Are hip dips normal? Why you get them and effective workouts

Are hip dips normal? Why you get them and effective workouts

Thanks to the social media era, the hip dip trend has gained quite a lot of traction lately, with some on Instagram calling them “violin hips”. Like many others before it, this trend has given rise to a body-positive movement that has found a home on social media platforms, with Instagram being centre stage.

hip dips
Picture showing a lady with hip dips. Photo: @fitaselle
Source: Instagram

What are hip dips? They are a muscle depression formed on the side, on the joint where the waist connects to the leg. This inward curve varies in depth from one person to another, but the curvature is more often than not quite visible even when one is not keenly looking for it.

What causes hip dips?

Unknown to most people, hip dip causes include several factors, all of which are naturally occurring, and reducing it all to one reason is often a flawed assessment. At a skeletal level, everyone has a slight indentation on the side, around the region where the pelvic bone meets with the top of the thigh. The formation of this feature, therefore, begins on a skeleton level.

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The presence of a slight dip on your hip is usually not noticeable because most people have a relatively evened out muscle and fat distribution around the area.

For them to be openly visible, your muscle and fat tissue around the pelvic area usually follow the naturally inward-curved pelvic bone outline. This muscle tissue distribution results in having a hip region with less muscle than the waist above and the thighs below.

How hip dips your affect health

Quite a large percentage of the social media buzz is centred on a slight hysteria about them being a bad thing. They are a natural occurrence and should not be given the plague-like perception that body shamers online have set out to do.

Are hip dips bad? No, they are not. Though they may seem like an unusual phenomenon to someone seeing them for the first time, there’s no health risk or condition tied to having this feature.

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The question of whether or not they are physically painful has been quite prevalent on social media, and the universal answer has always been no. However, this should not be mistaken to mean that people with the dip are immune to other forms of naturally occurring pains. Whether or not you have hip dips, some conditions like joint or muscle pains will occur without bias.

Do hip dips mean you have wide hips?

hip dips
Young lady with hip dips. Photo:
Source: Instagram

Having this feature has no difference from not having them, other than the noticeable visual difference. There have been many talks online about people with hip dips having more volume than those without them.

Although the jury is still out on the matter, having dips doesn’t mean that your hips are bigger. The dips make them appear bigger. When your dips are more pronounced, they naturally redirect visual attention from the reduced muscle on the hip. This makes the muscles on the upper hip appear more far-reaching than usual.

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Are hip dips attractive?

As are many things in life, attraction is relative. Depending on who you ask, this feature can be regarded as a beautiful thing or an imperfection. However, the resounding tone on hip dips is that they are attractive but just different.

Hip dips are beautiful. This is an almost unanimous agreement by the online masses who choose to comment on the matter. However, this doesn’t entirely deter the body-shaming brigade from making uncalled for remarks about those with hip dips.

While people worldwide agree that hip dips are normal and natural, some people with them still aren’t convinced. They often can’t help but feel ashamed of them. When you have this feature, the shame usually comes from cyberbullying. It can also occur from being made to feel like you’re a freak by people around you that choose to make a big deal out of it.

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Getting rid of hip dips

Can you actually get rid of hip dips? Whether or not you can get rid of hip dips is a sort of a grey area. However, you can minimize the depth of the contour of your hip through natural means. Workouts on specific muscle groups on the pelvic region can help out, increasing the muscle mass around the hip dip area.

Cosmetic procedures can also be used to help with reducing their appearance. Though not the best options, cosmetic procedures are a relatively quick fix in the move to get rid of hip dips.

Workouts to reduce hip dips

hip dips
Black woman showing off her hip dip. Photo: @innergy.writes
Source: Instagram

How to get rid of hip dips is one of the most commonly searched questions on the internet. The internet is filled with hip dips workout options to help get rid of them. Here are some proven workout routines to help you get rid of hip dips:

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  • Side leg lifts while standing
  • Plank hip dips
  • Side lunges
  • Squats
  • Side squats
  • Leg raises while lying down

While working out may not be as quick a fix as cosmetic procedures. However, having pictures of your hip dips before and after working out can be an excellent way for you to track the changes.

Celebrities with hip dips

Regardless of there being options to help reduce the size of hip dips, some people in the limelight have decided to embrace their features and make them part of their identity.

Here are examples of celebrities, including models with hip dips.

  • Denise Bidot
  • Selena Gomez
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Ashley Graham
  • Kim Kardashian

Hip dips are a natural occurrence that no one should be ashamed of. They are normal depending on your skeletal structure and the amount of muscle and fat on your hips. If you have them and want to reduce them, you could use these exercises to do that. Cosmetic surgeries are also an option if you can afford them.

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