Photo of People Eating and Drinking in a Gym Instead of Working Out Causes Stir

Photo of People Eating and Drinking in a Gym Instead of Working Out Causes Stir

- A man with the handle @oj_deji made many laugh so hard after sharing a photo showing people enjoying themselves in a gym

- Social media users said that they now understand why only a few have six-packs despite always hitting the gym

- There were others who said that the people may just be celebrating something and the activity may not habitual

A young man with the Twitter handle @oj_deji has caused much 'commotion' on Twitter after sharing a gym photo that has people doing the opposite of what the place serves as.

Though he called it a Nigerian gym, cannot at the time of writing this report verify its location.

Photo of People Eating and Drinking in a Gym Instead of Working Out Stirs Massive Reactions
People wondered what was really happening in the picture. Photo source: @oj_deji
Source: UGC

In the snap, people sat on pieces of workout equipment as they ate and drank as if the place was a party venue.

Nigerians had different funny reactions to the photo as some said that the people were perhaps trying to regain the calories they just lost.

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See the man's post below:

As of the time of writing this report, the man's tweet has over 40,000 likes with hundreds of comments. compiled some of the comments below:

@Yariycuba said:

"What we don't know is that holding the plate alone is gym."

@Baybeeiii said:

"If you no chop, you no fit lose weight and body no be firewood, e need gas."

@kahliphar said:

"Truth about workout is it all depends on what you intend to achieve. For someone who intends to bulk up, you need a lot of food(carbs) at least 5-6 meals per day. Then people who want to trim are the ones to cut down on carb intake."

@Obinna_Ogwuike said:

"This is a short touching story of how only few Nigerians have six packs."

@XerxesEmperor said:

"The place is too tight. Maybe they were celebrating something."

@tvofeek said:

"Ahh I see why everyone dey go gym."

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young Nigerian man, ObaroEne Otitigbe who is popularly known as Mr O broke a Guinness World Records in plank exercise while hula hooping.

According to the records, he was able to stay in a plank position for a commendable period of three mins and 16 seconds.

A resident of Albany in America, he achieved the feat by hula hooping at a distance of 152.52 meters.


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