Latest hairstyles in Ghana: Top weaving styles 2019

Latest hairstyles in Ghana: Top weaving styles 2019

Along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa is a rich low lying arable country by the name, Ghana. Ghana has a hot tropical climate, a destination in Africa where tourist folk just to enjoy the nature’s gifts, rich culture, and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and to do business. This is not all, did you known Ghana was previously referred to as Gold Coast? Yes, because of the great gold deposits that existed in the day, the resource has since then been explored and now is in rarity. However, diamond and oil has great reserves in the country along many species of wood. The icing is in the cocoa farming – Cadbury’s chocolate is something we all enjoy, comes from this very country. It seems so much good comes from therein, but I would want to shift my focus on the fashion and beauty industry which again is taking the industry by storm – latest hairstyles in Ghana.

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If I was to take broadly on all the interesting facts about Ghana, then I would give endless stories because Ghana is indeed one of those countries you will fall in love with. For today allow me to talk about hair and deeply get into the trending hairstyles. Here I bring in the segregation as the women are the primary party who do hair although some men still do is here and there.

Blacks have black kinky hair although there is exemption of those born from mixed races. Generally the hair is coarse and as we know women love looking good from head to toe. The industry has developed some fixtures to make the hair glossy, fuller, longer among other things. This is done without having to use harsh chemically manufactured products that may have dire effects in the long run. The latest hairstyles in Ghana has then been revamped with all kinds of hair varieties; braids, weaves and wigs.

Latest hairstyles in Ghana

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


When it comes to hairstyles I would say affirmatively with no iota of doubt that styles are infinite. This is because it is an area where ideas keep flowing in. today there is the testing out on weave designs tomorrow another creative idea want to be tested out. Again, creativity has gone a notch higher. For instance, conventionally we knew a French ponytail weave was done full head, how would have ever though it can be done halfway? Or the French ponytail be done on one side and the other have short weave? Interesting ideas have come of age!

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The boon to the ever dynamic hair industry – latest hairstyles in Ghana is that it has been able to serve diverse customers to their satisfaction. Having mastered their tool of trade, the industry understands the multifaceted needs of various target customers. For instance, there are those looking for long weaves, others short, straight, curly or wavy, colored or plain conventional colors. The evolution in the industry has made it expand and as a result customers enjoy the benefit of a vast variety of hair products and designs to choose from. The benefit is mutual, more sales to the hair industry while on the other hand the customer is offset with elegant hairs to rock in.

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


Moreover, as the changes happen so are there new research being carried out to find out what the market really needs. Hair production is not done for the sake of it; actually any kind of hair introduced is as a result of the consumer demand for it. So a lot of field work is carried out to find how best to serve the customer, their feedback on the various hairs and hair products. This helps the industry understand their strengths and opportunities and maximized on them and on the other hand weaknesses and threats and work on their improvement or how to completely do away with them.

The latest hairstyles in Ghana have brought some unconventional yet highly needed elegance in the hair industries. The variations even make the customer spoilt for choice and better served. Ideally, the hairstyles are either natural hairstyles which I will not focus on here, short hairstyles, braided hairstyles or the weave hairstyles. They all work in different ways in enhancing the feminine beauty and showing to the world the beauty of an African woman. Here is the top trending and lasts hairstyles in Ghana:

Latest Ghana weaving for 2019

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


Weaving is the easiest way to achieve another look. The process is less time consuming, offers much hair protection, gives a glow to the appearance, easy to maintain and is durable. Well, the lifespan of a weave solely depends on the quality and brand, which is reflected in the cost. All the same weaves is the way to go nowadays, this is supported by the ever increasing popularity among women in their youth and those in their elderly years. With a weave one can never go wrong, here is the Ghana weaving hairstyles 2019:

1. Long weaves hairstyles

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


This is one of the latest hairstyles in Ghana and popular among all women. This style never gets out of fashion, rocks it any day and still looks awesome. There are many varieties of the long weaves hairstyles the variance being in length, styles, and textures among other factors of consideration. There are those artificial synthetic fiber hairs of different grades and quality and similarly are human hair varieties.

