COVID-19: 4 things parents should do to keep their kids safe in school

COVID-19: 4 things parents should do to keep their kids safe in school

The surge in the coronavirus disease has caused many parents whose children are in school to become anxious.

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The anxiety level among parents whose kids commute to school on a regular is relatively high as they do not know how to ensure their wards are safe.

It is said that it is better to be safe than sorry.

COVID-19: 4 things parents should do to keep their kids safe in school
COVID-19: 4 things parents should do to keep their kids safe in school
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In view of this,, has outlined some important things parents should do to ensure that their kids are safe in school.

1. Advise

It is said that a word to the wise is enough. But since children are considered as not being wise enough, a simple word of advise will never be enough.

Parents have to make it a point to constantly advise them on the need to stick to safety protocols, as well as keeping their masks on all the time to ensure their safety.

2. Double Masks

Before schools were reopened, government announced its readiness to ensure the safety of children. In view of this, masks were provided for them.

Even though government provided masks for the schoolchildren, parents must at least endeavor to give their wards extra face mask to augment what government provided.

3. Instilling fear

Often times, the minds of children can be toyed with to achieve a desired objective. This strategy can be adapted by parents to ensure that their wards adhere strictly to the covid-19 protocol of mask wearing while in school.

For instance, parents can go as far as telling their wards that if they do not wear the masks, they would die and not see them again.

Out of fear of not seeing their parents again, children especially those in pre-school, would be terrified at the thought of not seeing their parents anymore.

4. Sanitisers

Even though hand sanitisers would be present at vantage points on the school premises, parents must make it a point to provide a personal hand sanitiser to their wards.

So even if they are not able to wash their hand, they would have a hand sanitiser to readily use to sanitise their hands.

In other news, the Ghana Medical Association has revealed that more children and babies are contracting Covid-19.

With cases increasing, there are some concerns for vulnerable populations as children to be vaccinated of the pandemic.

He further revealed that those with a weak immune system, allergies and underlying health conditions will not be inoculated as well. Ghana is expecting about 19 million vaccine doses by the end of March 2020.

Authorities have assured that the vaccine will be put to good use especially as cases continue to skyrocket.

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