Richest man in Ghana: Top 25

Richest man in Ghana: Top 25

The economy of Ghana has been tremendously growing over the years. However, it could not have been possible without the contributions of various people in Ghana, especially those from the private sector. Some of the individuals have accumulated a lot earning themselves a name. That said, do you know the richest man in Ghana right now?

Richest man in Ghana: Top 25

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Often, it is rare for wealthy individuals to reveal their worth to the public. Even so, there is a lot in the public domain that can be used to rank them. Currently, the list of the wealthiest people in Ghana comprises CEOs, politicians, investors, stakeholders in highly reputable companies, among many others.

List of wealthiest people in Ghana

Who is the richest man in Ghana? Well, this list outlines the top 25 tycoons in Ghana and the estimation of their wealth. Does your favorite guy make it on top of the list?

25. Kofi Wayo – $30 million

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Kofi Wayo, aka the Showman, is a renowned businessman and politician. Most of his wealth accumulates from his arms dealings both locally and internationally. He is the founder of the United Renaissance Party (URP). He was a presidential candidate of the party.

24. Jerry John Rawlings – $50 million

As you know, Jerry John Rawlings is the former president of Ghana. He is believed to worth $50 million. However, he once refuted the claims that he was worth that a high amount. Even so, most of his wealth is accumulated from his top government jobs.

23. Alfred Wayome – $75 million

Mr. Wayome is another young rich Ghanaian with a remarkable track record in the business arena. He used to work as a consultant to the late Muammar Gadaffi of Libya. He runs a series of organizations in the country. Some of them include the Wayome Foundation, Anator Holdings, Stewise Group of Companies, among many others.

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22. Kwadwo Adejei Darko – $150 million

Kwadwo Adejei is a former MP of Sunyani West. He has also served in the mining ministry, accumulating a lot of wealth for him. He is known for local developments. His approximate net worth is $150 million.

21. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie – $180 million

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Kwaku Afriyie is a prominent political figure. If you have been around for some time, you can remember him serving in the ministry of Health, Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Forestry and Mines. Similar, he was once the chairman of the Electric Company of Ghana.

As a professional doctor, he owns a private clinic. Also, another source of his wealth is the investment sector, especially agriculture— palm oil, cocoa, and cola.

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20. Dr. Alhaji Asuma Abu Bunda – $200 million

Dr. Alhaji Asuma might be one person, but his abilities in the business space are notable. He is an entrepreneur, business tycoon, and philanthropist. He is a role model for many people in the country. He is the CEO of Antrak Group of companies.

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Alhaji Asuma is also the creative business mind behind the establishment of the following firms; Tema Container Terminal, OTAL Holding Group, Cross Marine Services, Nigeria.

19. Dr. Kwesi Botchwey – $200 million

Dr. Kwesi Botchwey is a professional lawyer and lecturer. He has taught in various countries in Africa, including Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, and Ghana, of course. He was once appointed to serve in the finance department at Oxford University. Dr. Kwesi is also into real estate, hospitality, and mining.

The first-class Regimanue Gray estates belong to him.

18. Dr. Yaw Osafo-Maafo – $220 million

Ghana boasts of many qualified individuals who are ready to venture into other businesses to boost the country's economy. Dr. Yaw is such an individual who left their profession to follow their fortune in other fields. Yaw Osafo-Maafo joins the list of the richest people in Ghana because he has held several positions in his life.

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Dr. Yaw was once an MP even though he pursued engineering in the university. He has also worked in the baking industry. Well, some of the banks he has worked for are National Investment Bank and African Development, as a consultant.

17. Tsatsu Tsikata – $245 million

Like our current president, Tsatsu Tsikata is a professional lawyer. He doubles up as businessman dealing in the petroleum business. Most people recognize him for his exceptional while working as the CEO of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

16. Nana Akufo-Addoh – $250 million

Nana Akufo-Addo is the current president of Ghana. He is not the richest man in Ghana, but he has acquired a lot of wealth over time. Apart from being a prominent political figure, he is also a competent lawyer. Before he joined politics, Nana was practicing law.

He has practiced law and represented various clients both in Ghana and internationally. Also, his experience in law has enabled him to serve as a board member in different reputable firms.

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15. Dr. Kofi Amoah – $250 million

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Dr. Amoah is the founder and CEO of Citizen Kofi Entertainment Center. Other companies belonging to him are J.S. Investments Inc. based in Los Angeles, PPVIA Ghana Limited, and Progeny Aluminum.

He is known to have a close association with the Western Union and other several banks in the continent. Dr. Amoah has also served on various boards ranging from sports to Insurance.

14. Alexander Kofi Mensah Mould – $282 million

Like most business tycoons in Ghana, Mensah Mould is also into the oil business. He has managed to make a fortune in the sector because of his over notable Managerial Leadership experience. He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics and Decision Making Sciences.

