Long distance relationship quotes, memes and messages

Long distance relationship quotes, memes and messages

Long distance relationships are usually not easy. Most couples usually end up having such relationships due to reasons like transfer of place of work, transfer of school, meeting online, traveling for business, and many other reasons. Most people have a negative notion towards long distance relationships. Do long distance relationships really last? If you are in a long distance relationship, how can you make it last? How do you keep such a relationship strong? This article contains quotes, memes, and messages that you could send to your partner who is far away from you. Also included is how to keep your long distance relationship alive.

Long distance relationship quotes, memes and messages
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Long distance relationships are not the easiest of relationships. This is usually due to the fact that you are not able to see the person you love as many times as you would want. This usually creates emotions like loneliness, mistrust and the like. This, however, does not mean that all long distance relationships are doomed. There are long distance relationships that actually work. How do the ones that work, actually work?

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Long distance relationship quotes for him

When you are far away from your man, you need to remind him of the love you have for him. I know men do not usually show their sensitive side but they also like to be smothered with love. Below are cute texts messages for your husband, fiance’ or boyfriend to keep him going when he is away from you.

  • As the clock ticks, I remember that it’s just time passing until I get to spend it with you.
  • We will be forever together and never really apart. Though you’re far away, you’re right here in my heart.
  • The smell of you, the expression on your face, the touch of your hand…it’s all right here in my mind every day.
  • Since the first day that we met, I knew you were the right partner for me. I miss looking into your sexy eyes when we’re alone together. Your absence is killing me softly.
  • I’m here, you’re there. But my heart and spirit are with you today and every day.
  • Tasks each day seem mundane compared to the existence of my love so far away.
  • I miss the piece of my heart that you took with you. Will you bring it back soon?
  • I can’t even put into words how much you mean to me and each day I hope that I will open the door to your face.
  • It is only for you that I will go through the heartache. I can bear the distance but can’t imagine my life without you.
  • Distance is just a test to see how true a couple's love is—and ours is as true as it gets. You’re the light of my life, and you’re forever in my heart. My love for you will never change.
  • I've been dreaming a lot about you lately...It's probably because you've been dreaming about me too. Hoping for more sweet dreams tonight. Goodnight, baby!
  • You’re absolutely amazing—the most wonderful person I have ever met. You always make sure that I’m smiling and having fun, and on those days that I just can't smile, you make me feel loved and supported. Right now, I’m missing your hugs and kisses. Can't wait to see you again, babe!

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  • I love everything about you: your sexy eyes, your sweet voice, and your warm touch. I’ve been missing all these things deeply since the day you left, and the thought of them makes me ache for the day you return. I miss you so much! But not as much as I love you!
  • The miles between us don't matter, because I know that you truly love me. And no matter how far apart we may be, nothing is going to change my love for you. Despite the fact that it hurts terribly not to have you around me, I find it easy to focus on how much I love you and how strong our bond is.
  • Deep inside my heart, I know you are mine. No matter how far apart we are, I know that you will surely return to me. You are the only one I want. I can't wait to be reunited with you. Until then, know how much I love you!
  • Every second of every day that you’re away, I know will all be worth it someday
  • There's no doubt that distance can be hard on a relationship, but I want to reassure you that distance can never weaken my love for you. You’re forever in my heart!
  • They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I think you can say the same about distance. Each day we spend apart only makes me more excited to be reunited with you. In the meantime, know that you're in my thoughts (and my heart) every day!
  • You mean the world to me, and it's a small wonder why; you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me! The day I met you was the luckiest day of my life, and I've cherished every day we've spent together since. I love you!
  • Despite being a thousand miles apart, our love has been growing stronger and stronger. I’ll never forget you because you’re always in my heart, and my heart can't seem to let you go. I love you very much!
  • I always hear people saying long distance relationships don't work, and it makes me happy to know we're proving them wrong. No matter how far apart we may be, my feelings for you won't change. You’re my heart's desire. I love you, honey.
  • Despite the long distance between us, I love you more and more every day. Each time you are away, my love for you grows because I am reminded just how much better you make my life and how happy I am when you are here. So come back soon!
  • I was looking for happiness. Then I met you, and you gave me that happiness. I can’t imagine life without you. Come back soon.
  • Being with you is like having a wish come true. Living with you by my side is another wish that I'd like to have come true. Please come back soon, baby.

