Strength of A Woman: Lola Marie Vents About Struggles with Breastfeeding Twins

Strength of A Woman: Lola Marie Vents About Struggles with Breastfeeding Twins

- Four and a half months ago, Lola Marie gave birth to beautiful twin daughters

- She, however, did not envision the mental struggle that would come as a result of breastfeeding

- Being a firm believer in breastfeeding makes it difficult for her to stop despite the mental and physical exhaustion

A young mother of twins has taken to her Instagram to vent about the trying times she continues to experience with raising twins.

Strength of A Woman: Lola Marie Vents About Struggles with Breastfeeding Twins
Lola Marie revealed that she is exhausted physically due to breastfeeding, but her motherly instincts push her to continue. Photo: Lola Marie.
Source: UGC

She reveals that as much as she knew motherhood is an ominous task, she was not psychologically ready for the internal struggle she has to live with day by day.

The post features a photo of her staring down at her two babies, who are both lost in suckling.

Her problems have been compounded by the fact that the family recently moved to a new home, adding to her fatigue.

"Trying to move, organize, clean, all the things and nurse two babies in the mix is daunting. I wasn’t drinking enough water or eating frequently enough and my supply dipped a little," she wrote.

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She went ahead to reveal that she has been having a series of questions on her mind on whether that would the last time she is going to nurse the girls.

Lola added that she is a firm believer in breastfeeding, but it has since dawned on her after four and a half months of mothering the pair that getting to the point of being used to it is difficult.

"This NEEDS to be the last time. This can’t be the last time. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to stop doing this," she continued.

Fellow mothers, who understand the struggle, flocked her comment section to share their goodwill messages and offer her the needed emotional support.


"I want you to know I admire you, you’re an amazing mom."


"You’re killing it and whatever you decide will be totally fine because you’re right, fed is best. I feel like each month with my duo I went through this same process and then missed it."

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"Anyone who has breastfed can relate. I still remember thinking it was the last time and feeling both sides of that. Just remember all of this is just a moment in time, hard things will pass, along with the easy ones. Just enjoy what you can.You’re doing great!"


"You’re doing amazing. I quit at seven months with my twins (50/50 nursing and pumping) and it was such a hard decision. In hindsight, I should have quit sooner looking back and seeing how hard I struggled. But I am glad I stuck with it as long as possible. ❤️ Hang in there, mama."


"My exact thoughts with both babes. It is the most intense internal struggle I’ve ever experienced. I think it’s because our innate human instinct is to breastfeed but we as a culture have evolved so much that often times it’s so hard to keep doing. You’re doing so well momma! Find peace in that ❤️ I mean you have your hands pretty full."


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