Daunte Wright: Another young black man killed by police in USA; sparks protests

Daunte Wright: Another young black man killed by police in USA; sparks protests

- Daunte Wright was a 20-year-old man who was recently shot and killed by a policewoman in Minnesota, US

- Reports say that Wright was pulled over by officers during a traffic stop on Sunday and cuffed

- He attempted to break through the cuffs and hop back into his car to escape when he was accidentally and fatally shot by the policewoman

Outrage was sparked among protestors following the police shooting of Daunte Wright. Protestors shut a portion of the Manhattan Bridge down on Monday night as they marched across the structure.

Twitter posts show a large influx of people walking across the upper level of the bridge in an attempt to show solidarity with Wright. The 20-year-old black man was shot by a Minnesota police officer during a Sunday traffic stop, resulting in his death.

Brooklyn Center Police Department came forward stating that the shooting was unintentional as the policewoman had mistaken her gun for a taser. This statement was proven further as bodycam footage of the event was released showing the officer screaming: “Taser! Taser!”

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Export: Daunte Wright: Another young black man shot and killed in US
Daunte Wright, a young black man, was shot and killed by a police officer in the US causing outrage. Image: Christian Monterrosa/Bloomberg
Source: UGC

According to The New York Post, the death of Wright has resulted in a new wave of protests and uneasiness across the nation, including in Minnesota.

Reports by IOL indicate that the officer has been placed on administration leave, with Mike Elliott, Brooklyn Centre Mayor, sharing his belief that the officer's employment in the police force should be terminated.

Additional time is required before the decision to charge the officer is made, according to reports.

In other news, YEN.com.gh recently reported that the State of Minnesota's prosecutor's case against the murder accused, former police officer Derek Chauvin, is nearing an end and during their last briefings, they had called on George Floyd's younger brother Philonise to testify.

During his testimony, a teary-eyed and visibly overcome Philonise can be heard saying that he misses his older brother Floyd, who was killed by Chauvin, who knelt on his neck and caused him to asphyxiate.

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Philonise also described his brother as being a momma's boy and a leader for everyone in their household. He also added that Floyd was particularly competitive, especially when it came to video games.

BBC reported that Philonise also spoke about his deceased mother and how much George had been hurt by her passing.

Source: Yen

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