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  • You are the most caring person I've ever met, and you have made my life better in more ways than I could ever count. I couldn’t imagine my life without you around (and I would never want to!). I miss you so much!
  • Nobody can ever take your place in my heart; you’re the only one who makes me happy. You are all I need in my life. I’m anxiously waiting for you to come back.
  • I love it when you call me and want me to feel included in your adventures and life. I'm really looking forward to the day that I get to experience those adventures with you in person! I love you, babe.
  • I appreciate all the good things you’re doing for me. You make me feel beautiful, needed, and cared about, even from thousands of miles away. I wish I could be there to hold you. I love you so much!
  • I’m happy to see that our relationship is standing the test of time. Thanks for loving me wholeheartedly despite the distance between us. You are my heart's desire!
  • You make me so happy, love. I am anxious to see my source of joy returned to me soon. Come back to me safe and sound. I love you so much!
  • I don’t know how much longer I can live without you. I want to be by your side all the time! I’m missing your tender touch right now.

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  • I have missed your smile, that twinkle in your eyes, and your gentle kisses. I need you next to me right now. Sweetheart, I’m really missing you. Come home to me soon!
  • Hi, love. When I look deep in my heart, it's easy to see the profound love that I have for you. The only problem now is that you’re too far from me. I need your warm touch once again. Please come back soon!
  • I wish that you were here. I know that you love me just as much as I love you, but that doesn't make being far apart from you any easier. After all, you are the reason for my joy and happiness. I love you so much!
  • Sometimes it's hard to understand why we're doing this long distance thing, but then I get to see you. Whenever I'm around you, I can't help but be elated. You add so much joy and positivity to my life. I'm looking forward to the day that the distance between us is a few paces instead of many, many miles.
  • I wish that you were here to hold me in your arms all night. Your love is the only thing that keeps me going.
  • When I’m in your arms, I feel so safe, and it makes me think I’m the luckiest person in the world because I have such an amazing partner. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I can't wait to see you again!
  • Facetime and Skype are great, but there's just no replacement for seeing that handsome face of yours in person. I long for the day that you come back and I get to hold you in my arms again. I love you!
  • Though pictures are a way for us to look back and see where we’ve been and what we have done, I’m tired of looking at your pictures. I want to see you, the real you, in the flesh! Please come back soon, and let me feel your gentle touch.

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Long distance relationship messages for her

They say for people that love each other, no distance is too long for them. Ladies are usually very emotional in a good way and words usually work wonders for them. Even when your lady is far from you, you need to make her feel special and loved. Highlighted are sweet text messages for her to make her feel loved even when she is far away.

  • Sometimes I don’t know if you miss me or forget me but each day, I tell myself that love will bring us together again
  • When I look at the moon, it makes me smile because I know you’re out there underneath the same one.
  • I long for the day when I can be beside you and know that this is the time apart spent is over and has been worth it.
  • Loving you this much is almost cruelty but the suffering is worth knowing I’ll be beside you soon.
  • Even though you seem worlds away, I know that under the same sky, you’re with me today.
  • Sometimes I cry and others I chuckle. You’re the one that makes me smile and the distance between us brings the sadness.
  • Your absence has made my heart grow fonder but it sure has made the rest of me lonely.
  • Even though you’re so far away, I fall in love with you more and more each day.
  • When the wind blows, listen for my whisper telling you I love you!
  • Thinking of time we have spent together are what keeps me going each day because I know we will return and it will be so much better in each and every way.
  • As honest as I am when I say I love you, know with the same truth, I’m coming back to you.
  • Taking each day, a minute at a time, I count the seconds until you’re back in my arms.
  • You are what gives me the desire to breathe each day and every time I think of you, that breath seems to be taken away.
  • You are my reason for being and the only one who I long to see again soon.
  • If love alone could bring us together, I’d be right next to you forever.
  • When the sun shines, it reminds me of the glow of your face when we are together. You will be radiant again soon, my love.
  • Technology may help us stay in contact but love is what really will keep us in touch.
  • I long for you every single day to walk through that door and tell me this time apart is through.
  • You are my beautiful angel and when the rain falls, I know the other angels are crying for us to be together again soon.