His successful career can be traced back to Ghana National Petroleum Corporation. Apart from him dealing in oil, he has also served in the Executive Director position of Boards of Standard Chartered Bank. Precisely, he has held various high positions in the business space earning him a considerable fortune.

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13. Dr. Kwesi Nduom – $300 million

Dr. Kwesi Nduom is one of the brightest minds when it comes to business consultancy services. He has worked for various organizations in the country before becoming the rich man he is today. He holds a Ph.D. in Service delivery. In case you do not know, he significantly contributed to the establishment and Deloitte and Touche.

He is the founder of other several businesses operating in different parts of Ghana. Some of them include; Coconut Groove Hotels, Gold Coast Investments, First National Savings, and Loans organizations. They run these businesses with his wife.

12. Joseph Siaw Agyepong – $300 million

Joseph Siaw is one business leader with striking leadership qualities. It is for this reason that he has been able to serve as the CEO of a series of companies such as JA Plant Pool, Jaspong Group, and Zoomlion.

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Unlike some business tycoons in this list, he started from the ground selling books before he made his fortune in the business world. Interestingly, he currently owns more than 30 companies dealing in gas, oil, real estate, construction, and mining.

11. Haruna Iddrisu – $300 million

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Haruna Iddrisu is a young but established optician, barrister, and businessman. He has been a legislator in four consecutive parliaments; 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th. Currently, Haruna is the minority leader in the 7th Parliament of Ghana.

He also deals in different business ventures not known to the public yet. His net worth is roughly estimated to be $300 million.

10. Serge Bakalian – $460 million

Serge Bakalian is the current CEO of the Takoradi Flour Mills. He has been running the affiliated family company since he took over for his Armenian father. The company is among the few firms in the industry, making a considerable fortune in Ghana.

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9. Ghassan Yared – $480 million

Ghassan Yared's success has not come in a fortnight. He has worked his way up from 1993 to date in various businesses. He owns Forewin Ghana Limited, which deals in marketing and distribution of marketing functions. His firm is among the largest in the sector. Many Ghanaians widely recognize it for its notable work.

8. The Hitti Family – $540 million

The latest report suggests that the Hitti family has a net worth if $540 million. The family headed by Robert Hiti runs the HITTI Group, which has is linked to other nine subsidiary businesses in Ghana and other countries in Africa.

7. Dr. Sam E. Jonah – $650 million

Dr. Sam is a distinguished businessman. Most of his business ventures are based in South Africa. His line of business is oil, mining, agriculture, finance, real estate, among others. In his career, he has led different organizations such as Ashanti Goldfields.

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He is also a board member of the following organizations; Range Resources and Motto Goldmines Limited, Equator Exploration, Scharrig Mining, Equinox Limited, and Standard Bank (South Africa), among many others.

6. Kwabena Duffuor – $680 million

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Kwabeba owns a significant number of shares in UniBank. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of House of Duffour Asset Holdings. The company is likely to be affiliated with his family or belongs to him alone, as the name suggests. Also, Ghana considers him to be the founding father of The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

5. The Irani Family – $800 million

Basically, the Irani Fami comprise of Edmund Irani and his brother, Anthony Irani. The family owns the largest wheat flour company in the country known as Brothers & Others Limited. The last figures released regarding their net worth estimated them to be worth $800 million.

4. Michael Ibrahim – 860 million

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He is a businessman with an impressive reputation in the private sector. He drew his inspiration from his father, who happens to be a renowned business person too. Michael majors in the mining industry. Most people recognize him from his managing role at Engineers and Planners organization.

3. John Mahama – $900 million

Mahama is the former president of Ghana. Apart from being a politician, he is also into huge business investments that have seen him accumulates more wealth over the years. According to the last released estimate of his wealth, John Mahama was worth $900 million.

2. Dr. Kwame Addo Kafur – $1.2 billion

Currently, Dr. Kwame Addo Kafur is the second richest man in Ghana. Kwame, who is the younger brother to Ghana’s former president (John Kafur), owns luxurious properties in different parts of the country. What most people do not know is that he is a doctor by profession.

He once severed in the defense docket under his brother's tenure. Even with such achievements, he still does not agree with the fact that he among the richest in the country.

1. Charles Ampofo – $1.46 billion

Richest man in Ghana

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Charles Ampofo is the creative mind behind the invention of the reputable Kampac group. The company deals with oil transactions in Dubai and the Philippines. Other companies under it include Kampac Resources, Kampac Travels, Kampac Properties, KampacFlora, and Kampac Telecom.

Apart from being the chairman of his company, Mr. Ampofo is also a member of the Fortune Forum Group. He has been a member of the group for over 12 years. Thus, he is the current richest man in Ghana.

Indeed, Ghana is a blessed country. The country has wealthy people who are not only boosting its economy but also offering employment to the unemployed. No doubt, soon or later, the richest man in Ghana might be featured in the list of the world's wealthiest people.

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