150+ names that mean innocent and pure heart for boys and girls

150+ names that mean innocent and pure heart for boys and girls

It is indisputable that kids are born pure and innocent. They need to be loved and cared for as they grow and develop. Many parents want names that mean innocent for their little boys and girls because names affect the adoption of behaviours and mannerisms.

names that mean innocent
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A name is one of the most important things in life because it gives a human being identity. Today, parents are more conscious of the names they give to their children. There are numerous male and female names that mean innocent in different languages to choose from for new parents.

Names that mean innocent boy or girl

When it comes to naming your little bundle of joy, you will face numerous options that can make the process overwhelming. Below is a collection of male and female names that mean pure or innocent for your consideration.

What boy's name means innocent?

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Check out this collection of boy names that mean innocent.

Names starting with the letters A to L

To be pure means to be honest and truthful throughout, from the core to the surface. If this is what you desire for your little prince, consider these names starting with the letters A to L.

  • Abrin: English for pure
  • Acacius: Greek for innocent
  • Aden: Hebrew for pure
  • Adem: Greek for virtuous and pure
  • Akaki: Pure in Georgian
  • Akakios: Greek for innocent or not evil
  • Alban: Latin for White or man from Alba
  • Anagh: Sanskrit for pure and flawless
  • Anindya: Indian for innocent
  • Arjun: White, bright, or shinning
  • Badram: Blameless and child-like
  • Bai: Chinese for white
  • Balaksha: Faultless and guilt-free
  • Barii: Pure
  • Bari: To select, spear or innocent
  • Beale: Pure
  • Beau: French for pure
  • Bhikhu: Naive, guiltless, or blameless
  • Bhola: Polite, kind, and naive
  • Bravecci: Inspirational, congenial, smart and innocent person
  • Calin: Pure, holy water and powerful warrior
  • Casta: Spanish for pure
  • Candido: Latin for pure or white
  • Cleanth: Green for clean
  • Dijul: Guileless and sinless
  • Dupinderjit: Silent and compassionate
  • Durayd: An innocent and loving personality
  • Dwight: German/ Dutch for white
  • Finn: Irish for white
  • Gower: Welsh for purity
  • Halis: Turkish for pure
  • Hansroop: Indian for pure
  • Ince: Hungarian for innocent
  • Ismet: Saved from sin
  • Jamal: Arabic for pure beauty
  • Junpei: Genuine and pure in Japanese
  • Kailene: Arabic for pure
  • Kavanaugh: Born innocent in Irish
  • Kenyon: English for white
  • Kit: Bearing Christ
  • Kunna: Indian for pure
  • Laloo: Child-like and naive
  • Leen: A pure person

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Is there a name that means innocent?
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Names starting with the letters M to Z

A pure person desires a clean life that is free from corruption and compromise. Here is a collection of letters starting with the letters M to Z.

  • Masoom: An innocent and dependable individual
  • Mayan: Pure one and one of many names of Lord Shiva
  • Memphis: Latin for innocent enduring
  • Meyyarasan: Pure
  • Misam: An innocent and cute person
  • Naguib: Blameless
  • Najy: Harmless, benign, or nonviolent
  • Nanku: Harmless
  • Nazih: Arabic for chaste
  • Neo: Tswana for new and unadulterated
  • Niramay: The one who is faultless
  • Nouvel: French for new and unadulterated
  • Paak: Pure, young, simple and ignorant
  • Paavan: Sacred, holy, or divine
  • Pappu: An innocent and sweet-natured person
  • Paramarath: A holy and sacred person
  • Paramnirmal: Ultimately flawless
  • Pumeet: Sinless and faultless
  • Punidhan: Blessed and pure
  • Punith: Sinless, pure, holy and clean
  • Rael: Innocent as a lamb
  • Riju: Sinless
  • Sachin: Sanskrit for pure
  • Sein: He who is innocent
  • Shaarav: Pure
  • Similini: An innocent and lonely person
  • Taher: Morally uncontaminated
  • Usain: Arabic for pure
  • Visothirith: Heavenly and pure
  • Xavier: New, white, or bright
  • Wyclef: Dweller at the white cliff
  • Yannick: French for good-hearted
  • Zaccai: Just or Fair
  • Zacchaeus: Free from blemishes
  • Zakai: Latin for innocent
  • Zayn: Graceful and innocent in Arabic

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What girl's name means innocent?

If you are looking for an amazing name that means honest, innocent, or pure for your little princess, check out the list below.

girl names that mean innocent
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Names starting with the letters A to J

Pure people have concern for the truth, which leads them to demonstrate their integrity with honesty and transparency. Below are amazing girl names that mean innocent.