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The long weaves hairstyles are easy to maintain, requires a little combing and some oil for the glossy feel and to maintain the weave in good condition. It is the easiest hairstyle to rock comb into different styles; brings all diversity in looks and hence popular even among the celebrities.

2. Short weaves hairstyles

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


They equally bring on some natural elegance from the hair addition. Their length extends up to the neck line and those a bit longer do not go past the shoulder length. They are common in the corporate world women who want to be modish yet not too busy to distract the day’s business. The short weaves from the Ghana weaving hairstyles 2019 are not only worn by women in formal employment. Other women wear the look and is requires little maintenance.

Unlike in the latter where you have to comb some of the short hair weaves do not require elaborate combing. For instance the kinky baby afro weaves do not actually require combing, you can straighten out with fingers and spray the hair. And off you are to face the day. There are many varieties which give a greater room to explore what is available in the market.

3. Curly weave hairstyles

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


The curly weave hairstyle could be of long to short length. Basically the weave has curls which only serve to add on to the elegance. It gives a girly, playful and flirty look one can never go wrong with. The curls however range in size; there are weaves with very small curls, others medium and other longer ones. In addition there are weaves with curl that extend the whole length and other on the tip ends alone yet the standard thing that is constant is the beautiful aesthetics. The way they bounce on your shoulder just shows the feminine beauty nature gives us so pricelessly. Yet another lovely of the latest hairstyles in Ghana you need to try out.

4. Wavy weaves hairstyles

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


The wavy weaves closely resemble the curly weaves only that in the wavy, they are more pronounced. Apparently just like the name suggest they have the wavy look found in the moving ocean waters. This is better still one of the trending Ghana weaving hairstyles 2019 that is prevalent across women of all ages. They have a lustful, radiant look brought about strongly by the silky soft and compact weaves in the up to the minute collection of the latest hairstyles in Ghana.

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Generally weaves can either be regular or irregular referring to their distribution. Either way they bring out tactfully a prepossessing look one cannot go unnoticeable with. This is one of the hair additions that is trendy; thanks to the fact that celebrities have been spotted severally in it which boils down to be the coolest way to have your hair made. I would never mind a wavy weave on my head; easy to maintain, hand detangle, style diversity, range of colors just to mention but a few of what excites me it this hairstyle.

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


From the Ghana weaving hairstyles 2019, it is clearly evident there are many varieties of hairs to go with. It is worthwhile mentioning in the recent past we have seen new ideas being actualize; some may be awkward yet other are the needed element. For instance there is the color variation today in weaves than has ever being there before. Apparently, it is not a wonder to see a girl rocking in blue, red, and purple, green among other unconventional colors for the hair. This began with the female celebrities but has now boiled down the ordinary citizen and if I may say it gives a show stooping beautiful and bold look.

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The weird, beautiful mess I have seen with the weaves is the use of multiple colors, weave on half shaves head among other craze in the hair fixation. Such is being accepted slowly since hairstyle is about personality and lifestyle; if their life is not the common one then speaking of who they are is no offence. With the dynamic and new styles coming up, it would be of interest to see how the latest hairstyles in Ghana gallery will be revamped.

Latest braid hairstyles in Ghana

Braids are yet another common hairstyle but surprisingly one that in never going to go out of fashion. It is also called the Ghana rasta hairstyle fondly by many. Regardless of how you rock it this style stands out and look very African, native and girly some of the few specs the African woman want to be defined by. If you are looking for a hairstyle to rock different styles in one then you are home with the latest braid hairstyles in Ghana. They will serve you for any occasion event if it is for the wedding ceremony even in a capacity of the bridal look.

