Ghana dancing pallbearers: memes and everything you need to know

Ghana dancing pallbearers: memes and everything you need to know

It is no news that Ghana dancing pallbearers are going viral on social media platforms. The reason for this is simple: their creative displays at funeral services uplift moods is mindblowing. After the group was featured in a BBC story in 2017, they gained international recognition, and since then, people have continued to employ their services when sending off their loved ones.

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Who are the Ghana coffin dancers? They are a group of pallbearers known as Nana Otafrija Pallbearing Services. The group is based in Prampram coastal town in the Greater Accra Region of southern Ghana. They are also known with different names, including the Coffin Dance Meme, Coffin Dancers, and Dancing Coffin.

How the Ghana dancing pallbearers group began and gained recognition

The group was founded in 2007 by Benjamin Aidoo. According to the founder, he needed a job that would help him cope financially while schooling, which motivated the pall bearing business. Understanding the importance of creativity in any business's success, Aidoo decided to do something unique that would give his company an edge over his competitors, which was why he added choreography.

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So, why do Ghana pallbearers dance? According to him, ”We try to improve on our choreography for people to know that we are a unique group of pallbearers.” Also, they decided to challenge the conventional ways through which funeral services are held. Instead of people crying at funerals, they came up with the idea of entertaining guests as they believe that people ought to celebrate life instead of mourning.

Then in 2017, a video of the group went viral after the BBC covered how they carried a coffin and danced. As some people call it, the Ghana coffin dance became of great interest to a lot of people so that several memes were developed in the process.

More so, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group gained further recognition internationally. This was based on a slogan that they developed to warn people who were not adhering to the social distancing measures. The slogan reads: stay at home or dance with us.

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Is pallbearer an honor?

Pallbearing is acclaimed to be an honour and a privilege because those who chose the pallbearers trusted the people enough to allow them to carry the coffin of their beloved departed one.

Who should be pallbearers?

Usually, they are meant to be either the next of kin to the deceased person, close relatives, or best friends. Although men mostly play the role, some women have successfully done it well also.

The pallbearers should be strong enough to carry the casket as it is an honour for them to have been chosen for the assignment. As part of their duties, they assist in the carriage of the casket into a place where the service would be held and also to the hearse for transportation to the cemetery.

Ghana pallbearers memes

The pallbearer's meme has been used on various occasions, especially during this period of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The dance is used to warn people ignoring the social distancing measures to stay at home. For instance, in India, police officers were seen dancing and dressed in uniform along the track while holding a healthy human being on a stretcher. In Peru also, police dressed in riot gear danced while carrying a mock coffin.

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Some of the memes created so far include the following:

This video below was done by medical practitioners to warn against Coronavirus (Covid-19).

This was done by Ikorodu boys in Nigeria to replicate the pallbearers dance.

In India, this was used to create awareness of the importance of social distancing.

In Taiwan, a school performed a dance routine in this regard

Also, here are some men performing the dancing

How do you make a dance pallbearer meme?

The Ghana pallbearers memes are rocking social media platforms, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Interestingly, you can join others and entertain your followers by making your memes as well. The process involved is explained below:

  • Visit Kapwing and open the Ghana Dancing Pallbearer meme template on the site
  • Add a second scene to the template
  • Also, add up whatever video clip that you want to use in your meme after uploading it
  • You can remove or add additional text layers to what you have already
  • Once that is completed, click the publish button and wait for some time
  • Lastly, download your already processed meme and feel free to share.

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The approach with which the Ghana dancing pallbearers carry out their services is fast redefining the way funeral services are held. With the philosophy that people should celebrate life instead of mourning, the group is gaining more relevance.

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