Top 10 online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in 2023

Top 10 online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in 2023

The lack of employment in the formal sector in Ghana is steadily rising, as is the case in most African countries. Fortunately, people can use multiple online platforms to earn a decent living. There are reliable online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money that you can try in 2023. These jobs allow you the flexibility of working from any location and during the hours you prefer.

Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money
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Online jobs have become common in today's world. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to adjust to working from home. Sadly, others lost their jobs. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, some applied for online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money. Read on to discover the best online platforms in the country you can secure employment.

Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in 2023

There are numerous online jobs in Ghana to choose from. Some require specific educational background and experience, while others do not necessarily demand prior experience.

Remote jobs are ideal for many people because they are flexible, and you can have different bosses simultaneously. Online jobs for students, for instance, allow students to attend their regular classes and earn some money when they do not have classes.

Which work can I do online and get paid? Check out the list of the 10 best platforms you can use and have your remuneration remitted to your mobile money account.

1. Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin trade

How can I make money online in Ghana? Cryptocurrencies have become quite popular across the world, and they are a great source of income for many people. Cryptocurrency refers to a digital or virtual currency used as a medium of exchange.

Cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoins, are unique because they operate independently and in a decentralised manner. A bank or central authority is not needed for transactions to take place.

If you are wondering how to make money online in Ghana, consider buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You can do this at any location or time as long as you have a smartphone or laptop. PayPlux, Coindirect, BitPesa, eBitpoint and Paxful are some of the sites you can use to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

2. Dropshipping

Numerous Africans are making a living by offering drop shipping services. Dropshipping is one of the top online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money. It involves fulfilling clients' orders without a physical business to keep goods in stock.

To start a dropshipping business, you will have to invest some money in creating a website like Jumia or Amazon. This online work requires careful planning and a lot of marketing because it is a very competitive business.

Which work can I do online and get paid?
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3. Amazon associates programme

One of the online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money is the Amazon associates programme. Amazon is an international e-commerce company. The associates programme allows bloggers, publishers, and content creators to monetise their traffic.

You will find hundreds of thousands of products on Amazon. Under the associates programme, you choose the products you like and use link-building tools to direct your audience to their recommendations.

Are you wondering how to make money online without paying anything? The Amazon associates programme allows you to make cash from all the qualifying purchases and programs. All you need to do is sign up and recommend the products to your audience to earn a commission.

NB: This programme is best for people who already have an audience, for example, bloggers and online content creators.

4. Opera news hub

Are you looking for online typing jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money? If so, consider joining the Opera news hub team. To join the team, you must have some experience in typing and writing.

Before joining the team, you must undergo screening to ascertain you can deliver what the job entails. First, visit the Opera news hub website and sign up. Next, fill in all the required details and submit them for review.

Once your profile is approved, you will choose a topic, write about it, and publish it. The news hub will take your published article through quality checks. If the team approves your post, you will join the writing team.

5. Triaba

How can I make money online with my phone in Ghana? You can do this through the Triaba website. The job entails doing online surveys. The surveys are simple and are ideal for students and the working class.

To do these surveys, you must register and create your profile. The details you enter while registering will determine the kind of surveys you will get. For every survey you complete, you earn between $0.13 to $2.25.

6. Social media manager

Social media management is one of the online jobs that pay through mobile money in Ghana. This job is ideal for social media gurus who have experience and find joy in posting on social media.

To get this position, you should be on the lookout for companies looking for a social media manager. Ensure you apply as many as you can to increase your chances of being hired.

Social media managers' main responsibility is creating engaging online content for the brand. They manage the social media accounts in terms of messaging, page growth, lead generation, and comment.

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7. PePaPa

PePaPa is a platform that creates a link between online buyers and sellers. You can use the platform to buy or sell anything you desire, including articles.

You can use the website as a guest, business, or personal account. Additionally, you can use it for advertising the content you create. This platform pays you after you make a sale, and you can have your pay remitted to your mobile phone.

8. is an amazing platform that most Ghanaians can easily access and earn a living. To use this platform, you must have a skill or talent to showcase.

If you can write articles, for example, you can post gigs on the platform, making sure you state that you are an article writer. Persons who visit the site looking for article writers or people with specific skills will see your profile and assign you work.

The platform is not limited to writing. Other skills you can post are designing, voice recording, painting, video editing, cartoon animation, beat making, among others. After completing the gigs assigned to you, you can request for payment through mobile money.

9. Blogging

Blogging is not new in Ghana. The country has successful bloggers who are worth emulating. In blogging, you create a site and write content or blog. You can select any topic you are passionate about and upload content consistently.

In blogging, the general rule is that the more you write, the more visitors will come to your site to read the content. Blogs make money through direct adverts of Google Adsense. In direct ads, a brand or company approaches you to promote their product or service, and they pay you for promoting the brand.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Adsense program. In this method, adverts are placed on your website. The clicks, sales, and impressions your readers make will earn your blog a commission that Google will remit to you, usually through a bank account.

10. Jumia affiliate programme

Jumia is a large marketplace where people access different goods ranging from clothes to electronics and beauty products. Once you place your order, Jumia delivers the product to you.

The company has an affiliate program that allows you to get a referral link that you can place on your website or social media pages. When people make purchases on Jumis using your link, you earn a commission. To use this programme, you should sign up and enter the required details.

Many people are looking for online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money. If you are one of them, we hope the list above assists you in narrowing the options and selecting the best one.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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