US election: 21-year-old cuts ties with his mother after she supported Trump

US election: 21-year-old cuts ties with his mother after she supported Trump

- It appears the 2020 US presidential election has started to divide families

- A 21-year-old has disowned his mother, Mayra Gomez following her desire to vote for Donald Trump

- Mayra is a lifelong Democrat who is a fan of the president's handling of the economy and illegal immigrants

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A report by Reuters indicates that five months ago, a 21-year-old cut his mother, Mayra Gomez, out of his life after she said she was voting for President Donald Trump.

According to the 41-year-old, her son stated that Mayra was no longer his mother because she is voting for Trump.

Mayra went on to note that even if the incumbent president loses his re-election bid she is not sure they can reconcile as their last conversation was so bitter.

'You are no longer my mother': How the election is dividing American families
'You are no longer my mother', US presidential election dividing American families. Photo credit: Reuters/Caitlin Ochs
Source: UGC

She said:

“He specifically told me, ‘You are no longer my mother, because you are voting for Trump.'”

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She also noted that there are people who aren't talking to her anymore, and doubts that will change.

Mayra, a lifelong Democrat supports Trump’s handling of the US economy and crackdown on illegal immigrants.

However, the personal care worker in Milwaukee is not alone when it comes to families and friends who have had bitter splits over Trump’s tumultuous presidency

The news publication in an interview with other American voters noted that Trump’s administration has wrecked relationships. Most of them believe that their relationships have been totally destroyed.

Meanwhile, a tally from the US Elections Project at the University of Florida on Thursday, October 29, indicated that not less than 80 million Americans cast their ballots in the presidential election.

This record-breaking pace has set the stage for the highest participation rate in over a century in the country. The number is more than 58% of the total turnout in the last presidential election back in 2016.

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It was gathered that the pace reflects an intense interest in the vote as the former vice president goes against the incumbent president.

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