"Day of freedom" - The world reacts to Donald Trump's permanent ban

"Day of freedom" - The world reacts to Donald Trump's permanent ban

- Twitter has banned Donald Trump and the people have taken to the social media platform to share their reactions

- The popular social media platform banned the US president for posts which were deemed as an incitement to violence

- The hashtag #TrumpBanned has been trending and Briefly.co.za has shared some reacions

US President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter over some posts he made which were deemed to be an incitement to violence.

Social media users around the world have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the news.

Some are calling it a conspiracy and an assault on the freedom of speech, while the vast majority are celebrating the move.

The world reacts to Donald Trump's permanent ban: "Day of freedom"
Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter and social media users shared their reactions. Photo credit: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
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YEN.com.gh took to Twitter to find some interesting reactions to the permanent ban of Donald Trump from the popular social media platform.


"Today is a day of freedom. The first day that Donald was banned from Twitter forever. Freedom. #TrumpBanned"

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"Honey, will you lend me your Twitter account please?"


"Then he tried to use his Potus account
.. and they shut that shit down, too!#TrumpBanned #POTUS."


"It's a ban. Some people say it's one of the best bans ever. A very great ban. I'm often asked: How did you get such a ban? No one gets bans like me."


"No more hissy tweets! Oh happy dayFace with tears of joy .No more texting from tweety Dove of peace.#TrumpBanned when Trump was wiped out from Twitter world."
'Melania, I don't feel so good'.


"This shows the kind of power and monopoly the social media giants have. If they can ban the @POTUS (apparently the most powerful person on earth) they can do anything. The sheer arrogance and the disregard to authority is startling. These people run our world. Beware #TrumpBanned."

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Earlier, YEN.com.gh reported that US President Donald Trump has lost the presidency and now he has lost his Twitter account. He had been extremely active on his account, connecting with his supporters directly and often delivering unfiltered content.

He had on more than one occasion caused controversy with his social media posts which ranged from increasing international tension to his opinions on how to handle domestic protests.

However, the @realdonaldtrump has gone too far, the messages he tweeted out to his supporters prior to the storming of the capitol buildings, which left four dead, earned him a temporary ban which has now become permanent.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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