Bluecrest University College courses and admission requirements

Bluecrest University College courses and admission requirements

Bluecrest University college has a reputation that precedes it. With education becoming the backbone of any growing and developing economy, schools and higher learning institutions are becoming increasingly important. Students need to get a place where they can acquire quality education with the best facilities and proper dissemination of information. Considering every person has a different passion in life, finding a school which offers the course you need is important.

bluecrest university college school of journalism and mass communication
location of bluecrest university college
bluecrest university college admission requirements
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About Bluecrest University College

With the increasing popularity and advancement in technology, people find it good for the establishment of an institution that will enable students to gain the knowledge required in the new world. Bluecrest is a modern school that any young and ambitious person in the soils of Ghana would wish to attend.

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Blue Crest University is at the forefront of addressing the issues concerned with communication and information technology. It puts its commitment to education and training, with the main objective of addressing the ICT needs in the country and beyond to the other countries. Bluecrest is a proud affiliate college of Winneba University of Education. Through its reputed local and international faculty, the school has impacted its students with theoretical and practical skills. The school also has innovative approaches that suit different learning styles for the students.

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Location of Bluecrest University College

Bluecrest University is strategically located within the vicinity of the city of Accra. It is within Kwame Nkrumah circle, that is five mins away from the town. In its Accra campus, it has the latest infrastructure and modern facilities for learning. Bluecrest University is one of the best private universities in Ghana. It flows with lots of applicants due to the quality of education offered. Since its inception in 1999, it has stood with its focus of creating quality education in ICT. It established the faculty of technology as the first in the school. Learning tools like the libraries and reading rooms are accessible to all students. The university is popular due to the quality of education it offers. The national accreditation board has accredited the university to offer education.

Bluecrest University College courses

Bluecrest university courses offer some of the major courses that address the needs of the increasing ICT markets. The major courses offered at the university include the following:

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Journalism and mass communication.

The change in the environmental needs brought about the birth of this course in the college. The integration of mass media in traditional mediums like newspaper, radio, and television has improved tremendously. This program makes student ready to get into the world of media globally. They offer both certificates and bachelor programs.

Information and communication technology

The need for ICT experts has increased globally. Universities, government agencies, cooperate organisations, businesses and other organizations need to have IT experts. This program, therefore, prepares the students to meet the increasing need for the IT experts.

Business administration

The larger part of the world depends on business.A great percentage of these businesses requires people to manage and run them smoothly. In order to transform businesses and markets through technology, this course equips the learners with the right skills.

Procurement and supply chain management

Markets chain management is very vital in any business transaction. Procurement of supplies is equally important. These two require effectiveness and efficiency to facilitate accomplishment of tasks on time. Bluecrest, therefore, found the need to provide this skill on the market. It introduced the course to equip students with skills on buying of goods and services that keep businesses operational.

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bluecrest university college school of journalism and mass communication
location of bluecrest university college
bluecrest university college admission requirements
bluecrest university college tuition fees

Oil and Gas

Due to the availability of oil and gas in many African countries, the need to give people knowledge arises. Since it does not require knowledge on geology or exploration techniques, the introductory aim was to avoid jargons in this industry. The university offers diploma in oil and gas management.

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The university also offers masters programs. They include:

  • M.Sc. computing
  • M.Sc. IT management

Bluecrest University College school of journalism and mass communication

Bluecrest University introduced the school due to the increasing demand for communication experts in the market. With the expansion of the communication market in the fields of newspaper, radio, and television, there was the need to produce experts in the field. The program aims at producing graduates with advanced knowledge in communication and leadership skills on the same. Focusing on the concept of creativity and good knowledge in digital labs and studios, it offers its programs under the faculty of technology. The faculty has around 700 students. The courses offered include the following.

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Certificates in mass communication and journalism

This program equips the students with liberal knowledge through communication and writing. There is a full-time course for 6 months. The major areas in this program are:

  • Broadcast journalism
  • Ethical issues in public relations
  • Fundamentals of mass communication
  • Certificate in wed development and web communication
  • Certificate in event management
  • Professional certificate in mass communication and journalism
  • Crisis communication, PR and intelligent retail ology
  • Cinematography

B.A mass communication and journalism.

