Meet 17-year-old who received a master's degree from TCU

Meet 17-year-old who received a master's degree from TCU

Carson Huey-You, a 17-year old genius, has bagged a masters from the Texas Christian University (TCU)

- The teen prodigy also has a 14-year-old brother, Canan, who is following in his lead

- Carson's mother, Kimp, said she has always known her children were nerds and they have a promising future

A 17-year-old teenager, Carson Huey-You, has now been believed to be the youngest person to ever get a master’s degree from Texas Christian University (TCU).

It should be noted that he got his undergraduate degree at the young age of 14 before bagging a masters in physics, Fox4News reports.

Another wondrous thing about Carson is that he has a younger brother who is following in his genius footsteps.

The 17-year-old said he is just a normal kid who likes playing video games with his brother and petting his dog outside of the school.

“Outside of just school and academia, I’m really just a normal 17-year-old kid. I like playing video games, I have a dog, I have my brother at home, so, we have fun,” he said.

His brother, Cannan, aged 14 is already an electrical engineering major at the same institution. The brother said that he always gets people asking him how old he really is.

Their mother, Claretta Kimp, said she knew that her children were nerds, adding that she discovered Carson had a very great future when he was still small.

One of their teachers, a physics and astronomy professor, Magnus Rittby, said they were very smart, adding that being their mentor is something he really cherishes.

“They were shorter, but they were almost equally smart as they are now, so I had to kind of equally assess if they were ready to go to college. There is no limit. Not even the sky,” he said.

Though Cannan said he wants to be an astronaut, his older brother said he is trying to figure things out.

“For me, I like physics and science in general because you get to understand the how and why of just a number of different subjects. So really, just kind of digging into that rabbit hole and figuring out what’s going on behind equations or systems or whatever it is you’re trying to solve,” Carson said.

The teenager also appreciated the kind of support system that has really helped him as Kimp said it really been a family effort.

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