Why do you love me? 20 best answers

Why do you love me? 20 best answers

Being in love is such a beautiful thing. Being assured that your partner feels the same way about you is one of the ways that cements a relationship. It is, therefore, prudent for one to reassure their partner that they love them. That is one way of settling all the worries and insecurities that could arise in a relationship or any form of union. One of the ways of doing so is by popping the question, "why do you love me?".

Why do you love me?: 20 best answers
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Most of the times, situations may arise and cause instances that may make your partner question the position that they play in your life. Such situations may affect the confidence that your lover has for you. In extreme cases, they may end up popping the "why do you love me" question. Giving the best why do you love me answers may restore the faith they have in you. It may also redeem the reassurance that they have towards your love for them. How about checking out the different ways that you could respond to the question.

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"Why do you love me?" answers for her

Why do you love me?: 20 best answers
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Ladies, in most cases, are prone to feeling insecure and may seem to lose confidence in themselves. Such situations may cause them to become too sensitive and tend to display clingy characters. In such cases, they are bound to ask you why you love them. As a guy, it is wise for you to have the right answers for this question as it may turn the situation around. These are some of the ways that you could approach the question in case your girlfriend asks, "What makes you love me."

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  • I love you because that is what I am good at. I love you because nature brought you to me when I had nothing and none to turn to. You have since then proved to be the cure to my heartache and every moment that I spend with you, I keep on getting better.
  • I love you because that is the only choice that I have in this puzzle called life. My heart longs for you and every breath that I take is because of you. It is a feeling that I cannot control let alone stop.
  • I love you because, just as the sun, the moon and the stars light up the world, you are my shine. You light up my world. Even in my darkest moments, I still find a reason and hope in you. The assurance that someone loves me is enough to keep me forging on.
  • I love you because, with you, I had the confidence and wit to share the parts of me that I have never shared with anyone, let alone share with myself.
  • I love because you found me in a chaotic and messy situation but saw it fit to offer a safe place full of peace and joy. In you, I found a serene place that helped me reconstruct and fix myself.
  • I love you because you found me in a situation where my heart wanted another heart to listen to and you turned out to be that person. You have never hesitated to listen to me, even when I sounded nagging and petty.

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Why do you love me best answers for him

If you are in search of some of the 'why do you love me best answers,' you could try out any of these:

  • In you, I planted the roots of care and comfort, so every time I feel crushed and lost, your heart will always be the voice of reason to live. It is also a reminder that someone loves me and has me at heart.
  • I love you because you trust me and the decisions that I make, even when you do not agree with them. That helps me grow confidence in everything that I do.
  • You always understand me in whichever situation. In instances where you do not understand me, you are not afraid to seek clarity about anything.
  • You have relentlessly supported my goals. You always want the best for me. You have been the voice of reason and made sure that I fix my eyes on the prize and achieve my goals. I owe my success to you.

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Saying any of these 'why do you love me' quotes might be the one thing that might rekindle the flame of your relationship. You do not always have to wait for awkward situations to say them. For a healthy relationship, you could randomly say something like this.

"Why do you love me?" answers for him

Why do you love me?: 20 best answers
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In case your man asks you why you love him, these are the answers that you could provide to him. These answers could also serve as a response if he asks you, "How much do you love me?"

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  • I love you because you are my happy place. In your arms, I find comfort and listening to your heartbeat is a reassurance that your heart beats for us.
  • Because you bring out the best in me. In my worst doubtful moments, you remind me of the masterpiece that I am. In my darkest and most horrible moments, you cheer me on and when I win, you clap the loudest for us!
  • Because you have helped me discover a part of me that I never knew existed. You have taken me for who I am and walked me through the journey of fixing my flaws without judging me. You have also helped me build confidence in taking risks in this story called life.
  • I love you because you have always brought out the best in me. Even for situations where I looked like I had lost it all, you gave me a reason to keep on breathing and trusting the process.
  • I love you because you love me, even in instances where I am a horrible person, you have always opened your arms for me. You have reassured me that I will always have a home in you.
  • You make an effort to get to know my friends and family because you are aware of the things and the people that matter to me.
  • You are too kind to people, even to the ones that you barely know. That has challenged me to become a better person.
  • You are very instrumental when it comes to helping me make important decisions. You always listen to my opinion and talk me through. My success and achievements are greatly attributed to you.
  • Your being part of my life has made my journey so incredible. Every moment, every memory that we have created means the world to me. If I were asked to choose again, I would choose to go through life with you.
  • You have never allowed distance to come in between us. Even when we are physically apart, your heart is always with me and mine with you. We are inseparable.

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In case your relationship gets into a shaky situation and you wish to rejuvenate the energy, you can always pop the question, 'why do you love me?' When the question is popped, choosing your why do you love me best answer from this list will go a long way.

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