This program majorly aims at equipping the students with the necessary and advanced knowledge in communication. It also prepares them for leadership in the field through the teaching of insightful attitudes, good morals, and creativity. The school further ensures that the learners get the relevant skills, particularly in English language.

Bluecrest University College tuition fees

At Bluecrest University, fees are different for different programs. Each applicant after the application for the intended programs is served with the fee structure to facilitate payment before learning begins. The university, upon receiving the letter of application ensures the following are done:

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  • The university prepares a payment invoice and sends to the student along with the payment schedule.
  • The student pays directly to the banks or other modes of payment specified on the invoice and the payment schedule.

Bluecrest University College admission requirements

Bluecrest University has different requirements for different programs offered in the institution as listed below:

Undergraduate programs entry requirements

Category A: Senior high school certificate holders

  1. Senior secondary school certificate education students must have at least six credit passes. The passes should include three core subjects (English, mathematics and integrated science or social studies) and three elective subjects with aggregate not more than 24.
  2. West African senior school certificate examination (WASSCE) applicants must have 6 credit passes in three core subjects (English, mathematics and integrated sciences) and three elective subjects with aggregate not more than 36.

Category B: School certificate/GCE holders

  1. The applicant should have 5 credit passes in GCE'O' level including English and mathematics as well as 2 'A' level passes in the relevant subjects excluding the term paper.

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Category C: General business certificate examination (GBCE) holders

  1. The applicant must have six credit passes in GBCE including three core subjects of English, mathematics and integrated science. They should have a pass in three other subjects in GBCE.

Category D: Advanced business certificate examination (ABCE) holders

  • Must have passes in at least three subjects. One of the passes should be at least a grade D or better.
  • The applicant must have passes in six subjects including English, mathematics and social science or integrated science and three other subjects in the GBCE.
  • Applicants with ABCE diploma will be admitted to level 200.

Category E: Mature applicants

  • Must be at least 25 years before the beginning of the academic year that the person wants to enroll.
  • Must have credit passes in English and core mathematics.
  • Must pass the mature students entry examination in general paper and a special paper
  • Must pass an interview

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Category F: HND Holders

  • Must have a higher national diploma(HND) or an equivalent diploma in the relevant field with a second class lower pass
  • Must have at least two years post-HND working experience

Category G: Transfer students

  • Applicants who completed level 100 in a marketing program from a recognized university can be permitted to enter level 200
  • Applicants who completed level 200 in gas and oil management program me from a recognized institution can be permitted to enter level 300.
  • All transfer students must meet the requirements in category A, B, C, D and F.

Progression from one level to the other

A continuing student who fails four courses is put in a probation period for one academic year. During the year, he/she repeats the failed courses if they are compulsory or replaces them if they are not compulsory.

Postgraduate programs

M.Sc. computing

A good honours degree for all the applicants is a compulsory requirement from a non-computing discipline. Candidates with other backgrounds and experiences are put into consideration. Basic IT skills are compulsory such as the use of Excel, MS word, use of web browsers as well as sending and receiving of mails.

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M.Sc. IT management

It normally requires a good honours degree from a recognized university or an equivalent in it or computing discipline. An English proficiency letter is part of the admission requirements. Submission should be done before admission.

bluecrest university college school of journalism and mass communication
location of bluecrest university college
bluecrest university college admission requirements
bluecrest university college tuition fees

Physical contacts

For the purposes of contacting Bluecrest University for inquiries, use the following contacts

Bluecrest college Accra campus:

Cola Street, Near ATTC, Adjacent Societe General Head Office, Kokomlemle,

P.O. Box: AN18392, Accra

Telephone 1: +233 263 011 390

Telephone 2: +233 263 011 397

Telephone 3: +233 263 011 400


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Bluecrest University College is among the best universities in Ghana that will equip you with the best knowledge in ICT, IT, mass communication and journalism. You will never get it wrong when you choose the campus, as it is equipped with the best facilities, good learning environment, and able staff. A combination of these factors will provide the best education you need to meet the daily increasing needs in the various fields and you will be an expert. Do not miss out.


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