Lady Who Works as a Cleaner Says It Is Better Than Begging for Money, Speaks About Her Dream to Get Degree

Lady Who Works as a Cleaner Says It Is Better Than Begging for Money, Speaks About Her Dream to Get Degree

A Nigerian lady, Lasisi Romoke Adunbarin, whose story went viral days ago after she posted about how she is never ashamed of identifying as a cleaner, has spoken about her life, dreams, and what she plans to achieve.

In an exclusive interview with, the hardworking lady said whenever she gets admission into the university, she plans on studying computer engineering. She revealed that she fell in love with the course when she was in secondary school and that technology has been a tool for great change in the society.

There was no money at home so I became a cleaner to save for university - Nigerian lady finally speaks
The Nigerian lady said that she knows the future is bright. Photo source: @DstGirlAdun
Source: UGC

Being a cleaner was never the plan, it became necessary as a way to get herself out of poverty and make something for herself. She said growing up, her options at getting the best opportunity were limited.

After secondary school, her mother told her there was no money to fund her university education and it is better she learns a trade, gets married, and resigns to faith. Never one to see impossibilities, Romoke resolved to go into business, save for education and give her children a better future.

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Before the cleaning became the deal, she worked as a sales representative, a job she had to quit so she could prepare for her JAMB, an exam she later passed well.

Romoke worked as a teacher for a while before she had to quit due to the pandemic and salary was not forthcoming after the school's closure.

On how she is treated as a cleaner, the lady disclosed that people sometimes look down on her, but she does not allow that to get to her. She added cleaning is a better option to make money for her rather than living a wayward life.

The hardworking lady stated that at first, working as an office cleaner was daunting as she had to leave home every day before 5 am to make 6 am resumption time.

As time went on, she thought about a way to start her own cleaning service and make more money. On how lucrative that is, the lady said she sometimes gets lowly paid between N2,000 and N2500 after cleaning a house or office at weekend. The lady added that no matter how small the fee is, it is better than begging.

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The lady also said the biggest money she ever got from the business was N10,000 when she had to clean out a new apartment.

With hope, she advised other young Nigerians like her to keep up the faith, that things will surely get better in the end.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that another Nigerian lady showcased her house cleaning business and people showed her great support on Twitter.

In a post on the platform Saturday, January 2, the lady described herself as the number one house cleaner in Enugu state.


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