The Game Maintains His Stance, Tells Broke Men to Stay In Their Lane

The Game Maintains His Stance, Tells Broke Men to Stay In Their Lane

- American rapper The Game is still having a conversation about financial status in relationships

- The musician took to social media to tell men who are not well off to stay away from women who like money

- The Game started a argument on social media about standards and if money really matters in dating

The Game is at it again and maintains that men who do not have money to provide for their women should just sit down. The rapper has taken to social media once again and has told men who don't have money to keep their expectations low.

The Game thinks that men who want women who live lavish lifestyles should just stay in their own lane. He tweeted:

"N***** be so thirsty for a poppin chick on IG. my nigga, she just got off a private jet from Bali or Tulum holding her Dior luggage the n**** that’s not in the pic funded. Get you a regular chick... someone wit 231 followers & blurry pics... the odds better."

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The Game keeps his stance and tells broke men to stay in their lane
The Game slammed men who are of lower financial status on social media. Image: Kevork S. Djansezian
Source: UGC

Social media users found The Game's statement very dodgy but others were in agreement. A few fans feel that The Game is only running his mouth because he's rich.

@sarahbane666 said:

"Is it so hard to believe she could have her own money?"

@Kristaylorie28 commented:

"I do have 1700 followers, but I didn’t just get off a sugar daddy paid for trip."

@NaomieThomas said:

"They don’t want the normal lady they want the ones that are already taken. SMH!" previously reported that The Game said 'real men' provide shelter and care for their women. American rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor, professionally known as The Game, has taken to social media to talk about financial responsibility in relationships.

In a series of tweets, the rapper explained why women should not be saddled with the responsibility of splitting or paying bills. According to him, women do not give men half satisfaction in bed, so it makes no sense for them to pay half of any bill.

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The Game continued by saying that since the beginning of time, men have always been responsible for paying bills, providing shelter and protection.

Source: Yen

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