Achimota School prospectus, houses, fees, courses, contact

Achimota School prospectus, houses, fees, courses, contact

Studying in an institution that famous people have attended is a great thing. Achimota School is such an institution. Several Ghanaian’s prominent personalities attained their education here. It is popularly known as Motown, and initially, it was referred to as Prince of Wales College and School.

achimota school prospectus
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Achimota School is located in Achimota in Accra, Ghana. It is famous for educating a number of Ghanaian presidents. The institution has between 51 and 200 employees. Moreover, it sets a record as the first mixed-gender institution to be established in Ghana.

Essential facts about the institution

Here are the lesser-known facts about the school you would love to know.

History of Achimota School

When was Achimota school established is a common question. Well, the college was founded in 1924 by Rev Alexander Garden Fraser, DR, James Emman Kwegyir Aggey, and Sir Gordon Guggisberg. At the time, Ghana was being referred to as Gold Coast. It started by providing basic education that was based on British curriculum education.

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The institution was formally opened on 28th January 1927. On opening day, it had 120 students. The government provided funding for its operation. Moreover, it was set up as an interdenominational institution. Therefore, students would practice distinct Christian religions. The religious service attendance was optional.

Later, it was divided into three separate institutions. They include Achimota Teachers Training College, Achimota School, and University College of Gold Coast.

The institution today

history of achimota school
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It has primary, junior, and senior secondary. The senior secondary was earlier known as Prince of Wales secondary. Later, it changed the name to Achimota College. It is still a non-denominational institution but admits people from all religious backgrounds.

Despite expansions, it is still located on its original ground. Moreover, it provides a learning opportunity for both boys and girls. It has a number of hymns and songs that have been sung generations. Achimota school anthem is one of them. Students learn it while studying, and when students leave, they can still recall it years after.

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Programs at Achimota School

Achimota School courses deal with Ghanaian culture aspects, intellectual and academic development. Most of the classes are based on character training and practical skills. Academics are conducted on a three-year calendar.

Moreover, the institution has a math and science department that deals with mathematics and science subjects. It also has the following departments:

  • Language
  • Humanity
  • Art
  • Music
  • Home science

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Achimota school fees

It is a public institution that demands parents to pay voluntary fees. Moreover, the Ghanaian learners are provided with tuition-free education by the government. Years ago, the institution was accused of charging a fee amount more than the one directed by the government. Parents allegedly held a demonstration on the same.

Achimota school headmistress Mrs. Charlotte Brew Graves explained that, the charged fee was to maintain the education standards by buying necessary inputs. She further clarified that it was not compulsory for all parents to pay for extra activities like agriculture and science practical.

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To get the current fee structure, you can look up online for Achimota School prospectus. If you want a specific prospectus, you can look for the institution prospectus alongside the year you are enquiring. For instance, Achimota School Prospectus 2018.

Achimota School buildings

The institution has beautiful structures; with some of them built during the colonial period. Among them are the seventeen boarding houses. The houses bear sentimental history since they were constructed when the country was being referred to as Gold coast. The following are some of the Achimota School houses and their meaning.

Cadbury House

It is a boys house that was named after Cadbury Company that has been the institution’s beneficially for a while.

Guggisberg House

It has been named after one of the institution’s founder Sir Fredric Gordon Guggisberg.

Annie Baeta Jiagge House

It is named after the first lady justice of Ghana’s Court of Appeal.

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Livingstone House

It is named after a renowned explorer in the entire world David Livingstone.

J.E.A Mills House

The house is named after a former Ghanaian president who passed on, John Evan Mills.

S.O.A House

It is named after the country’s first female doctor Susanna Ofori-Atta.

The school also has a dining hall where learners have their meals and meet from time to time. You can look online to see pictures of Achimota School dining hall pictures.

The worship center

A reverend was among the institution’s co-founders; hence, it is based on Christian beliefs. To enhance Christianity Achimota School chapel is located in the school compound. However, the school is non –denominational. Consequently, students from different Christian denominations have the right to worship.

Sports activities

The institution has a record of performing well in sports. It also has numerous sports facilities. They have a hockey pitch, football pitch, cricket oval, handball court, and a baseball court. These facilities enable student practices playing various ball games.

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Students who love swimming are also taken care of by building Achimota School swimming pool. Moreover, learners can also keep fit since there is a large gym.

The institution reputation

achimota school prospectus
Image:, @achimotaschool
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It has been a source of education for fundamental personnel in the world since it was opened. Former Ghana presidents like Edward Akufo-Addo, Kwame Nkrumah, and John Evans Atta Mills attained their education there.

Moreover, the first Gambia president Sir Dawda Jawara and Robert Mugambe, former Zimbabwe president at one point in their education journey, studied there. This means that the institution has a history of breeding great African leaders.

Achimota School contact

It is possible to contact the institution if you have any enquires via the following contact information:

  • Physical location: it is located in Achimota in Ghana.
  • Address: P.O.Box 11, Accra, Ghana
  • Achimota school contact number: + 223 66 76 70 50

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Achimota School is one of the earliest institutions to be established in Gold Coast, current-day Ghana. Despite being founded in the colonial period, it has expanded in order to meet the needs of the modern curriculum. Moreover, it still has some original buildings that teach much about the history of Ghana.

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