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  • Everything about you is so delicate and precious and across the miles, I handle your heart with care.
  • When I miss you, I put my hand on my heart and I feel you there.
  • The distance apart is just a little time spent alone in exchange to spend more time with you, the one I love.
  • I knew a good thing when I saw it and I expect to see it again soon.
  • The joy of meeting again is what keeps me dealing with the pain of being apart.
  • We are apart but as long as we’re under the same sun, moon, and sky, I’m reminded we are truly together.
  • When I start to miss you, I realize how lucky I am to have someone so amazing to miss.
  • The time spent apart will only make our next kiss that much sweeter.
  • Though I only have pieces of you here with me, I know it won’t be long until I have all of you beside me.
  • Distance apart brings me sadness. Then I remember there is someone else out there experiencing the same thing. You!
  • If only I could fly, I would use my wings to be right beside you at the start of every day.
  • If only I could count the amount of air between us, that’s the same amount of breaths you’ve taken away.
  • When the night is still, it is the silence that brings me closest to you.
  • The silence of the night brings me to tears and I silently wish you were here.
  • The past is what brought us together. The present keeps us apart. The future holds you close to me, right next to my heart.

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  • I keep telling myself that the time spent apart is minimal when I consider we’ll be together forever soon.
  • In my heart, there is an emptiness only you can fill. You will fill it again soon.
  • Soon, we will be together but soon isn’t soon enough.
  • They say that being alone and being lonely are two different things but I can’t find the difference. Without you, I feel lonely and alone at the same time.
  • Today, I just really wish that you were here. Good night my dearest and I hope to see you in my dreams…
  • I miss you for all the things we’ve done together and for all the memories we are about to make.
  • Love is composed of mixed emotions. True love is validated through actions. There is so much love to show and it will take a lifetime to show it all. I just hope you will agree to spend the rest of your life with me.
  • I may not always have the right words to say but remember that I have the right heart and it’s just here to stay.
  • The sky is empty as it rains and without you, my soul is empty and it pains.
  • I can’t wait for that time when we can finally be together and all we have to do is to share the love that has kept us together when we were apart.
  • I miss everything about you – the way you smile, the way you brush your hair on your face, the way you look at me, the way you say you love me. Please come home…
  • Missing you so much and seeing you in my prayers.
  • I never knew what I’m missing until you were miles away. I wish I could be with you tonight.
  • I don’t miss you that much for I know in my heart that you are here to stay and not even distance can keep us apart.
  • Time passes by so quickly and my heart skips a beat every time I’m reminded that we are one day closer to being together. I can’t wait to be with you…
  • Oh, how sad it feels to be so alone without you.
  • I must have done something right in my life to have been given someone as wonderful as you.
  • Yes, I’m the hopeless romantic type of guy, hopelessly wishing for my dream love to come true. I can’t wait to be with you.

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  • When I close my eyes and I think of you, I miss all the memories we cherish together.
  • If there’s one place I want to stay, that would only be in your thoughts.
  • I can’t wait for the day when I can finally say that in my heart, your love will forever stay.
  • When I stand alone, I want it to be with you. And I won’t care if we stand even in the middle of nowhere.
  • I will wait just right here no matter how long it takes.

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Long distance relationship poems

Poems are usually very romantic. Most couples lose their spark because of not initiating such things as poems in their relationships. A well-written poem can work wonders in a relationship. When you are in a long distance relationship, most of the times communication is usually through the phone, which is actually very good. However, once in a while, you need to go old school and surprise her. Write her a handwritten poem and send it to her or have it delivered it to her. This will spice up your love life. Below are some nice poems you can send to the person you love to remind them that even though they might be far away, your heart still beats for them.