There are different styles for the braid hairstyles for instance:

Free flowing hairstyle – this is where the braids are fixed on to the hair, then left freely hanging on your head. It is the easiest style but if say the hair strands getting in your face bothers you’re the braids can be tied up. The braid length ranges from short to long according to once preference. This is common among the youth.

Side or centre parted hairstyle – the braids are either side or centre parted. After the hair is parted it can be held or let hanging loosely. In some other cases the braids can again be braided in a kind of cornrow lines for an official look. It is yet other dominant and latest hairstyles in Ghana.

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High bun hairstyles – this is the up to the minute in the latest braid hairstyles in Ghana collection and seems to fit in for any head shape. The braids are held up in a bun; some go for a high top bun, high bun or lower bun. The bun is done skillfully to hold up all braids yet remain charming. Apparently, this is in the bridal hairstyles in Ghana, a very common feature.

Latest cornrow hairstyles in Ghana

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


Well, if you are a trendy woman, you must have tried out several cornrow styles already. I love the sensuous and flirty feel the cornrows begets a woman. You must have observed even the seasoned business ladies, corporate world moguls, female celebrities and politician rock the style confidently. The cornrow is a pretty simple style yet one that is pleasing to the eyes and to behold.

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


There are many styles to try out; the push back cornrow lines, high centered with a bun, side held among other styles. The line size is yet another notable thing; there are lines of different width and length. Lines can be very small, medium or large; I have observed an increasing popularity among cornrow lines that are very huge sandwiched by a small natural hair line. Cornrows are ideally a good Ghana braids hairstyle to wear for any occasion any day.

Latest short hairstyles in Ghana

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


Well, not all women who are enticed by long hair charms. There are others who would go for the short hairstyles for reasons better known to them including easy maintenance, affordability, and simplicity among other reasons. This outlier diversity helps us show that a woman can still be beautiful whether with long hair or with short.

Ideally a woman can have short hair kept natural, chemically treated or have a hairdo. The obvious hairdo in this case is the weaves or the braids, weaves is fixed flawlessly on the scalp lines to bring an deluxe look such that no one can thing their hair beneath is that short. Some women look prettier in the latest short hairstyles in Ghana that they do with long hairstyles. If only takes knowledge to know what works for you and what doesn’t to refrain from it.

Latest wedding hairstyles in Ghana

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


I have never understood what strikes out in a wedding but am sure something if not everything excites me. The style, fashion and class sense brought out during these occasions make attending worthwhile, entertaining and adventurous in all ways. You must have observed that there guest attend weddings in different hairstyles as per what is doomed fit or goes well with the outfit.

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Generally, women and young girl go for either the Ghana weaving hairstyles 2019 or the Ghana braids hairstyles. Remember; as much as wedding has been westernized, there are African elements that are good and preserved. It is trendy to see a woman in African print outfit completing the look in braids or weaves. The style is subject to their preference unless there was some guidance given to guest prior; this happens rarely.

latest hairstyles in ghana, ghana weaving hairstyle 2019, latest ghana weaving for 2019


On the other hand, we have the bridal hairstyles in Ghana. There are two common styles notable or worn by the bridal team and the bride. The bride can go with braided hair or weaving then accessorized as per their desires. There are many bridal appearances to wear for the big day that are stand up and show stopping. The bridal party similarly needs to put on their best appearances from head to toe and give the bride the deserving beauty and memories for the day. The common and emergent trend is the braids top bun hairstyle it never gets old or proverbial. However, there are still some who wear weaves for the occasion and just goes well with the day., although the bride and groom may restrict the hairstyle of their preference as per their desires and dreams for their big day.

Everyone got their own bad salon story. How they booked an appointment for a hair do and promised to have their hair done to perfection only for them to end up disappointed and frustrated. It is every draining when you have been hoping from one salon to the next in search for a good hairdresser only to be referred to one who leaves you worst off. Well, the notable thing is that, each hair dresser has their area of specialty, again the hair depends on where the style will come out flawless or otherwise; not all blame should go to the hair dresser.

