Make your own money so a man can be loyal to only you - Ladies told

Make your own money so a man can be loyal to only you - Ladies told

- A lady has asked women to start getting their financial status right if they are seeking loyalty from men

- According to Akinyi Abong'o, women having their own cash will make men have nothing else to offer other than their loyalty

- Her sentiments received a lot of criticism from people who said loyalty cannot be tamed using monetary value

A woman identified as Akinyi Abong'o on Twitter has advised women to make their money, and give men no other option but to be loyal to them.

Make you own money so a man can only be loyal to you, lady advises
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Most women are stuck in bad relationships either because they are overdependent financially on men or because they have families to keep taking care of.

According to this free-spirited woman, if women want men to show them loyalty, then they need to start earning their own money.

''Make your own money so a man has nothing but loyalty to offer you,'' she posted on Twitter.

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Her sentiment did not rub many men and women well, even though some agreed that her opinion was valid.

Here are some comments from Akinyi's post:

@soda_baridi said:

''Only a small number of men would be loyal to a woman just because she has her own money. Discipline and respect is what makes people loyal, not things that depend on seasons.''

@Akerodavid commented:

''Jaber, feminism lied. The value of a Man is money or provision, value of a woman is not. This is a solid law of nature. But each to his own, freedom of choice. Please the views expressed are my own and should not be taken as professional advice.''

@Nangecha2 said:

@Kamandemoses commented:

''Make your own money. Be happy. For your own sake. You don't have to involve men in everything.''

@Mtuhuman said:

''The moment you detach what you or he has, that is when you will be in a loving relationship. What happens should you loose what you have? Do you use that as your leverage in the relationship?''

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@Acetineo added:

@Deejaykollo said:

''There is no bigger pandemic than having money without brains.''

@Charlesakonga84 commented:

''How can a man be loyal to his wife just because she earn her money. Respect and love is key to any successful marriage.'' recently conducted an online poll that revealed relationships, where women offer support and contribute financially, are more peaceful.

The majority, however, argued that women who earn more than their husbands tend to be more disrespectful.

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