COVID-19: We will never take the vaccine; we would rather die - Ghanaians say

COVID-19: We will never take the vaccine; we would rather die - Ghanaians say

President Akufo-Addo in his 23rd address to the Nation o coronavirus prevention measures update mentioned that the country would take delivery of some 17 million vaccines.

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Health stake holders in the country have vouched for the safety of the vaccine which is meant to be administered to Ghanaians.

Even though this sounds like good news, most people have some preconceived ideas regarding the yet to be administered vaccine.

COVID-19: We will never take the vaccine; we would rather die - Ghanaians say
COVID-19: We will never take the vaccine; we would rather die - Ghanaians say Photo credit:
Source: Facebook hit the streets to find out from some section of Ghanaians if they would agree to take the vaccine if they are asked to.

One man said the ministers who have contracted the COVID-19 disease should first be given the vaccine and if they ha no side effects they can then go ahead to administer the drug to ordinary Ghanaians.

He also added that the vaccine should not be administered to those who are healthy and not suffering from the disease. He said he is safe once he is adhering to safety protocols set out by

Another young man who is obviously in his early 30s said he will not receive the vaccine if it arrives. According to him, the white people were not people to be trusted since they are trying their inventions on us as if to say we were lab rats. His other reason was simply because the herbal medicine which was allegedly developed by Ghanaian herbalist not yet been approved.

He ignorantly said if the virus would kill him for not taking the vaccine, then he is ever ready to die.

An educated looking young lady who is expected to know better to educate the older ones said she together with the members of her family will not take the vaccine because they do not know the originality of the v

To another young lady, seeing is believing. According to her, she has not seen anyone who has gotten the virus and then recovered. She also added that she does not trust the source of the vaccines therefore she will not take it.

Another man who had quite an understandable argument for not wanting to take the vaccine if it arrives because he doing all he can to boost his immune system.

Several other had unreasonable conspiracy theories they have believed as true so that has obviously informed their decisions.

Meanwhile, as the coronavirus cases keep surging with a terrifying daily death toll, traders in Tema have decided to take advantage of the situation.

The demand for nose mask has dramatically increased following the surge in Ghana's COVID-19 cases.

This situation has forced traders to increase the prices of the protective gear for monetary gains considering the fact that the demand has gone up.

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