Most popular YouTubers in Ghana 2020

Most popular YouTubers in Ghana 2020

YouTube is almost overtaking the mainstream media regarding content creation and consumption. The free nature of YouTube allows anyone with access to the internet to create a channel and post anything they feel that their targeted audiences will relate with. YouTube is big in Africa. Creators are birthed every day from the Google-owned platform, go viral, and form a space where they have like-minded people share and promote ideas. Most popular YouTubers in Ghana happen to be comedians and entertainment channels. The amount of comedy content and showbiz consumed by Ghanaians on YouTube surpasses any other category.

popular YouTubers in Ghana
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Musicians have some of the biggest followings on YouTube. This is because music sells more than any other thing. People love some good music to relax, go wild or appreciate art. YouTubers who are not traditional celebrities had a difficult time penetrating the YouTube space as they did not have much exposure like musicians, actors, media personalities, and other mainstream celebrities sometime back.

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Popular YouTubers in Ghana

The growth of social media has had an impact on online celebrities. The more they post, the more they get to be famous and grow their platforms, whether on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The following are the most popular YouTubers who have grown their YouTube channels in Ghana without influence from the mainstream media.

1. RakGhana

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RakGhana is run by Iman, a Ghanaian YouTuber who brings his viewers funny questions, educates them on various issues, and entertain them. Iman comes up with different questions, hits the streets, and asks anyone he comes across. The beauty of the questions the YouTuber asks is not how simple they are but how some of the people struggle to come up with the correct answer.

Iman has so far uploaded 574 videos and accumulated about 70 million video views. He has 452k subscribers and is rated as one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in Ghana.

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2. Zion Felix

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ZionFelix is a 28-year-old vlogger and blogger from Kumasi Ghana. Zion Felix's channel is one of those channels you enjoy watching but would not want to be featured. The YouTuber runs stories that range from celebrity gossip, current affairs, sensational news, exposing frauds, and revealing dirty secrets.

The channel is loved by many as it shows the personal lives of entertainers and high profiled persons to the public. The 28-year-old has 315k subscribers having uploaded 1361 videos since he started his channel. He has a total of 71,006, 364 video views, having some of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

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3. Wezzy Empire TV

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Wezzy Empire TV has 378 uploads, 279k subscribers, and more than 35 million video views. The channel is one of the most entertaining among Ghanaian YouTubers. Kwadwo Nkasah entertains his subscribers with funny stories, sketches, and short videos.

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Some of the stories are based on real-life events, and some are his creations. Wezzy Empire TV has organic content that most Ghanaians can relate to. Kwadwo Nkasah is also real with his followers, which makes him one of the most likeable YouTubers in Ghana.

4. Kwaku Manu TV

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Kwaku Many give his audience aggressive entertainment without having to filter anything out on his Kwaku Manu TV channel. The 36-year-old who runs the successful YouTube channel is also a musician, actor, and presenter.

He interviews different celebrities in diverse sectors, including actors, media personalities, socialites, politicians, artists, and even church ministers. Kwaku Manu has uploaded 9090 videos so far which have garnered him about 45 million video views. The aggressive interviewer, as he likes to refer to himself, has a total of 225k subscribers.

5. Jaguar Television

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Amankwah comedy sketches are one of the many entertaining videos on Ghanaian YouTube. Jaguar Television runs silly, hilarious, and even satirical videos that focus on the day to day lives of many Ghanaians.

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Amankwah character is one that makes you fall in love with the simple drama sketches that are both thoughtful and enlightening. Jaguar Television has 102 videos uploaded and a total of 30,000,000 video views. The channel has 220k subscribers.

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AJ GH TV is another fast-rising comedy channel. You will come across all forms of comedy involving women, young ones, older men, and every character you can think of. The funny lines and simple locations where the sketches are shot are what makes AJ GH TV fun to watch.

The channel has 179k YouTube subscribers in Ghana with 2661 videos being uploaded. AJ GH TV has over 45 million total video views. This is one of the popular channels with the highest video views in the Ghanaian YouTube space.

7. McBrown's Kitchen

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Actress Nana Ama McBrown is no stranger in the Ghanaian entertainment scene. Her loud personality, oversharing style, and bubbly nature are what make her the big name she is. It is no surprise that her YouTube Channel gets to be one of the most popular in Ghana.

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She often states that food is one way she connects with other people. McBrown's Kitchen invites different celebrities to her kitchen, where they cook foods from diverse cultures. Her yummy-looking meals have earned her 159k subscribers with a total of 22 million video views. Nana Ama McBrown has 143 video uploads.

8. Sammy Flex TV

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Sammy Flex TV is run and managed by broadcaster and journalist Samuel Atuobi Baah also known as Sammy Flex. On his channel, Sammy Flexx discusses various societal issues delving into politics, entertainment, social commentary, and trending topics.

The journalist runs the most famous socio-political YouTube channel in Ghana. You can catch all the grapevine, showbiz, and everything else that hovers around Ghana's web space on the YouTube channel that has 71.7k subscribers. Samuel Atuobi Baah has 962 videos up and about 8 million total video views.

9. Infragilis Ayeyi

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Infragilis Ayeyi 's YouTube channel is one of the most refreshing channels in Ghana and to an extent Africa. The channel features Infragilis Ayeyi, a young Ghanaian girl with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a condition that makes a person have weak bones that can fracture easily.

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Infragilis Ayeyi is one of the top-performing channels run by kids in Ghana. Despite having the brittle bone condition, the little girl never fails to be grateful for life. She believes that through her page, many people can see the talents she has and get to be encouraged. She currently has 40 video uploads with a total of 7 million video views. Her channel has 53.7k subscribers.

10. Telande World

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Telande YouTube channel has one of the most organic contents among food channels in Ghana. Telande is a Kusasi word which means eat with me. Through the channel, viewers are shown recipes, ingredients, and presentation of African foods that are not commonly shown on mainstream media.

By showcasing traditional African food, many viewers get to have unique experiences in their kitchensns. The main goal for the channel is to change how the world views African delicacies. Telande World has 45.7k subscribers and a total of 5 million views. The channel has over 400 recipes.

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11. Atemuda Comedy TV

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Atemuda is an award-winning comedian and actor with 38k subscribers on his YouTube Channel commonly known as Atemuda Comedy TV. With more than 44 uploads, Atemuda has created a niche for himself and those that love his comedy.

His sketches are lively, clever ad relatable to many. He has a total of 2 million video views and continues to increase with every new upload and new subscribers. The young YouTuber is among those with a religious, social media following in Ghana.

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Comedy, cooking shows, entertaining content that include celebrity interviews attract a good amount of viewership. Maintaining a top YouTube channel is not as easy as it seems. Many YouTubers have begun their channels from scratch and continue to amass followers every day. This is why the most popular YouTubers in Ghana are consistent with the rate of their uploads. The YouTube space is also competitive and requires commitment and creativity to maintain a constant following.

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