4 reasons why we think beautiful women are not hardworking and intelligent
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4 reasons why we think beautiful women are not hardworking and intelligent

In a man's world where social determinants are put in place by men, women are judged by what men want to see and thus, women considered beautiful tend to have more relevance over those who may not be beautiful but it is not all rosy.

Beautiful women enjoy certain privileges women who are not considered beautiful may never enjoy. Indeed such an arrangement is not only a Ghanaian phenomenon but a global one.

It has been noted that even among feminists, women who are generally considered beautiful in a given community, are not as fierce and radical as those who may not be considered beautiful. This may not be factual but it is informative.

We believe that beautiful women have had it quite soft on the road to wherever they are going. It is therefore difficult to credit them with intelligence and hard work.

These are some reasons why we generally believe beautiful women are not hardworking and/or intelligent.

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1. We rate women based on their looks

This is the reality of the present human society. A woman's looks would get her through the door faster than her show of intelligence, and this is unfair.

So if intelligence is not what you are looking for in a woman, you may not find it. However, a woman you consider not beautiful will be made to exhibit other qualities that may yet boost her credit.

2. We pamper those we find beautiful

This particular point is not necessarily about women but humanity. Studies have shown that we are more likely to trust and give opportunities to people we find pleasant-looking.

If you consider all the passes we give beautiful women, it is not hard to see why we do not see them “working”. We do not see them toiling because of what we have done.

3. There is a beauty market

Beauty markets exists for both men and women. People spend monies to look beautiful and to acquire beautiful people.

Why do you think you usually expect rich men to have beautiful wives? Women's beauty, more than men's, is something like a commodity that people with money are paying heavily for.

There is no serious market for women's hard work and intelligence and if there is, you cannot compare it to the beauty market.

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4. We think women exist to give pleasure to men

This may be an unpopular point but it is no less true. Most men and even some women, think that the only reason they exist is to give pleasure and happiness to men.

If you grow up believing you are only fulfilled when men like you, are you going to develop qualities like hard work and intelligence that would challenge men?

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