the year 2019 comes to an end:

1. Perceived 'short' memories:

It is common belief, especially in political circles that the average Ghanaian has a short memory. For that reason, it may not be long before some people shove it down into history, and look forward to the next scandal.

2. No investment; little interest:

Ghanaians with no investments at Menzgold Ghana Limited, will certainly not be as emotional about the current circumstances as those who have made contributions.

It may not take long for those who have nothing there to forget about the scandal.

3. Ultimate punishment will end it:

The arrest and possible imprisonment of Nana Appiah Mensah, CEO of Menzgold, may calm some nerves. It may also 'push' the scandal away, till it becomes something akin to a distant memory.

4. A new scandal will push it away:

It has been proven time and again that new scandals often 'push' old ones into history. It may not take long for Ghanaians, especially, those without investments at Menzgold, to look forward to the next scandal.

5. Some Ghanaians see those who invested there as greedy:

Information available suggests that some, if not all Ghanaians who invested with Menzgold, enjoyed mouth-watering returns. They may be seen by the others as greedy and therefore deserve their present predicament. For that reason, the non-investors may soon forget about the scandal.

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