Emotional moment dad who was jailed for decades gets freedom, brings lunch for daughter

Emotional moment dad who was jailed for decades gets freedom, brings lunch for daughter

- A daddy has attempted to make up for a lost time after spending years in jail by showing up at his daughter's workplace with a lunch pack

- The child said the act of love made her really emotional as it was something she had always wanted when she was a kid

- When some tweeps doubted that the man was in prison, the lady shared a photo to counter their disbelief

A lady with the Twitter handle @EbonyJackin has made many emotional on the platform after posting about her dad who just got out after he was imprisoned since 1997.

In a tweet on Saturday, January 23, the lady said after her dad got out, he brought some food to her workplace.

The 29-year-old woman said that act made her feel like a baby all over again. @EbonyJackin added that there were times in her childhood when she wished her dad would do that.

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It was a really deep tweet for many as a dad tried in his best way to make up for the time he had missed in his child's life.

See his tweet below:

At the time of writing this report, the tweet has gathered over 728,000 likes with thousands of retweets and comments.

Below are some of the reactions:

@pandabum1 said:

"After all the pettiness and ugliness on the tl, this is a fresh drink of water. Thanks for sharing, hope you both can make up for so much lost time with quality and love going forward."

@8JacksLegendary said:

"The fact that he's trying, doing something to connect no matter how big or small is beautiful. The fact that you also you accept it as well it's even more beautiful."
Emotional moment dad who was jailed for decade gets freedom, brings lunch for daughter
The lady said that she had wanted to get that kind of love. Photo source: @EbonyJackin
Source: UGC

@RosalindStanle7 said:

"I think our parents can make us all feel like children no matter our age."

@VictoryFire88 said:

"This wholesomeness!!! Congrats to you both!"

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@MakedaNDavis said:

"I was incarcerated for a decade and did the same thing. My daughter was so happy."

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh earlier reported that a man, Walter Forbes, who was jailed for almost 40 years freed after a witness withdrew her statement.

Life turned gloomy for Forbes as a college student in 1982 when he intervened between two groups of people fighting in front of a Michigan bar.

In a grave reaction, one of the fighters Dennis Hall, shot at Forbes the next day. Later, Hall was reported dead in an arson fire. With that, Forbes was sentenced to a life jail time.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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