GOGSPV return system login, activation, check

GOGSPV return system login, activation, check

GOGSPV is a payment system in Ghana that was introduced on the 20th of November in 2013. It stands for Ghana Electronic Salary Payment Voucher. The Government of Ghana uses this system for payment of returning officers in the Ministerial office.

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Like all other organizations that need to handle the payment of their workers effectively, the government of Ghana is not lagging behind. The GOGSPV return system is one such way that it ensures everyone is properly compensated.

What is GOG e-SPV about

e-SPV {electronic government payment voucher} is a special payment system that is specifically meant for SPV officers in all agencies, departments and ministries. This system was introduced by the Controller and Accountants General’s Department of Ghana.

This was to take the place of the manual system of payment that was used before the introduction of e-SPV. The previous system failed to cater to the needs of them that were being paid by the government. The e-SPV thus became a better replacement for the manual system.

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Registering into the e-SPV

For one to register into e-SPV Ghana, they should have the details as follow;

  • The employee number
  • Their mobile number
  • Their email if they have
  • The registration codes
  • The registration codes are a must-have. These codes are given freely to employees by their heads of departments at the workplaces.

E-SPV return system login

Logging into the GOG e-SPV is exclusively for the SPV return officers. One requires a username and a password to log in. A verification code is then provided where one enters the code and once it is verified, you can log into the account.

E-SPV system return activation

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It is necessary for those on payroll to activate their accounts after some time. This helps prevent payments being made to employees that no longer work or to any other person who may not be earning legally. The process of activation is done in the following way;

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e-SPV validation

The e-SPV validation was a new software system that helped to ensure that the e-SPV works better and is more efficient. This has made the payroll to be more accurate in terms of providing services to the employees. To be declared valid, therefore:

  1. Login into your eSPV portal
  2. Enter your mobile phone number
  3. Click on the code indicating generate activation

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GoG pay slip login

The GOG payslip allows workers to view any information concerning their salary at the comfort of their electronic gadgets. You only need to be connected to the internet. This may be within or even away from their workplaces. It also enables them to view their previous salary history.

To login into the GOGpayslip, consider the following procedure:

  1. One only requires to enter their employee number.
  2. Enter the password
  3. Enter the code indicated correctly
  4. Click the sign-in key.
  5. After the process, the page that appears is your GOGpayslip login page. The page contains several icons that direct you on how to access your payslip. All you need to do is to click onto the necessary icon you require.

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Benefits of e-SPV Ghana has experienced

e-spv system return
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Any new system that is introduced to the people always faces questions of its accountability, validity and even how effective it is. Electronic Government Payment Voucher was a no exception since there were some challenges that it faced.

However, after nine years of its existence, it has had great impacts in Ghana including the following;

1. It has enabled payments systems to be more accurate

Government money is always a crucial part of any particular country or state. Any inaccuracy in government money may lead to chaos. Therefore, the introduction of the e-SPV, especially e-SPV validation ensured that there were no means to mismanage and misuse government funds that were otherwise supposed to pay employees. This was more so done by setting in place a specific body to ensure a smooth flow of funds to their deserved persons

2. Eliminating undue payments

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In the manual payment system, there were many instances where payments were made to the wrong personnel. This included retired workers, double payments among others. The e-SPV, therefore, came in handy to eliminate such cases and ensured that only the due employees get paid.

3. Brought equality on resource management

The finance control system ensures that public resources are well managed and the money is well distributed among all people.

4. Enhanced accountability

This system has ensured that accountability is well upheld. This we may say is through allowing employees to view their history in salary and also to see their progressions. this helps to uphold integrity in terms of payments to employees.

5. It is a faster means of accessing payment history

By allowing employees to access their information from wherever their location and at whatever time it is now faster than, unlike the other system where workers could only view their salary status from work premises and in banks.

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6. The system is more secure

It is possible to have the details of your payment private since the GOGpayslip check requires a personal pin. It is also possible to back the system up in case of inconveniences that may occur.

The above are just a few among the so many benefits brought about by the Electronic Government Payment Voucher.

The challenge of e-SPV may come in the case where an employee may not have access to an internet-connected device. However, this is a rare case since most working-class individuals are connected.

GOGSPV has been a very important progression and a step forward for Ghana. Employees can now have easy access to their accounts with the assurance of safety and accuracy. The government has also benefited from having a better-trusted way of handling its resources. This has helped in avoiding loses occurred from illegitimate payments.

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