  • Aahila: Tamil for innocent and calm like a cow
  • Agnes: Pure or virginal
  • Amber: Arabic, French, And Old English name means a pure person
  • Amena: Arabic for utterly honest
  • Amisha: Slavic for pure
  • Aneesha: Indian for pure
  • Avivit: Hebrew for an innocent person
  • Azra: A pure woman in Arabic
  • Alba: White
  • Aviva: Spring or renewal
  • Bareea: Arabic for an innocent person
  • Batul: A pure woman
  • Beruriah: Clean in Hebrew
  • Bianca: Italian for white
  • Bronwen: Welsh for white
  • Blanche: White
  • Caitriona: Gaelic for white
  • Caitlyn: Pure
  • Caryn: Danish for Pure
  • Catalina: Spanish for pure
  • Candace: White in Latin
  • Cate/ Catelin: A pure girl
  • Cathleen/ Cathrine: Pure and innocent
  • Catina: Greek for innocence
  • Catja: Pure in Greek
  • Cristal: A pure-hearted person
  • Cayley: Irish for innocence
  • Concetta: Italian for pure conception
  • Cynwise: English for an innocent, well-spoken person
  • Darlina: Sweet, innocent child
  • Deonisia: Latin for an innocent and charming being
  • Ekaterine: Turkish for innocent
  • Emagine: Persian for pure
  • Ecaterina: Innocent and pure being
  • Guinevere: Welsh for white wave
  • Gurit: Hebrew for an innocent child
  • Gwendoline: Welsh for white
  • Ifeta: Bosnian for purity
  • Immy: Celtic for purity
  • Ines/ Inesa: Greek for kind and innocent
  • Ismeta: Arabic and Bosnian for saved from sin
  • Jacinta: One who is gentle and pure
  • Jennifer: Cornish for white wave
  • Joane: Lively and innocent in Hebrew
  • Juna: Japanese for innocent
  • Junko: Japanese for purity

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names that mean innocent girl
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Names starting with the letters K to Z

Purity and innocence promote caution, discernment, and good choices while preventing corruption in thought, word, and deed. Check out these names that mean pure or innocent for your little girl.

  • Karen: Danish for purity
  • Karul: Indian for pure
  • Kyomi: Beautiful and pure in Japanese
  • Lahela: Hawaiian for innocent lamb
  • Leuilda: Latin for innocence
  • Liliana: Pure and innocent in Greek, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Lucasta: Pure light
  • Maasma: Arabic for honourable and pure
  • Maggie: Pure as water
  • Mariatu: Purity (African origin)
  • Masoumah: Arabic for the innocent one
  • Miranda: Admirable and pure
  • Mubera: Bosnian for respected and pure
  • Neer: Sanskrit for pure as clean water
  • Nihinsa: Sinhala for one who is innocent
  • Nikolette: Greek for innocence
  • Nova: New and unadulterated in Latin
  • Orlena: Blameless and trouble-free
  • Paksima: Afghan for innocent face
  • Panha: Cambodian for sage-like, innocent, and important
  • Rachel/ Rachyl: German for an innocent lamb
  • Raquel/ Raquel: Innocent in Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Safa: Purity in Arabic
  • Safiyyah: Pure and innocent in Arabic
  • Seina: Japanese/ Latin for purity
  • Tahira: Pure chaste in Sanskrit
  • Tahjeira: Innocent or inexperienced in Arabic
  • Tanishi: Sanskrit for pure or goddess
  • Terrain: Innocence in Greek
  • Trine: An innocent and cute person in Greek
  • Trinette: Innocent child in French
  • Zohura: Beautiful, Innocent and caring

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Is there a name that means innocent?

There are numerous names that mean innocence. They are Anindya, Calin, Dijul, Kenyon, Kunna, Leen, Paak, Pappu, Zayn and Zakai.

What Greek name means innocence?

Terrain, Acacius, Adem, Akakios, Catina, Catja, Ines, Liliana, Nikolette, and Trine are among the names that mean innocence in Greek.

What Biblical name means innocent?

Zacchaeus is a Biblical name that means free from blemishes.

What name means pure?

You can choose pure names for boys and girls from numerous cultures and origins, both current and distinctive. Some of the names that pure are Abriz, Aeni, Nakia, Visoth, Omna and Vimala.

Is Innocent an African name?

Innocent is an English name. Different African communities or ethnic groups have names that mean innocent in their native languages.

There are many names that mean innocent for new parents to choose from. It is an excellent idea to do proper research when looking for names to find a great one. Find the perfect one from the collection above.

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Names that mean innocent
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Yen.com.gh recently published beautiful Kuwait names for boys and girls and their meanings. Kuwait is a country in Western Asia situated on the northern edge of Eastern Arabia.

Like other countries, Kuwait also has popular names that are commonly used. A person's identity is heavily influenced by their name. The most important thing any parent can do for their child is to choose a good and unique name.

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