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Love This Man by Kirstie Dorgan

I love this man who is away from me

and I think I've ruined us with my jealousy

it's not the way I want it to be

I am my own worst enemy

I love this man who is not around

to pick me up when I am down

to shut me up when I say too much

he's just not here for me to touch

I love this man more than anyone ever

and it scares me as we've not long been together

I know that we both have a past

and I know that I have to get over that fast

I love this guy and I want us to last as I know that we both will have a real blast!

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So I love this guy who is not here

and the love that I feel is very rare

and even though he is not near

my love is with him everywhere. songs


The miles are long and far and wide,

But my love for you will never subside.

My heart will continue strong and true,

Steadfast in my love for you.

You never need to fret or fear;

My only love is for you my dear.

It hurts to be so far from you,

But a love like ours will make it through.

Keep holding on a little longer;

Our love will keep on growing stronger.

Three Little Words by Chevonne

If I say the words I miss you...

Does it just become a meaningless phrase?

or does it have sentimental values that last for more than just a few days?

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Do your knees go weak when the words have been said,

the goosebumps, the chills, none you regret

Who could imagine that 3 little words

Could have such an effect and make you feel like love birds

Well I will admit and I will agree

That the words "I miss you" means a whole lot to me

And right now I want everybody to know

I miss my sweetie, and I'm never letting go...

Dreams of Distant Lovers

on phone in bed

I live for the moment my dreams begin

Because that's when I dream of you.

The day means nothing without you beside me

But when night falls, I'll dream your love anew.

Until I can finally have you in my arms

My dreams will have to see me through.

I'll be with you for hours in my dreams

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Until the fall of the morning dew.

When we're finally together again

That's the moment my dreams come true.

Piece of You

When said you had to go,

I knew I'd never make it through

Unless I had a piece of you

To help me make it through the day

And help me keep the tears at bay.

So I keep a bit of you

Inside my heart through all I do

So when I end up feeling blue,

It's there to brighten up my mood.

A bit of your laughter, your smile, too,

It's there inside my heart so true.

I keep it close and hold it tight

Because you're my sweetest

love and light.

I Miss You Poem

There are a thousand things

that I love about you.

When I'm with you

I want to take in every moment

And when we're apart

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Every moment

feels like forever.

So when missing you

almost becomes too much

And the distance seems

almost too hard to bear

When my longing for you

Threatens to drive me mad

You help me make it through.

I take comfort in thinking of your smile

like a ray of sunlight bursting through the dark clouds.

I take comfort in thinking of your laughter

Which is more beautiful than a thousand songs.

I take comfort in thinking of your arms around me

A blanket of the sweetest solace in the world.

I take comfort in thinking of your love

That brings light to my soul

and joy to my heart.

My only wish

Aside from being in your arms

Is that you take comfort, too,

In thinking of my love for you.

When I See You Again by Sterling Seitz

When I see you again, it will be like seeing the most beautiful sunrise and the brightest star on the clearest night.

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When I see you again, my heart will be filled with love as It was the day you left, never missing a beat growing stronger every passing day.

When I see you again, time will have seemed to stop, thinking only of the future and what it holds.

When I see you again, it can't come soon enough for it seems like forever.

When I see you again, I will spend the rest of my life making you happier than you've ever been, so I never have to not see you again!

You by Jessica Phelps

There’s something in your voice that makes it all alright,

Something in your smile that gets me through the night.

A comfort in your grin that helps my day pass by.

A twinkle in your eyes that lights my darkened sky.

Your posture says “don’t worry” and your laugh, it says “I care”.

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That kiss you blow when we say goodbye that says “I’m always there”.

It’s all these things about you I couldn‘t live without.

It’s you that makes me happy, it’s you without a doubt.

Long distance relationship songs

Everyone loves music. There is music for almost every situation, even long distance relationships. I am sure everyone would smile when told, "I heard this song and I thought of you". That is just plain sweet. Below are a couple of songs that you and your special person can listen to as you deal with the long distance between the two of you.

