Tyler Perry Discloses He's Never Gone Back To Mom’s Grave Since She Died 12 Years Ago

Tyler Perry Discloses He's Never Gone Back To Mom’s Grave Since She Died 12 Years Ago

- American actor Tyler Perry buried his mom Willie Maxine Perry in December 2009

- While honouring Mother's Day, he revealed that in the 12 years he has never gone back to visit her gravesite

- According to him, he sees no reason as he did the best for her when she was still alive

As the world honoured Mother's Day on Sunday, May 9, 2021, most of those whose mothers are unknown or no longer alive had little to celebrate.

Tyler Perry Discloses He's Never Gone Back To Mom’s Grave Since She Died 12 Years Ago
Tyler Perry buried his mother Willie Maxine Perry in December 2009. Photos: Getty Images.
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One of them was American actor, director and entrepreneur Tyler Perry, who lost his mother Willie Maxine on December 8, 2009.

Voted by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world, Tyler Perry took time to take a trip down memory lane through the loss of his mother.

"Since my mother’s gravestone was placed I have never been back to her grave. I’ve never even sent flowers to it. It’s been almost 12 years now, and I haven’t done it once," he wrote on his Facebook page.

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He explained that he understands people have different ways of coping with grief but revealed that he does not feel the need to because he did everything in his ability for her when she was alive.

According to him, he showered her with love, took care of her, and gave her flowers while she was still alive.

"So to all of you who have mothers on the top side of the soil, it is my hope that you will feel the same sense of peace that I have when that time comes. It is my hope that you and she both know you’ve done all you could for her and all you could to celebrate her while letting her know that she is loved," he expressed.
"God bless you all. Happy Mother’s Day," he concluded.

His post resonated with a good number of his followers who underpinned that the body may have been interred but she is always around him in spirit.

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They added that sometimes, visiting someone's burial site amounts to honouring them with sadness, therefore, the best approach is to celebrate them every day by living and loving life to the fullest.

Suzette Tidwell Allen

"My mother is not in the grave. Her spirit is with her Lord and Savior. I feel her more spending time in my music room that has her grand piano. I see her hands when I look at my own. I hear her cough and sneeze every time my sister or I cough or sneeze. I hear her voice in my head. Her body may rest in that graveyard but her spirit lives on. I don’t go to her grave. It feels empty there. I find her in odd moments, in quiet moments."

Charmin Wynette

"I can totally identify with you on that because I feel the same way about my mom. 23 yrs later and I have complete peace. It always hurts. I always miss her but do not feel the need to dwell at her resting place because I loved on her while she was here every day."

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Tija Hilton-Phillips

"And your mother is not at the cemetery. She is right there with you every single day and always will be with you. You visit with her every day. She is still your biggest supporter. Thank you for loving her while she was here."

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