Become a contributor today: This is what you need to know

Become a contributor today: This is what you need to know has grown to become one of the best brands in Ghana that provide authentic hard news, entertainment and inspirational as well as educational content.

As a result of our top-notch provision of factual stories that can be verified from anywhere in the world, has evolved from a popular brand to a loved brand.

One of our objectives at has been to highlight, promote and project the stories of Ghanaians who are doing exceptional things and achieving enviable feats all over the world.

Become a contributor today: This is what you need to know
Become a contributor today: This is what you need to know. Credit: Pexels
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Due to this fact, we welcome news and contribution from our avid readers and ardent followers from all over the world.

In fact, it is one of the parts of our workflow at that we are very particular about - by asking our readers to send us contributions to get them published.

Our editors work around the clock to generate and share stories from our contributors that inform, educate, empower, entertain and inspire others to become better versions of themselves.

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The fact is, if your story is unique, relevant, entertaining, inspiring, empowering and positively impacts the lives of others, will not hesitate to publish it.

It will surprise you to note that many of our high-performing stories from over the years have come from contributors who shared their stories or that of others with us.

Want to qualify to be a relevant contributor to Here's what to do!

Email and WhatsApp

If you a have a good story that you feel has to be published for it to go viral, you can reach us through email at or through WhatsApp on: +233557731677.

Submit Your Story

You can find this link by visiting our website at and scrolling to the bottom of the homepage.

You can leave us a quick message in our email section there.


On Facebook, you can submit your news and views on several of our verified pages through DM (inbox, direct message). Our verified page is: @yencomgh

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Just like on Facebook, our dedicated social media team is ready to receive and reply to your reports and news on Twitter, by tweeting to us @yencomgh, or reaching us directly on DM.

The type of news we accept

At, we strive to improve the lives of Ghanaians as well as educate and entertain them.

As a result, we accept news and contributions that fall in the categories listed above

Below are some of the categories of stories we accept to publish at

- Expert opinions about important, trending topics

- Human interest stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things -

- Professional articles on important subjects in categories like healthcare, entertainment, business, culture etc.

- also focuses on User Generated Content (UGC) which can be made from photos, videos, texts and audio that has been created by social media users.

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We pride ourselves to have published a number of UGC's that have gained both national and international recognition.

For instance, we were the first media house in Ghana and the world to tell the story of Frank Darko. He was the inventor of the water bicycle which has come to be known as the Trifad.

Due to our story, he won a number of nationally-recognized awards and was featured in international media including BBC. He also appeared on a number of TV shows and was invited to the Office of Ghana's president.

Become a contributor today: This is what you need to know
Frank Darko with the Trifad
Source: Original


Even though we are in the business of sharing extraordinary stories, we at put such contributions through a rigorous fact-checking process to ensure that we are reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Feel free to send us a message on any of our social media handles and we would quickly respond and tell your story to the rest of the world!

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Have national and human interest issues to discuss? Know someone who is extremely talented and needs recognition? Your stories and photos are always welcome.

Get interactive via our Facebook page.


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