Dads share clips of life with toddlers climbing all over their heads

Dads share clips of life with toddlers climbing all over their heads

- Social media using fathers recently headed online to share funny clips of the sweet yet crazy life as parents

- In various clips, the dads can be seen spending time with their little ones who hilariously are standing on their dad's faces or climbing all over them

- The various clips received a number of comments from other internet parents who found them absolutely adorable

Being a parent is both fun and taxing at the very same time. A group of dads recently proved this to be so true after they headed online to share a thread of themselves with their babies entertaining themselves in the most hilarious and perhaps even painful ways.

In the various funny clips, the little ones are either standing on their dad's faces or jumping on them with as much energy they can muster - and for them, it's probably all coming from a warm place, meanwhile, for the dads, it's quite painful.

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"It be our own kids man smh," wrote one dad.

Soon other dads were sharing clips of themselves being subjected to the same kind of playful tough love. View a few of them below:

Social media users had this to say about the various heartwarming clips:

@SlimmFitted said:

"They just don’t gaf will stump you tf out."

@GetEmGurl said:

"Why he jumped off your head like it was a diving board?! Lmao Dads are their children's jungle gym. Omgoodness."

@_ShadeAK asked:

"Hahaha, why do babies do this?! I thought babies copy what they observe, who did you see standing on another person's head?"
Dads Share Clips of Life With a Toddler Always Standing on Their Heads
These dads are their kid's personal play gyms. Images: @raybodestyne/9bills/Jesus_est_Dieu
Source: UGC

In similar funny and cute news, having children is something else. When they're not getting into things that they shouldn't, they're stopping you from enjoying a snack on your own. A mom recently shared a hilarious clip of herself trying to enjoy her chocolate bar without her baby staring at her accusingly.

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In the clip, the baby with eagle eyes turns her head every time her mommy brings the chocolate closer to her mouth. The smart little one even keeps track of her mom's mouth every time she tries to eat her chocolate.

"The struggle is real in motherhood ville," @Cleo_Lukes captioned the funny clip.

Source: Yen News

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