1. "Love Me Now" by John Legend

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2. All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran

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3. When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne

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4. Home by Ella Eyre

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5. Already Home by A Great Big World

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6. See You Soon by Coldplay

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7. Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles

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8. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's

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9. Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye

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10. A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

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11. Thinking About You by Frank Ocean

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12. Long Distance by Brandy

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Long distance relationship Bible verses

The Bible was written as a guideline through life. Love is part of life. Love is the greatest commandment in the Bible. So, what does the Bible have to say about long distance relationships? Below are some verses from the Bible that encourage love and chase away all forms of doubt. Remember, a couple that prays together stays together.

  • Genesis 31:49

And Mizpah, for he said, “The Lord watch between you and me when we are out of one another's sight.

  • 1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.

  • Song of Solomon 3:1-11

On my bed by night I sought him whom my soul loves; I sought him, but found him not. I will rise now and go about the city, in the streets and in the squares; I will seek him whom my soul loves. I sought him, but found him not. The watchmen found me as they went about in the city. “Have you seen him whom my soul loves?” Scarcely had I passed them when I found him whom my soul loves. I held him, and would not let him go until I had brought him into my mother's house, and into the chamber of her who conceived me. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or the does of the field, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases. ...

  • Song of Solomon 2:1-17

I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. As a lily among brambles, so is my love among the young women. As an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men. With great delight, I sat in his shadow, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love. Sustain me with raisins; refresh me with apples, for I am sick with love. …

Long distance relationship memes

We live in a generation of memes. There are memes for almost everything in this world. Showcased below are some long distance relationship memes.

long distance relationship memes
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Here is another funny one:

long distance relationship memes
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Source: UGC

When the Wi-Fi will not let you chat in peace:

long distance relationship memes
SOURCE: hahahumor.com
Source: UGC

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The bitter truth:

How do you keep a long distance relationship strong?

Long distance relationships are not easy and that is something that we all agree on. That, however, does not mean that they are impossible. What should you do to make long distance relationships last?

1. Communicate regularly

Communication is key to keeping a long distance relationship going. I know both of you are busy, maybe with school or work. This should not be an excuse as you cannot be studying or working all the time. Make a schedule when both of just stop all that you are doing and make a phone call, send a text message or even a video call.

2. Get into details

I know this might seem irrelevant but trust me, it works. When the two of you are talking, tell your partner about even the minor things. Tell them what you ate for breakfast, tell them who you bumped into on your way to work, tell them the interesting conversation you had with your colleague. This creates a bond and trust between the two of you.

3. Make use of technology

In this time and era, technology is everywhere and this is highly beneficial for people who are in long distance relationships. First of all, use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show that you are together with the person so that people do not go on assuming that you are single and try to go after you. Tag your partner on posts you want him or her to see, post pictures with them e.t.c. You can also use applications like Skype to video call them and the likes.

4. Visit them regularly

I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and that the more you are away from the people you love, the more you love them. This may be true but also remember, out of sight out of mind. Even though the two of you are far away, both of you should make plans to see each other. Surprise your partner and visit her or him at their home, set dates where you can meet, even in a motel, and just spend the time together.

5. Plan to do the same thing at the same time

Just because the two of you are no longer together does not mean that you need to stop doing the same things. Schedule to cook the same meal on a particular day, watch the same movie and discuss it through the phone as if the two of you are together and the likes. This helps to keep the bond that was there before.

6. Learn new things together

Enroll for cooking classes, or gym, or even music classes together even though the two of you are far apart. This helps you to have something to do on those free days. This also helps keep you out of making mistakes for an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

7. Be honest

I do not think there is a way I can stress how much honesty is important in a relationship. Be honest with your partner in all ways. Do not, by any chance, cheat on your partner, that never makes things better. Tell your partner about that man that has been trying to hit on you, tell your partner about how the Christmas office party was. This creates trust between the two of you.

I hope this article has been able to highlight all there is to know about long distance relationships. The article is very comprehensive as we at team YEN.com.gh know that long distance relationships are not the easiest of relationships and they require a lot of work. The lovely quotes for him and her, the poems, and the songs should work magic in your long distance relationship. Do not forget to tell us your views about what you think about the article. Did you enjoy reading it? Might you want more content on the same? See you in the comments section.

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