4 solid ways to have a successful "friends with benefits" relationship

4 solid ways to have a successful "friends with benefits" relationship

All over the world among different societies, relationships between people who find each other attractive come in different formats.

There is the traditional romantic relationship where two people swear their faithfulness between themselves. But there is also a very popular one where mutual attraction never becomes romantic.

When two people are mutually attracted, act on it but never commit to romance and exclusivity, we call that "friends with benefits".

People ask if that sort of arrangement is possible and the answer is yes. The point is to prevent falling in love so how does one have a successful friends with benefits relationship?

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YEN.com.gh outlines four steps to take to have a successful relationship of that kind.

1. Do not sleep over or allow one

It is not that you are preventing the other person from knowing your embarrassing sleeping habits. Rather, you are preventing yourself and the other person from knowing the little things.

The mind, specifically the subconscious, works in such a way that we begin to like people when we pick up on their little mannerisms and attitudes.

2. Do not make serious financial commitments

It is okay to buy lunch and dinner here and there for your friend with benefits. But do not even make that a habit.

The worst you can however do is to make financial investments together. This is because it means you would have to be consistently committed to checking up on the whereabouts of your friend.

3. Do not introduce them to your friends and family

When you introduce your friends with benefits to your other proper friends and family, you would be asked what the two of you "really" are.

The questions your friends and family ask would mean that you would have to give a specific and coherent answer. Avoid the questions and answer to nothing.

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4. Do not have special days

The point of friends with benefits is to just enjoy the physical attraction both of you have for each other. Do not add more than that by looking forward to dates, parties and movie nights.

The two of you should only meet when you can.

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