Choosing a new hairstyle

I know making a choice on which hair to put on your hair is something we all get indecisive about. You walk into a beauty or cosmetic shop and ask for hair, you get to the hair section and everything is just good; even the idea you had in mind quickly flies away. But just how to you go about in picking up the best and latest hairstyles in Ghana? Here are a few considerations to look into:

1. Quality

Quality begets durability. If you are looking for hair that will give you long service then you have to factor in the quality of the hair be it braids, weaves, and wigs. It would be disappointing to buy hair have it fixed then in the next few days the you having a bad hair day and everyone is glaring at you as you walk around like, are you really that mean to yourself?

Well, I know women love a change of look; so as they change the outfits this is something they would want to change although not possible. For this reason, the latest hair styles in Ghana offer that flexibility such that one can pull different looks for one style. Again look into the hair texture, and the possibility of it not flaring off. This basically helps you ensure that you are buying something worth the money they will in return give you the model looks you want, be efficient, durable and smart all through. Some up to date hairs can be reused which even make them more economically after all.

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Nonetheless, this comes at a price. Quality and the monetary value attached to a good are in parallel terms. With this I mean the higher the quality the more pricy the good is, although the more satisfying it is. Quality however should never be traded off with the price, get what is durable rather than going for the cheap that may not serve you as you purposed. Besides, hair is a luxurious expenditure but one women are ready to cough out millions to have that celebrity look, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little spendthrift at times.

2. Brand

Not all hair companies are good and again not all are bad. A company which has over time mastered the art of making good hair is known to women. Its reputation speaks for itself. Although there are small mushrooming hairs industries that give you that prowess you are looking for a reputation and brand name goes a long way into the final look. This is not to belittle the small companies, at some point even the great empires had small beginnings, but it is easy to tell those with customer interests at heart.

There are some of the latest hairstyles in Ghana associated with renowned personalities for instance as brand ambassadors. They work to ensure the company hit the industry’s epitome. However, for it to thrive the goods produced must be good, this will work silently for it and even make marketing easier. For good hairs check the top ranked brands; I am sure they get the ranking based on merit so the assurance of quality.

3. Style

Style is a vital element when it comes to hairstyles. If for instance you want the hair dresser to do good cornrows with a high big bun; you need to buy long braids. Do not just buy the short ones and then push that the hair dresser uses that and when the end result come it variances greatly from what you expected. Ideally, you should know which style goes well with which type of braid.

Similarly, if you want a bob hairdo either using the braids or the weaves, have the guidance of your hairdresser. Some styles are not easy to pull if you messed up with the hair especially if you bought the wrong one. Remember the models look on the hair may not necessarily be exactly what is inside although this is with small differences. In addition do not just see a good hairstyle on the internet and then expect the same to be done on your head. The only exemption to the latest hairstyle in Ghana is if you look just like the model, the hair volume, length and texture is exactly the same.

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However, if you want to have a certain style fixed on your head, it is wise to have a professional hair dresser walk you the path. They know what works well for which hair style and which cannot. Besides they will advise on the best style based on your hair, face shape among other things.

4. Trends

I have heard people say sway with the tide, if the river is flowing to the south wade through it. Similarly, when it comes to hair, sway with the current trends, this makes you be up to par with the most recent hairs in the market and know the diversity brought about. Of course to every new development today, there is a problem solved somewhere or the wow effect comes into play. For instance there are braids good for cornrows and better still are others for ponytail. Each is made to serve a particular need unlike in the past where a braid could be used for any hairdo. Today, problems have been addressed singularly for effectiveness.

Besides, as I had earlier on mention, hair do is a luxurious thing. I wonder how luxurious it can get I one is consistently going for the primitive and outdated products. How do you expect a change if you are using the same products over and over again? If you desire to look elegant and be the talk of the town then you have to be updated with the current trends in the hair industry along with its dynamics – latest hairstyles in Ghana.

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